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  • 1. Eucalyptus-Opscode Webinar 21 July, 2011 Brady Murray Director of Alliances, Eucalyptus Systems

2. Todays SpeakersBrady MurrayBryan Hale Seth ChisamoreDirector of AlliancesDirector of Sr. TechnicalEucalyptus SystemsBusiness DevelopmentEvangelistOpscodeOpscode 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc. 3. Eucalyptus Overview! Most widely-deployed software platform for on-premise IaaS clouds! 25,000+ cloud starts to date and growing! AWS-compatible, enterprise-deployed! Largest partner ecosystem! Open source developed 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc. 4. Our MissionWe help our customers bring the powerof elastic cloud computing to the most demanding IT environments: With visibility, trust and control With openness and a strong ecosystem 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc. 5. Why Are You Thinking Cloud?Benefits of the cloud include:! Faster, self-service provisioning! On-demand, pay for use IT services! Elasticity and scalability for variable and unpredictable workloads! Efficiencies in infrastructure operations 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc. 6. Evolving to Cloud Services PhysicalVirtualizedCloudDatacenter InfrastructureServicesAA AA A App A AACloud Platform (IaaS) S S SS S SS S SS S S SW W W WW W WW W WW W W HWHW HWHW HW 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc. 7. Why Private Cloud?On-premise private cloud benefits include:! Secure cloud within your own firewall! Installs on existing IT infrastructure! Higher utilization! Better control and manageability! Visibility and trust! Hybrid cloud 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc. 8. Eucalyptus IaaS Cloud Uses 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc. 9. Eucalyptus SummaryWhy Eucalyptus?! Most mature platform! Most widely downloaded and used! Open source! AWS-compatibility! Deep partner ecosystemCustomers Experience:! Faster provisioning times! Better ability to handle modern workloads! Easier control over their datacenters 10. Fully Automated Private Cloud 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc. 11. Opscode: We Know Infrastructure 40 employees Based in Seattle, WA Founded open sourceproject Chef Raised $13.5M 12. Chef MomentumMany large and innovative companies Contribute to Chefand thousands of others automate infrastructure with Chef 13. Opscodes Products1st Chef The worlds best open source3rd Community Site Access tosystems integration framework. sharable infrastructure recipes 2nd Hosted Chef Manage Chef clients with a central, highly scalable, multi-tenant service run by the experts at Opscode. 14. How Chef WorksChef uses Roles that are comprised of Recipes and describe how to buildInfrastructureRole: Web Server!"#$%(&($)#*+! !"#$%(&($)#*001,23//-+!!",-#.(/#+!Third Generation Programming Language 15. Chef is like a little systems admin robotyou tell it how you want your system configured, and it will do allthe dirty work.- Chef User 16. DEMONSTRATIONFrom bare metal through application deployment with fully-automated privatecloud infrastructure.Application Deployment! Systems Integration! Conguration Management! Server Provisioning! 17. Ethel, I think were fighting a losing game.Cloud computing solves oneproblemand creates another 18. Solution: An open and automated tool chainApplication Deployment &Orchestration! Systems Integration!Conguration Management`! Server Provisioning! 19. 1. Server ProvisioningProvision new servers by API (ie, the chocolate candy machine) Application Deployment! Systems Integration!Conguration Management`! Create node objects Server Provisioning! Lay down a base OS Connect to a network Put it in security group(s) 20. 2. Configuration ManagementThe dirty work of getting a new server ready to be put into productionApplication Deployment!Systems Integration! Install packages Conguration Management`!Write files Turn services on/offServer Provisioning! 21. 3. Systems IntegrationConfiguration around the new servers, requires infrastructure-wide knowledgeApplication Deployment!Systems Integration! Install & configure monitoringLoad Balancer Put in load-balancing rotations Conguration Management`! Manage users & environmentsServer Provisioning! Web Server Web ServerDB MasterDB Slave DB Slave DiskDisk Disk 22. 4. Application DeploymentIn a search-driven infrastructure, deploying apps is easyApplication Deployment! Systems Integration!search(:apps) do |app| (app["server_roles"] & node.run_list.roles).each do |app_role| Conguration Management`!app["type"][app_role].each do |thing|Server Provisioning! node.run_state[:current_app] = app include_recipe "application::#{thing}"end endendnode.run_state.delete(:current_app) 23. DEMONSTRATIONFrom bare metal through application deployment with fully-automated privatecloud infrastructure.Application Deployment! Systems Integration! Conguration Management! Server Provisioning! 24. Questions? 25. Fully-Automated Private Cloud1. Download Eucalyptus FastStart: eucalyptus.com/go/faststart2. Sign Up for EucaStart: eucalyptus.com/services/consulting/ eucalyptus-eucastart-service3. Build This Demo Yourself: opscode.com/webcasts/eucalyptus/4. Free Opscode Trial: community.opscode.com/users/new 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc. 26. Brady MurrayBryan HaleBrady.Murray@Eucalyptus.com Bryan@Opscode.com 415.874.9429 206.226.3626 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.