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Open Source Software for Libraries. Micah Altman Harvard University. Roadmap for this Talk. What is open source? Why should we care whether a service is open source? What tools are available?. What is Open Source Software (OSS). Open source is more than free software: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Open Source Software for LibrariesMicah Altman Harvard University</p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>Roadmap for this TalkWhat is open source?Why should we care whether a service is open source?What tools are available?</p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>What is Open Source Software (OSS)Open source is more than free software:Free redistributionYou are free to redistribute the software as you choose.Source codeSource code is available, to enable modification and inspection.Derived worksYou are free to modify (and redistribute) the software Integrity of AuthorshipYou can retain authorship of your modificationsNo discrimination against persons, groups or use (including commercial use)</p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>Why use OSS in Libraries? Preservation. The preservation of digital objects is currently intimately tied to software that presents those objects. Cannot effectively preserve closed-source software.Auditing and reliabilityOpen source makes possible auditing for security, privacyDevelopment history and breadth of usage surpasses home-grown systems Scholarly StandardsCataloging, Citation, Interchange, all based on open standardsOpen Infrastructure for an Open AcademyBuild knowledge through dissemination of information Public GoodCircle-of-giftsThe library community has a history of cooperation and sharing. Open source allows the work of others to benefit everyone</p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>Costs of OSSCost AdvantagesNo licensing fees, upgrade feesGenerally not tied to proprietary hardwareSupport is available from multiple sourcesAvailability of contractors to extend/customizeLimitationsOften not as user-friendly to setup and administer, may require more systems administration timeEnd-user products tend to have less rich GUIs. May require more user-interface customization</p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>OSS for Libraries: Complete SolutionsComplete SolutionsGISTGreenstoneJakeKohaRIBSitesearchVDCSpecialized Technologies</p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>GreenstoneFEATURESBrowsingFull-text and fielded searchingWeb or CD-ROM basedDocument deliveryCan run under Windows/UnixMultilingual SupportA complete package for creating, managing, and distributing collections of documents.</p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>KohaFEATURESCatalog searchCirculation managementAcquisition managementReportingA full catalogue, opac, circulation and acquisitions system.</p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>Repository in a Box (RIB)FEATURESNavigationSearchingBrowsingObject management. Document DownloadMetadata ManagementBIDM/NHSE Metadata modelAllows multiple repository to share metadataA toolkit for repositories of metdata</p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>SitesearchFEATURESCross-catalog searching over www and z39.50 sourcesZ39.50 Client/ServerWeb serverHooks for ILL and document delivery servicesSearch history and result set handlingMARC supporthttp://www.sitesearch.oclc.orgmanages distributed library metadata resources using WWW and Z39.50</p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>Virtual Data Center (VDC)Study preparation tools. Universal namingData conversion tools Metadata entryStudy management. File-system independent storageArchival formattingSearch and retrievalDisseminationOn-line deliveryExtract/subset generationFormat Conversion (SAS,SPSS,DDI, STATA)Exploratory data analysis (multi-way crosstabs, descriptive stats)A complete digital library in a box for social-science dataInteroperability. MARC and DDI metadata import and exportOpenArchives and Z39.50 query protocol support Distributed and federated operation. Location-independent namingDistributed componentsDistributed virtual collectionsFederated metadata harvestingRepository exchange and cachingFederated authentication and authorization</p><p>http://TheData.ORG</p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>VDC Screenshots</p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>OSS For Libraries: Specialized ToolsSpecialized library technologies:Examples: Z39.50, MARC, ArielSpecialized database management: Citation Manager, JakeMeta-site, open source for libraries:, open source for data analysis and manipulation:, search tools:, searching/harvesting:</p><p>Other specialized technologiesWeb indexers: Swish, HarvestXML Indices: DbXML, (Apache) Xindice, CheshireWeb Servers and Frameworks: Apache (Mod_survey, Mod_dav, mod_layout), PHP, Zope, GIST (, PostgresSql, MysqlGIS: OpenMap, Grass [see builders: slash, jetspeed imesh (pre-release?), internet scout (pre-release?)Open source meta sites: (discussion of software and related topics)</p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>Probing FurtherRaymond, Eric, &amp; Bob Young,1999. Cathedral and the Bazaar, OReilly and Sons.Frumkin, Jeremy (ED) 2002, Special Issue: Open Source Software Information Technology and Libraries 21(1) Source Systems for Libraries, WEBSITE, Open Source Digital Library Links </p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p><p>[Version *]</p><p>Appendix: LicensingStrong verses weak licenses:Weak: Public Domain Not really open source. Anyone can use for any purpose, including building closed source products.STRONG: Gnu Public License:License applies to all derivative worksLicense prohibits incorporation of code into closed-source productsCombining licenses. Distribution. If you write a program, you can distribute a version of your software under multiple licenses.Code under some licenses cannot be combined with other code. </p><p>Open Source Software for Libraries</p></li></ul>