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    Fujitsu Forum 2016


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    Agile, efficient, profitable: Take your business to the Cloud with Oracle

    Ian Price

    Oracle Propositions Manager, Fujitsu EMEIA @ianprice_uk

    Kevin Li

    Platform Product Director, Oracle


    Claire Findell

    HR Business Lead, Fujitsu EMEIA HRIS

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    Oracle and Fujitsu: 30 Years Strong



    First HW




    Agreed on

    development of the

    first SPARC chip

    1992 1993

    1988 SPARC OEM

    1989 Oracle DB


    Solaris OEM


    Micro SPARC II Co-



    Oracle GRID Center


    2004 2007

    Agreed on co-development

    of the next generation

    SPARC/Solaris server

    Released the Fujitsu-Sun co-

    developed server "SPARC

    Enterprise M-Series" with

    Fujitsu SPARC64 Processor


    Announced performance

    enhancements for

    "SPARC Enterprise M-



    Released the Fujitsu

    developed server "Fujitsu

    M10" sold by Oracle and






    First Java




    Oct/2011 OPN





    Exadata Partner

    of the Year


    2015 2016




    Fujitsu select HCM

    Fujitsu become

    MSP partner

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    Kevin Li, Director Product Development November, 2016

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    Customer Needs


    IT: Dir IT Ops, DB Admin, Infrastructure architect, Ops Engineer

    LOB Leaders/ Business Owners

    Applications team: VP Development, Applications/Enterprise Architects Instantly create to dev/test


    Accelerate dev/test cycles

    Migrate and deploy to the cloud without any code changes

    Quickly test new features of the application

    Expand to newer markets quickly

    Support larger workloads during peak business times on demand

    Uninterrupted access to all the applications driving business

    Provision and tear down environments on demand

    Optimize data center costs

    Streamline upgrades & testing without any re-tooling

    Seamless management of on-premise and cloud applications

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    Oracle Provides Options For Running Applications

    On Premises Acquire and provision hardware and software. Maintain by hand

    Infrastructure Services No acquiring of hardware; still must acquire, provision, manage and maintain software by hand

    Oracle Cloud Automated deployment and management, with PaaS and IaaS integration, to optimally

    run Oracle workloads

    Manage everything Manage Applications Automated Applications

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    Oracle Applications on Oracle Cloud Pre-packaged Oracle Apps and tools for a hybrid application infrastructure

    Quickly create multiple, ad-hoc environments, as needed

    Rapid Provisioning

    Easily upgrade and centrally manage apps

    Centralized Management

    Migrate workloads with zero re-tooling

    Migration Tools

    DBaaS and EDaaS Integration

    Cloud Integration

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    Ease of Moving Virtualized Enterprise Workload to Cloud Application Capsule approach enables true Virtualized to Cloud (V2C) lift-n-shift


    Apps Lift & shift Save 40-60% Increase Agility

    1 2 3

    No complex, manual migration.

    Application stays the same (VMware VMs, networking, etc.)

    Relative to running in a virtualized data center

    No cost and effort of re-work

    Spin up entire environments (00s of VMs) in ~5 mins

    Scale in any geographic region

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    Oracle Cloud: Creates Customer Value





    Facilities Cost

    Hardware Cost

    Software Cost (OS + Virtualization + Tools)

    Ongoing Maintenance Cost (People)




    On-Premise Oracle Cloud

    30% Savings on Total Cost of Run and

    Managing Infrastructure


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    Oracle Cloud: @Customer Behind Your Firewall

    On-premises Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS Platform Same Software, Compatible APIs, Seamless Workload Portability Subscription and Consumption-based Metered Pricing (OpEx)

    Addresses Business or Regulatory Requirements

    Compute Storage



    Mobile Developer

    Documents Process Identity






    Oracle Cloud Data Centers Your Data Center

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    Oracle Cloud MSP Partner Program

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    MSPs deliver complete managed services on the Oracle Cloud Platform

    Offers complete solution eliminating cost and complexity

    Simplicity Single Solution Single Source

    Reduces costs and overhead

    Increases IT responsiveness and ability to innovate

    Provides flexibility and scalability

    Cloud Transformation

    Customers want ability to speed innovation and

    reduce costs with the public cloud

    Power partners solution with best-in-class technology accelerating time to value and success in the Cloud

    Leverage proven architecture to support dynamic needs of customers

    Accelerate Leverage hyper-growth

    with Oracle Platform

    Customer Value Partner Value

    The Opportunity

    Empowering Customer Success

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    Oracle Cloud MSP Simplifies Business Engagement



    Fujitsu orders Oracle Cloud Platform for specified end-customer

    Customer signs Fujitsu contract Fujitsu contract includes Cloud Managed Services and Oracle Cloud Platform Services

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    Straight forward.

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    The need for change

    Sourcing and retaining the best talent

    73% of 18-34 year old job seekers found their last job via a social network

    78.5% of HR professionals agreed that HR analytics has a significant impact on business performance. Less that a are using integrated HR analytics

    31% of employees have experienced mental health problems while in employment. 95% of them said this impacted their performance at work

    Making better financial decisions

    67% of finance functions currently measure or monitor data quality.

    Over 50% report that the CFO role has increased, or substantially increased, regarding information technology and data


    76% of business leaders say their current ERP is unacceptable

    Improving cost savings and procurement

    The number 1 issue for 92% of CPOs in 2016 is generating and measuring savings

    92% of CPOs see digitised operations as a key driver within the next 3 to 5 years.

    Only 15% of CPOs said they currently collaborate using common, real-time systems.

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    Why make the transition?


    your agility

    Boost your





    Grow your


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    Increase your agility and enhance your decision making

    Adapt to change

    Improve productivity

    Streamline processes

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    Boost your appeal to attract and retain the best, new talent

    Enhance employer brand

    Improve talent acquisition

    Retain talent

    Simplified policies and processes

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    Enhance your financial efficiency with greater visibility and accuracy

    Speed up decision making

    Free up resources

    Standardise and simplify

    Increase data visibility

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    Grow your profitability and cut your risk with strategic sourcing and procurement

    Improve cost saving

    Reduce risk

    Increased mobility

    Streamline sourcing

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    Fujitsus own cloud transformation

    We have begun our digital transformation by investing in a single HR

    solution, hosted by Oracle in the cloud.

    This solution offers huge benefits as it means that all EMEIA employee data

    will exist within a single enterprise solution, giving us the ability to view

    EMEIA as one set of employees, using the same business processes

    regardless of geography or legal entity.

    Adrian Hart

    Head of HR, EMEIA

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    Ian Price

    Oracle Propositions Manager, Fujitsu EMEIA @ianprice_uk

    Kevin Li

    Platform Product Director, Oracle