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Open Letter Mayor Council 2015


  • Township of Howell

    Open Letter from the Mayor and Council

    Dear Residents,

    Creating and establishing a high level of trust, transparency and open lines of communication between

    the community at large and elected officials is essential to the success and development of any


    Recently, the Township and residents have had to address controversial topics. Often, these subjects are

    discussed on social media. Although many know that social media is an outlet for sharing opinions, it

    doesnt always serve the community well when discussions are not based upon facts. This is unfortunate because the result of disseminating misinformation and half-truths can create a divide among friends

    and neighbors. As a society, we often believe what we read, without checking or asking for facts

    because we want instant gratification; work, school, children, holidays everything that takes place on a

    daily basis leaves us rushing around without much time to stop and listen.

    Whether you like the elected official, disagree with his or her policy or support a different political

    party, none of that should dismiss the quest for the truth.

    As your elected officials, we understand that public confidence in the integrity of elected officials is one

    of the cornerstones of our democratic representative process. We subscribe to the belief that every

    elected official must perform his/her responsibilities with the highest sense of trust, ethical leadership,

    integrity and competence.

    We have a moral, ethical and legal responsibility to provide factually correct information.

    Unfortunately, social media is not held to the same standard.

    This is not about discarding the important role social media has in our lives, as social media serves

    many positive roles in our society. We know when historical, tragic, or any other significant event

    occurs-anywhere! It is a powerful medium and it should be treated as such.

    In order to set the record straight and build a culture where our residents, business owners, and

    constituents feel they have the ability to make a difference, we encourage everyone to attend local

    council, planning board and zoning board meetings, write or call your state and local elected officials

    and administration with questions you have before you make a decision to say something that is

    incorrect or reach a conclusion not based in fact. As a society, we should settle for nothing less than the


    4567 Highway 9 North ~ PO Box 580

    Howell, NJ 07731-0580

    Jeff Mayfield

    Township Manager

    Penny Wollman

    Township Clerk

    McKenna Torcivia

    Director of Law

    Tel: (732) 938-4500 ext. 2102

    William J. Gotto


    Robert Nicastro

    Deputy Mayor

    Edward Guz

    Pauline M. Smith

    Robert F. Walsh

    Council Members


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