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Download ORACLE CLOUD ERP - ?· Oracle Fusion SCM Next generation applications that capitalize upon Oracle’s…

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  • Corporate

    Addvantum, is a global service provider of Information Technology consulting and

    services, to Higher Education customers globally.

    Addvantum has technical delivery centers in Lahore, Karachi, Riyadh and Doha.

    Addvantum maintains sales offices in Chicago, Houston, Dubai, Riyadh, Lagos,

    Nairobi and Lahore.

    We have maintained the highest levels of compliance and quality that go with the

    changing times and technologies.

    Our knowledge investments are backed by years of R&D and have led to the creation of labs and Centers of Excellence that have produced innovative solutions.

  • Oracle Practices





    6 Engineered Systems

    Oracle E-Business Suite

    Custom Software Development

    PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

    Oracle Fusion Middleware

  • Oracle Fusion ERP


    Modern technology

    Open standards choice in delivery and cloud portability

    Includes the following:

    Oracle Fusion HCM(Human Capital Management)

    Oracle Fusion Financial Management

    Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management(SCM)

    Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management(PPM)

    Oracle Fusion Procurement

    Oracle Fusion Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Oracle Fusion HCM

    Architect a global foundation for HR data and improved business processes

    A robust set of best in class HR functionality

    Allows increased productivity, improved business performance, and lowered cost of ownership

    Combines advanced technology, tight integration, and best HR practices

    Helps prudently manage HR operations while focusing on strategic business objectives

    Streamline global HR management and enhance global agility with

    Oracle HCM cloud

  • Business Process



    Manage Change

    Business Intelligence Migrate Data










    Oracle Fusion HCM

  • Oracle Taleo Cloud Service

    Gathers pertinent information throughout the employee's entire lifecycle

    Enables HR, managers, and employees to utilize their cloud talent to steer improved performance and business success

    Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service provides complete Talent Management for your firm

    Boost your Talent, Boost your Business

    Deliver and Administer Learning and Development

  • Oracle Fusion Financial Management

    Sets the foundation stone for sound governance and sustained growth

    Allows better decisions, improved efficiency, reduced costs, and constant innovation

    Equips finance specialists with the right information at the right time

    Enhances productivity, and accelerates business performance

    Oracle Fusion Financials, an element of the Oracle Fusion Applications suite, transforms productivity and information access with native, real-time intelligence

  • Get a head start with Oracle Financials Cloud

    Simplify: Your financial business processes and technology requirements

    Integrate: Your decision making with real-time business information

    Collaborate: With others using social business objects

    Control: Your costs with higher productivity

  • Oracle Fusion SCM

    Next generation applications that capitalize upon Oracles best in class SCM product suite to address todays recent SC challenges

    Fusion SCM applications can revolutionize your business operations by delivering the following:

    A single view for order

    Supply and delivery plans across the entire firm

    A Global Order Promising solution to balance supply and demand information

    A uniform product definition that is consistent within and across the enterprise value chain

    Complete inventory and cost management expertise

    Innovate rapidly and scale your value chain with Oracle SC Cloud

  • Oracle Fusion SCM

  • Oracle Fusion PPM

    Optimizes the project lifecycle

    Ensures user centered projects with end to end business processes

    Enables effective project management

    Allows customers to stay on course and deliver commendable business insight

    Leverages state of the art modern technology

    PPM cloud is your software as a service Project Management solution that allows you to achieve the following:

    Concentrate: On a distinct source of project facts

    Fast-Track: Project delivery, productivity and efficacy

    Cooperate: With social, mobile project and work management

    Go beyond: Project goals and be more productive

  • Oracle Fusion PPM

  • Oracle ERP Cloud

    Addvantums implementation of Oracle ERP Cloud can help your business grow smarter, faster, and more reliably without a large initial investment

    Gear performance with immediate firm-wide availability of the right information at all levels of your business

    Become more compliant and control costs better with increased productivity and policy enforcement

    Increase business value by adopting industry leading best practices and simplifying IT operations

    Coordinate more effectively and efficiently with stakeholders, suppliers, and partners while providing your users with a modern self-service mobile interface

  • At a Glance

  • Locate Us

  • Contact Us

    Chicago Office

    300 North LaSalle Street, Suite 4925, Chicago, Illinois 60654 USA Tel: +1 312 803 0363 Fax: +1 312 803 0363 Email:

    Dubai Office

    Office # G 01-02, Building # 11, Dubai Internet City, P.O. Box 42199, Dubai United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 44483026 Fax:+971 44496085 Email:

    Lahore Office 10th Floor, Arfa Technology Park, Lahore Pakistan Tel: +92 423 597 2005 Fax: +92 423 597 2006

    Houston Office

    11300 West Road, Suite P Houston, Texas USA Tel: +1 281 212 3064 Fax: +1 413 778 9573 Email: Riyadh Office

    Office # 506-B, 5th Floor, Lulu Olaya Tower, Olaya Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 11464 4129 Fax: +966 11464 4814 Email:


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