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  • Organic Moleculesmacromolecules, organic compounds

  • Organic Molecule Foldable

    Elements found in carbohydratesBuilding blocks of carbohydratesUses for carbohydrates within organisms Names of example carbohydrates

  • Elements found in CarbohydratesCarbohydrates: CHO

    Carbon - CHydrogen - HOxygen - O

  • Building Blocks of Carbohydrates




  • Uses for CarbohydratesProvide energy to living organisms

  • Names of example carbohydratesMonosaccharide a. glucose, fructose, galactose

    Disaccharide a. sucrose

    Polysaccharide a. starch, cellulose, chitin, glycogen

  • Organic Molecule Foldable

    Elements found in lipidsBuilding blocks and structure of lipidsUses for lipids within organisms Names of example lipids

  • Elements found in LipidsLipids - CHO

    Carbon - CHydrogen - HOxygen - O

  • Building Blocks and Structure of LipidsFatty acids

    a. saturated

    b. unsaturated

    Fatty acidFatty acidFatty acid

  • Lipid StructureTriglycerides 3 fatty acids + 1 glycerola. saturatedb. unsaturatedPhospholipids 2 fatty acids + 1 glycerolWax long fatty acid chain + long alcohol chain

  • SteroidsMade of 4 fused carbon rings instead of fatty acidsa. have various attached functional groups

  • Uses for Lipids within organismsDO NOT DISSOLVE IN H2O (hydrophobic and insoluble)

    Protection, insulation, energy storage

  • Names of example LipidsSteroids a. cholesterol b. testosterone

    Phospholipidsa. lecithin (phosphatidylcholine)

    Triglycerides a. trilauroylglycerol

  • Organic Molecule Foldable

    Elements found in proteinsBuilding blocks of proteinsUses for proteins within organisms Names of example proteins

  • Elements found in ProteinsProteins - CHON

    Carbon - CHydrogen - HOxygen - ONitrogen - N

  • Building Blocks of ProteinsAmino acids

    20 different amino acids

    alanine arginineasparagineaspartic acid cysteine glutamine glutamic acidglycinehistidine isoleucine leucine lysinemethioninephenylalanine proline serine threoninetryptophantyrosine valineAmino acid

    Amino acid

    Amino acid

  • Basic Structure of an Amino AcidAmine Group (NH2)Carboxylic Acid (COOH)Side Group

  • Uses for Proteins in Organismsprovide SHAPE and SUPPORT

    Muscle, movement

  • Names of example ProteinsHormonesEnzymesAntibodiesHemoglobinCarrier proteinsInsulin

  • Organic Molecule Foldable

    Elements found in nucleic acidsBuilding blocks of nucleic acidsUses for nucleic acids within organisms Names of example nucleic acids

  • Elements found in Nucleic AcidsNucleic Acids - CHON

    Carbon - CHydrogen - HOxygen - ONitrogen - N

  • Building Blocks of Nucleic Acidsnucleotides

  • Nucleotides for DNA & RNA

  • How Nucleotides BondCovalent Bonds

  • Uses for Nucleic Acids in Organisms

    Stores important information in the cell

    Creates important structures (proteins) within the cell

  • Names of Example Nucleic Acids



  • Organic Molecules SummaryCARBOHYDRATESLIPIDSPROTEINSNUCLEIC ACIDSContain: CHOBuilding Blocks: monosaccharidesdisaccharidesPolysaccharidesUsed: to provide energy to living organismsExamples: Mono- glucose, fructose, galactoseDi- sucrosePoly- glycogen, chitin, starch, celluloseContain: CHOBuilding Blocks: fatty acids arranged as triglycerides, phospholipids, wax; includes steriodsUsed: to provide protection, insulation and energy storageExamples: trilauroylglycerol; lecithin; cholesterol, testosterone Contain: CHONBuilding Blocks: amino acids there are 20 different ones

    Used: to provide shape and supportExamples: hormones, hemoglobin, insulin, enzymesContain: CHONBuilding Blocks: nucleotides adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine, uracil

    Used: stores important information in the cell, codes for proteinsExamples: DNA, RNA

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