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  • DOCXPRESSOOnlineInteractive DocumentsManage your documents on the web

    Convert all your paperwork into online processes

    Publish from word to the webwith pixel perfect design

    Capture and store data onlinedirectly from your Office documents




  • Would you like to...

    Capture data with easy to use web forms that you can create directly from your office documents?

    Share documents and data with your colleagues in an easy to use environment?

    Create and distribute information with beautiful and automated reports?

    Do it using Docxpresso

    Convert your Office Documents into interactive web pages

    Gather user informationGenerate dynamical documents and business


    Turn your knowledge into a digital asset

    Docxpresso allows you to create, manage and share online and

    offline documents that incorporate dynamical data from any

    source: user input, company databases and, last but not least,

    your document repository.

    Contact us for more information, free trial or online demo.

  • LawConvert all your legal

    documents into online forms

    and improve your workflow

    GovernmentTransparency and citizens

    feedback with Docxpresso

    FinanceAutomate your financial

    statements and reports in an

    agile and collaborative


    IT Speed up your development

    with our Cloud services or

    API for developers

    Use Docxpresso for any idea you want to share in your organization

    No matter if you are a lawyer that needs to generate a legal document incorporating

    client data or you work for a large corporation that has to deliver important financial

    information to all of its stakeholders: Docxpresso will help you to do it without hassle

    via an easy to use web interface.


  • Docxpresso comes in three flavors

    FeaturesGenerate documentation in any format

    Structured documents editable on the browserOnline formsSignature pad

    Connection with remote data sourcesIntegrated chart engine

    Dynamical document componentsBased on Open Formats

    Docxpresso Serverfor companies that need a

    simple in-house solution for their

    publishing and data-gathering needs.

    1999 forever

    Docxpresso Cloudfor all of you that do not want to

    bother. Generate beautiful interactive

    documents and web forms in the cloud

    and pay as you go.

    10 per editor per month

    Docxpresso APIjust for the tech savvy. The inner guts

    of our Docxpresso package at your

    hands so you may harness all of its


    299forever |


  • Convert your office documents into online

    processesYour documents will become online forms, webpages, dynamic reports, RH evaluations, onlineexams, online annual reports with live charts,

    sorteable tables... harness online all the knowledge stored in your Office documents.

    Word Online


  • Any formatHTMLPDF



    SECURITY AND CONTROLWorkflow around the document

    VersioningField by field control and permissions

    MessagingUsers, roles and groups

    Cloud Service


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