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  • Organizing My I.B.


  • Table of Contents The table of contents displays the order of the portfolio dividers & work samples.

    In what place order should the Identities & relationships divider be placed? (select one)

    a. first b. third c. seventh

  • Portfolio Rubric and Scoring Guide

    This rubric will be used to grade your portfolio

    Portfolios are graded in your Humanities classes

  • Reflection Form This is your

    opportunity to explain why you selected an assignment for your portfolio.

    Provide a thoughtful answer for each question

  • These are the types of assignments that can be included in your portfolio

    creative writing revised pieces artwork prewriting exercises research reports maps

    rough drafts essay responses models

    essay videos of group work


    scripts brochure booklets poetry analyses of text

    features timelines

    photo stories electronic presentations


  • What if I cant fit my project into my portfolio?

    Take a picture!

  • The Global Contexts in a Nutshell

    Identities & Relationships Explores beliefs, values, relationships, communities, and cultures

    Orientation in Space & Time Explores the when & where of history, exploration, migrations, & discoveries from various perspectives

    Personal & Cultural Expression Explores ways to discover & express ones individual thoughts & ideas creatively

  • The Global Contexts in a Nutshell Scientific & Technical Innovation

    Deals with human interaction in the natural world, scientific principles, and how humans use technology to adapt to the environment.

    Globalization & Sustainability The study of global opportunities, tensions, decision making on human kind & environment.

    Fairness & Development Rights & Responsibilities Community Relations Sharing Resources Equal Access Conflict Resolution

  • Service and Action

    This divider should be placed in a plastic sheet protector. Behind it should be evidence of your service. Include logs & reflections.

  • Community Service Hours Requirements

    6th grade- 10 hours

    7th grade- 15 hours

    8th grade - 20 hours

  • Examples of Service & Action Documentation

  • Located in your student


    Ammons Service Log

    A summer service log is handed out in April to account for hours completed from April August.

  • Reflect on two community

    service events per year

    Service & Community Culminating Activity Reflection Form

    This form is two pages long

  • This divider should be placed in a plastic sheet protector.

    Approaches to Learning

  • Examples of ATL Assignments grammar lessons math drills spelling lessons graphic organizers

  • In what section should this form be placed? A) ATL B) Environment C) Family


    IBMYP Progress Report

    Complete two per year

  • ATL Student Evaluation Form How would you rate your group work participation, team spirit, or time management skills?

    Tip- fill in the student evaluation form after every progress report or report card.

    Mark N for Novice/Beginner L for Learner/Developing P for Practitioner/Using E for Expert/Sharing

  • Reading Reflection Form

    This form belongs in the ATL section.

    How many reading reflections form do you need per grade level? a. 2 b. 3 c. 6

  • Identities & Relationships The

    Identities and

    Relationships Divider

    This divider should be placed in a plastic sheet protector.

  • Identities & Relationships Examples

    Cultural beliefs and experiences

  • Family Involvement Activity Journal

    Complete one per year

  • Orientation in Space & Time The

    Orientation in Space &

    Time Divider

    This divider should be placed in a plastic sheet protector.

  • Orientation in Space & Time Examples

    Historical events and turning points

  • Personal & Cultural Expression

    The Personal

    & Cultural Expression


    This divider should be placed in a plastic sheet protector.

  • Personal & Cultural Expression Examples

    Personal expression & creativity

  • Extra Curricular Activity Log

    Front Side

    What Awards, Competitions, Clubs, or Sports have you participated in?

  • Back Side

    Extra Curricular Activities

    What technology projects, field trips, plays, or performances did you participate in?

  • Extra Curricular

    Activity Journal

    Select one extra curricular activity to complete this form

    Complete one per year

  • Globalization & Sustainability

    The Globalization

    & Sustainability


    This divider should be placed in a plastic sheet protector.

  • Globalization & Sustainability Examples

    Global Studies & Interconnectedness

  • School to Work & Guest Speaker Examples

  • Guest Speaker Form

  • Career Day Form

  • Take Your Child to Work Day Form

  • Scientific & Technical Innovation

    The Scientific

    & Technical Innovation


    This divider should be placed in a plastic sheet protector.

  • Scientific and Technical Innovation Examples

    How humans interact with the environment Florida Panther endangered species

  • Fairness & Development

    The Fairness

    & Development


    This divider should be placed in a plastic sheet protector.

  • Fairness & Development Examples

    The rights and duties of citizens

    Bill of Rights Voting

  • Where Do I find the Portfolio Forms?

    School Website: Click on Student Tab Look under IBMYP Information Click on Portfolio Documentation

  • Whats new at Ammons? The IB Global Speaker Initiative

    invites community members to expose our students to global issues.

    My Journey to America Day welcomes parents to share their cultural experiences from the native countries.

  • Special Recognition to

    Mr. Jones Mandy Gou Sarena Kalap

    Slide Number 1Table of ContentsPortfolio Rubric and Scoring GuideReflection FormSlide Number 5What if I cant fit my project into my portfolio?The Global Contexts in a NutshellThe Global Contexts in a NutshellService and ActionCommunity Service Hours RequirementsExamples of Service & ActionDocumentationAmmons Service LogService & Community Culminating Activity Reflection FormApproaches to LearningExamples of ATL AssignmentsIBMYP Progress ReportATL Student Evaluation FormReading Reflection FormIdentities & RelationshipsIdentities & Relationships ExamplesSlide Number 21Orientation in Space & TimeOrientation in Space & Time ExamplesPersonal & Cultural ExpressionPersonal & Cultural Expression ExamplesSlide Number 26Slide Number 27Slide Number 28Globalization & SustainabilityGlobalization & Sustainability ExamplesSchool to Work & Guest Speaker ExamplesGuest Speaker FormCareer Day FormTake Your Child to Work Day FormScientific & Technical InnovationScientific and Technical Innovation ExamplesFairness & DevelopmentFairness & Development ExamplesWhere Do I find the Portfolio Forms?Slide Number 40Whats new at Ammons?Special Recognition to