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Implementation of ORCID at Chalmers University of Technology. Hel


  • 1. Implementing ORCID at ChalmersResearcher identifications and ORCID national implementations, Helsinki2014-09-29Jonas GilbertChalmers libraryjonas.gilbert@chalmers.sehttp://orcid.org/0000-0001-6599-1376

2. Chalmers University ofTechnology 10,000 students 2,000 researchers 2,500 scholarly publications(2013) Chalmers PublicationsLibrary (CPL) repository &publication database Open Access mandate Special focus onbibliometrics 3. ORCID in SwedenNational study: Author Identifiers and PublicationDatabases (2012) Recommends that ORCID should be the standard used for managingauthor identities in SwePub and the publication databases in SwedenSwedish Research Council (VR) makes ORCID mandatory in the new PRISMA grant application portal(Q3 2014)SwePub, national publication database ORCID support for contributors in v. 2 (2014-)SweCRIS, new national CRIS system (Q4 2014)SWAMID, Swedish Academic Identification ORCID support in SAML2 SSO 4. Swedish Research Council National Information Architecture 5. ORCID @ CHALMERSORCID institutional membership (2013) Creator License, access to Member API co-ordinated by the library, university mandatePilot study (2013) batch creation of ORCIDs for one departmentCreate & connect service (2014-) developed by the library and the central IT/HR dept, with afocus on identity infrastructure ORCIDs stored and managed in the central HR system (PDB) connected in repository & publication/metrics databases one-stop solution for all things concerning ORCIDs atChalmers 6. Background for membership Reason for membership? As participants in the project 2012, we werefollowing the launch and development of ORCID. Interest and positive response from univ & depmanagement and researchers, when we presentedORCID. Support for staff that wanted to create ORCID. Preparation to support ORCID as part of nationalinfrastructure. Support from legal office. Concerns regarding transferof personal data outside of EU. 7. Pilot study (2013) Department of Space and Geo Sciences, approx. 150researchers Initiative from the library and from the head ofdepartment Object of the pilot was to try out the API and workflowsand to learn about responses from the from researchers Batch creation of ORCIDs, using the Member API Mixed result, slow responses in some cases Conclusions early adoption - too early? creation of ORCIDs should probably be initiated by the individualresearcher in the first phase 8. ORCID Claim profile verification e-mailFrn: support@orcid.org [support@orcid.org]mne: [ORCID] Claim your newly-created ORCID AccountDear Vera Sandberg,Chalmers University of Technology created an ORCID Account for you.This account provides you with a unique research identifier (an ORCID iD)that you can use in your publications and grants, and a place (an ORCIDRecord) to list information about your professional research activities.WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? Within the next 10 days, please review theinformation that Chalmers University of Technology entered as acourtesy on your behalf. Once you have logged in the first time, youraccount will become active, and you will have complete control over theprivacy of your record and the information it contains. To review yourrecord, set a password and make changes, click your unique link below,or copy and paste it into your browser:[] 9. Create & connect service 10. Create ORCID authentication SWAMID SAML2 name, Chalmers ID,email, (publicationprofile) 11. Create ORCID Initial ORCID creation New ID stored in the central HR system (PDB) but not yetactivated 12. Connect to Chalmers 13. Connect to Chalmers ORCID connected and activated in local systems 14. ORCID-ID recorded in Chalmers person database 15. ORCID-ID recorded in Chalmers publication database 16. ORCID @ ChalmersSWAMIDCPLSwePubCRISPDBPrismaSweCRISOpenAIRE CORDISMetricsIDPRepositoriesFundRefORCID API 17. Some thoughts ORCID is a new infrastructure and is still indevelopment. Very good support from ORCID staff duringimplementation. ORCID model requires involvement from theresearchers. But: Whats in it for me? We stillneed to show practical value for the individualresearcher. ORCID should be viewed as a part of anevolving standardization and improvement forthe management of research information. 18. fr en hllbar framtid