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<ul><li><p>Ideas</p></li><li><p>Welcome Home</p><p>Take a look at any room in your home and imagine what it could be. </p><p>Organized? Of course. Smart? Definitely. Stylish? Impressively so.</p><p>Your home, your needs, and your vision are uniquely yours. Now your design solutions can reflect who you are, too. Share your vision with us. Then browse through our vast portfolio of products featuring a variety of colors, finishes, shelf, top and vertical dimensions (including the dramatically longer and thicker Forterra), trim, door and drawer styles, and ingenious ways to keep every inch of your home looking smart. </p><p>The options are almost endless, so start your wish list. Then let us deliver a personalized solution that thrills you each time you walk in the door. </p><p>Shown in Thoroughbred with Arctic White Forterra work surface.</p><p>Table of Contents</p><p>About ORG Home 4 Leading the Industry Forterra An Exceptional Experience</p><p>Sustainability 5</p><p>Closet 6</p><p>Wallbed 15</p><p>Office 17</p><p>Craft 21</p><p>Entertainment 22</p><p>Laundry 25</p><p>Pantry 27</p><p>Garage 28</p><p>Entryway 38</p><p>Styles, Colors, &amp; Finishes 40</p></li><li><p>4 5</p><p>Leading the industryORG Home products are made by a well-established company with 30 years of </p><p>experience. The ORG Home difference is visible in so many ways:</p><p> Centralized manufacturing guarantees consistently high-quality products visible in details like our drawer and door fronts, color matching, and first-rate fit and finish.</p><p> Close attention to evolving customer needs and wants inspires our continuous investment in new and innovative ideas.</p><p> Our advanced design, engineering, and machinery mean we can personalize your solution to create anythingand everythingyour heart desires.</p><p>First-to-market designs Forterra engineered structured panels open a new </p><p>realm of design possibilities. Made with recycled </p><p>content, their unique construction: </p><p> Creates more substance with less material, saving forest-based resources</p><p> Delivers unprecedented strength and durability</p><p> Allows exceptionally long, uninterrupted horizontal lines</p><p> Creates bold, exciting accents unlike any others in the market</p><p>FORTerra</p><p>Our 200,000-sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Holland, Michigan.</p><p>About ORG Home</p><p>4</p><p>ORG HOME PRODUCTS ARE MANUFACTURED USING THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS TO EXACT TOLERANCES AND INCLUDE A LIMITED LIFETIME RESIDENTIAL WARRANTY. </p><p>SEE YOUR ORG HOME DEALER FOR FULL WARRANTY DETAILS.</p><p>LIMITED RESIDENTIAL</p><p>LIFETIMEWARRANTY</p><p>Sustainability</p><p>FSCCERTIFIED ORG HOME </p><p>PRODUCTS COME </p><p>FROM RESPONSIBLY </p><p>MANAGED FORESTS.</p><p>100%RECYCLED AND/OR </p><p>RECOVERED WOOD </p><p>FIBER USED FOR </p><p>ORG HOME PANELS.</p><p>94%TOTAL WASTE </p><p>RECYCLED</p><p>100% WOOD, METAL, </p><p>CARDBOARD, </p><p>AND COPPER WIRE </p><p>WASTE RECYCLED </p><p>Lake Michigan Shoreline</p><p>EcoElementsWe know that what fills your home matters to you. Thats </p><p>why we offer this collection of choices designed with the </p><p>environment in mind.</p><p> Recycled content: The core of ORG Home </p><p> composite panels is made of 100% recycled </p><p> and/or recovered wood fiber.</p><p> Plus Panels: While all ORG Home panels meet </p><p> California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission </p><p> standards, Plus Panels are made without added urea </p><p> formaldehyde for even lower emissions.</p><p> Forterra: Named for the Latin words for </p><p> strength and earth, its made with recycled </p><p> content and designed to create more substance </p><p> with less material.</p><p> Powder-coated accessories: Many ORG Home </p><p> accessories are powder-coateda low-impact </p><p> manufacturing process that is better for the </p><p> environment than more common alternatives.</p><p>ORG Home recycles Nearly 94% of our total waste</p><p> 100% of metal, copper wire, and cardboard </p><p> 100% of scrap wood and wood fibers from products and packaging </p><p> All of our technology tools (recycled or refurbished)</p><p> Warm air, via a dust collection system that returns it to our plant as heat, reducing natural gas consumption</p><p>Environmental certificationORG Home is pleased to offer </p><p>Forest Stewardship Council-</p><p>Certified products. FSC promotes </p><p>responsible management of </p><p>the worlds forests to meet the </p><p>economic and ecological needs </p><p>of present and future generations. </p><p>Ask about FSC certified product </p><p>availability for your next project.</p><p>ORG HOME QUICK FACTS</p><p>Photo by S. Niedzwiecki</p><p>An exceptional experienceFrom start to finish, the entire process is focused on you. Our quality, style, and expanded choices cater to all of your organizational and aesthetic needs. </p><p>Your local ORG Home dealers personal service and installation take care of the rest. </p><p> During an in-home consultation, an experienced designer works with you to create a plan that complements your lifestyle. </p><p> Specialized ORGdesign software lets you preview the finished space in 3D and tweak until its perfect. </p><p> Expert installers integrate your solution in an efficient and timely way, handling each item with care and treating your home as they would their own.</p><p>Good to knowInvesting in your home is a big decisionand one you can always feel good about </p><p>when you work with ORG Home.</p><p>ORG Home recognizes an opportunity and responsibility to improve the sustainability of our company, our community, and the world in every product and decision we make.</p></li><li><p>Everyday luxuryThis intimate space for two makes getting ready an event in itself. A central captains quarters invites conversation or relaxation. Multiple rods, drawers, shelving, and shoe storage are complemented by clever solutions for hanging garments and hiding ironing, precious jewelry, mirrors, and belts. </p><p>Thick Forterra panels emphasize the dresser and island tops while their long, unbroken lines form natural divisions within the closet space.</p><p>Shown in Eggshell Ivory with Forterra in Canyon Plum.</p><p>Closet Closet</p><p>6 7</p></li><li><p>Simply elegant This stunning walk-in closet lends subtle structure that spotlights any wardrobe. Corner shelves, racks, and rods keep your shirts, shoes, scarves, and purses in perfect order. A wardrobe valet extends to show off tomorrows ensemble. Rounded edges soften the style. Built-in hutch hides or highlights your belongings beautifully.</p><p>Shown in Arctic White.</p><p>Convenience made classicStart the day on a beautifully organized note. Defined by choice of finish, handsome hardware, and architectural detail, this closet lends structure to any wardrobeand home decor. </p><p>Custom wood veneer cabinetry provides the perfect place for every hat, bag, suit, or sweater. Enclose wardrobe basics behind glass doors. Display pieces that inspire.</p><p>Shown in Taos Cherry veneer.</p><p>Closet</p><p>8</p><p>Closet</p><p>9</p></li><li><p>In-house boutique Deciding what to wear is more fun than ever. This walk-in closet is designed to showcase each carefully selected garment. Tall enclaves accommodate long dresses and slacks. An island provides plenty of room for folding, organizing, and wardrobe planning.</p><p>Its all in the details. A mirror retracts out of sight when not in use. Roll-out wire baskets hold linens. An ironing board swivels out for a quick press.</p><p>Mine and yours A tasteful two-tone finish appeals to his and her tastes in this tailored dressing room. The floor-to-ceiling design offers storage for two complete wardrobes, with favorite items close at hand and out-of-season clothes tucked out of sight. The corner nook provides a perfect seat to slip on your shoes or check your appearance in the mirror. </p><p>Carve out a closet space just for him, outfitted with ample space for suits, shoe storage, and built-in dressers. Shelves keep favorite photos, trophies, and memorabilia out to be admired.</p><p>Shown in Mocha.</p><p>Top shown in Chateau and Heritage Maple. Bottom in Mocha.</p><p>Closet</p><p>11</p><p>Closet</p><p>10</p></li><li><p>More than a wardrobe This tailor-made wardrobe suite handles garments, extra bedding, and media handsomely. An upper valance lends architectural interest.</p><p>Keep clothing, technology, and accessories at the ready inside a smartly appointed closet. Warm colors, coordinating hardware, and a track cover add upscale polish. A full suite of hooks, trays, and racks make open storage streamlined and convenient. </p><p>Above shown in Ambassador. Below shown in Cocoa and Midnight Black.</p><p>Baby stepsDurable and kid-friendly, ORG Home storage solutions grow from toddler to teen. Adjustable shelves, rods, and cubbies offer a fun, practical alternative to chaos. Two rods replace three as your child grows.</p><p>Shown in Arctic White.</p><p>Closet</p><p>12</p><p>Closet</p><p>13</p></li><li><p>Shown in Arctic White.Room to growGet kids organized from wardrobe to workspace. A lifetime of creativity starts at this simple desk fit for homework, web-surfing, or artistic endeavors. Hooks, baskets, and racks place prized possessions within sight and reach. </p><p>Shown in Arctic White.</p><p>Make roomNo need to dedicate precious space to a single purpose. When guests head for home, the wallbed folds up and out of sight, leaving ample space for your hobbies, homework, or workout routine. Cabinets complement your rooms aesthetic.</p><p>Choose from vertical or horizontal fold-out options to suit your space. Twin, full or queen size, the wallbed works with standard size mattresses and acts as its own box spring.</p><p>Wallbed</p><p>15</p><p>Closet</p><p>14</p></li><li><p>Night and dayBy day, its an office with open bookshelves, deep cabinets, and a convenient desktop. By night, it transforms into a side-tilt wall-bed with a built-in pillow box, then disappears just as easily when you need to free up floor space again. Thick Forterra panels in a contrasting finish are a fashionable and practical choice for tops, a work surface, and visual accents. </p><p>The innovative desk bed can turn even small rooms into multipurpose areas, offering a twin bed and office within one 82" x 44" space. Its unique balancing mechanism creates a smooth, uninterrupted transition that keeps bedding and desktop items in place while switching from one to the other.</p><p> Top and left shown in French Roast with Forterra in Wheat. Lower right shown in Chateau.</p><p>Class act This home office earns high marks. Cabinets hold files, references, and worktools. Credenza and shelves keep printer and supplies out of the way, yet within easy reach. Wire trays eliminate cord and cable clutter to keep the desktop clean and focus clear. Hang-on accessories handle small items, and keep things off the work surface.</p><p>Shown in Autumn Cherry with Midnight Black work surfaces.</p><p>Office</p><p>17</p><p>Wallbed</p><p>16</p></li><li><p>Home work With a range of design and finish options, even the hardest working office feels right at home. Clean aesthetics let you blend business and pleasure and make room for multitasking for any family memberhomework, bill paying, web shopping, and budget planning. </p><p>Top shown in Autumn Cherry. Bottom in Eggshell Ivory.</p><p>Promote yourselfMake any executive right at home with traditional profiles, woodgrains, and hardware options. Generous work surfaces make it easy to review reports and report cards, plan the next business trip, or organize vacation photos. </p><p>This artfully crafted space signals success but knows how to get down to business. Shelving, drawer and door options conceal and reveal, while wire trays manage the utilities to keep the space clear.</p><p>Top shown in Autumn Cherry. Bottom shown in Clear Cherry and Harbor Cherry veneer. </p><p>Office</p><p>18</p><p>Office</p><p>19</p></li><li><p>Above and center shown in Mocha. Bottom left in Arctic White.</p><p>ORG Home at workIn business as in life, a one-size-fits-all approach doesnt always work. Put the professional design and installation expertise of ORG Home on the job for a space uniquely qualified to support you, your teamand your business plan and budget.</p><p>Craft, create and connectInspire your inner artist with a custom studio designed to organize your crafting supplies and encourage years of creative fun. A counter-height island provides a natural gathering spot for hobbies, school projects or gift wrapping. Digital and hand-made processes come together at a computer station. Tall dividers and hooks organize gift bags and ribbons, while a tilt-out bin keeps paper rolls neat, protected and close at hand.</p><p>Shown in Thoroughbred with Arctic White Forterra work surfaces.</p><p>Office</p><p>20</p><p>Craft</p><p>21</p></li><li><p>Right top in Thoroughbred with Forterra in Arctic White. Right bottom shown in Caviar with Forterra in Bistro Walnut. Left shown in Harbor Cherry veneer. </p><p>Center of activityGame night, movie time, music, and the home library are even more appealing with a media center that matches your home dcor. Choose wood veneer with crown moldings for a traditional look. Select a sleek two-tone design for contemporary cool. Or explore the possibilities of seemingly endless shelves made with Forterra.</p><p>Entertainment</p><p>23</p><p>Entertainment</p><p>22</p></li><li><p>Entertaining ideasStop by your custom beverage station for something fresh squeezed, shaken, or stirred. Theres no limit to whats on tap when youve designated space for storing beverages, glassware, and all the tools you need to prepare and serve.</p><p>Top shown in Arctic White. Bottom shown in Chateau and Arctic White.</p><p>Shown in Driftwood with Arctic White Forterra work surfaces.</p><p>Wash, dry, wowShape a laundry area to accommodate any size washer and dryerand any size family. With baskets for sorting, cupboards for supplies, and rods for hanging, this space handles loads.</p><p>Laundry</p><p>25</p><p>Entertainment</p><p>24</p></li><li><p>Tasteful additionCarve out space for a storage solution that knows its way around a kitchen. Choose from a range of styles, finishes, and hardware to please your palate. Cabinets close to conceal cookware and cleaners. Vertical dividers stow large, hard-to-handle items, placing platters and cutting boards within arms reach. </p><p>Top shown in Heritage Maple. Bottom in Arctic White.</p><p>Shown in Caviar with Arctic White upper cabinets and Forterra work surfaces.</p><p>Function with fashionRich colors, thick Forterra surfaces, and doors with translucent resin panels make the laundry room a sophisticated part of your home. An ironing board folds out for quick touch-ups, then disappears behind a door when not in use. Pull-out bins and baskets store supplies, and a hidden hamper keeps clothes sorted to streamline the laundry process.</p><p>Laundry</p><p>26</p><p>Pantry</p><p>27</p></li><li><p>Practically perfectAlmost endless design options make the most of every square inch in your garage. The unique Driftwood finish, extruded aluminum handles, and matching Silver Track slatwall add an unexpected dash of style, turning your garage into a space just as attractive and functional as the rest of your home.</p><p>Heavy-duty hooks, bins and accessories make it simple to arrange (and rearrange) tools any way you like for work, gardening, and hobbies.</p><p>Keep it cleanClosed doors conceal stored items when not in use, giving your garage a clean, tidy appearance around the clock. Clever solutions include a reach-in recycling center, sports lockers with pull-out baskets, a durable butcher block work surface for projects, and even room for a utility sink. </p><p>One-inch thick shelves and robust construction stand up to tough conditions, while wall-mounted cabinets keep stored items off the damp floor and allow for easy cleaning underneath.</p><p>Shown in Driftwood with Arctic White interior.</p><p>Garage Garage</p><p>28 29</p></li><li><p>Showstopping styleA rich Chateau finish along with aluminum handles create an upscale atmosphere youll be proud to show off. Wall-mounted cabine...</p></li></ul>