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  • ORIANA GONZALEZ 4450 Ridgemont Dr. #1711, Abilene TX 79606 [email protected] 512.913.5848

    Bilingual marketing specialist experienced in web development and digital media, collateral development and design, project and proposal coordination, event sponsorship packaging and marketing strategy. EDUCATION B.B.A. in Marketing with Minor in Digital Media (2011) Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas Graduated with Honors; 3.7 of 4.0 grade point average PERSONAL STRENGTHS

    Multicultural perspective Fluent in Spanish Flexible, deadline-oriented

    Highly organized Self-motivated Quick learner


    Assisted in the production and assembly of dozens of written and electronic project proposals with business development and operations.

    Increased United Way participants for Lauren Engineers & Constructors by 116% through internal promotional campaign.

    Managed LinkedIn group for construction professionals and assisted in reaching 30,000 members.

    Increased football Game Day Partners by 34.7% for Abilene Christian University through B2B personal selling effort to business managers.

    Implemented new digital Service Response Cards survey system for ACUs Creative Services office.

    SPECIALIZED SKILLS Website and digital media development Personal selling in B2B, retail settings Market research, strategic planning Collateral development and design

    Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite; Adobe Design Suite; CSS and XHTML

    Video editing skills Event planning/volunteer coordination

    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Marketing Specialist Lauren Engineers & Constructors, Inc., Abilene, TX (August 2011-present)

    Assisted in the production and assembly of dozens of written and electronic project proposals with business development and operations.

    Created, updated and maintained multiple databases for employee resumes and project information.

    Developed and distributed quarterly newsletters by acquiring information and photos and writing content.

    Organized and maintained marketing collateral while providing support for creative development.

    Game Day Marketing Intern Marketing, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX (Fall 2010)

    Increased Game Day partners by developing targeted business list, packaging and delivering effective marketing materials, personally contacting business managers.

    Managed a team of project volunteers to aid in Game Day campaign. Planned tailgate event to promote ACU athletics for Game Day campaign.

  • Office Assistant Creative Services, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX (August 2008-May 2011)

    Maintained complex project filing system for graphic designers; handled several hundred files. Recommended change of system and implemented new online customer satisfaction surveys.

    Customer Sales Representative Blockbuster Inc., Friendswood, Texas (Summer 2008)

    Marketed and sold rewards programs to customers and members. Utilized computerized point of sale system to maintain member accounts. Met or exceeded company standards for ongoing marketing programs, store appearance.


    Participated in Leadership Summit 2011. Provided 200 hours of volunteer service in past five years across the country.


  • Lauren Engineers & Constructors,


    President, CEO

    *Cleve Whitener

    Executive Vice President

    Marketing and Business


    *Jack Shoemate

    Executive Vice President


    *Clint Rosenbaum

    Executive Vice President

    Corporate Operations

    *Bob Patty

    Executive Vice President

    Construction Services

    *Mike Breed

    Chief Financial Officer

    Secretary & Treasurer

    *Leslie Hammond

    Senior Vice President


    *Bob Fasciana


    General Manager

    Randy Barbee

    Lauren Services, Inc.

    DBA Lauren Concise

    Cleve Whitener President

    Clint Rosenbaum Executive

    Vice President

    Lauren Engineers &

    Constructors Mauritius

    Cleve Whitener


    Lauren CCL

    Tushar Shahane


    Rod Phipps

    Vice President


    Lauren Jyoti

    Neil McNeil

    Vice President


    Vice President



    Jerry Hobbs

    Vice President

    Transmission &


    Jyoti Lauren

    Vice President


    Ron Young

    Vice President &


    Brad Ballard

    Vice President

    & Controller


    Tom Modisett

    Kamtech Services Inc.

    Mike Breed


    Eric Akelaitis

    Vice President

    Western Division

    Pat Maiorano

    Vice President

    Eastern Division

    Vice President

    Human Resources

    Kevin Porter

    *Executive Team2/2012

    Manager Modular





  • ORIANA GONZALEZ 4450 Ridgemont Dr. #1711, Abilene TX 79606 [email protected] 512.913.5848

    Professional References Marco Giron Human Resources Manager Lauren Engineers & Constructors, Inc. 325.734.3973 [email protected] HR Manager at Lauren/Coworker Jason Groves Chief Marketing Officer Abilene Christian University 325.674.4977 [email protected] Supervisor during ACU Marketing internship

    Ron Hadfield Assistant VP for University Communication Abilene Christian University 325.674.2690 [email protected] Supervisor at Creative Services Tessa Bean Executive Assistant for Marketing Abilene Christian University 325.674.6053 [email protected] Supervisor at Creative Services Amber Gilbert

    Production Coordinator for Creative Services Abilene Christian University 325.674.2061 [email protected] Supervisor at Creative Services

    Personal References Kevin Rhodes

    Vice President of Development World Bible School 512.345.8190 [email protected] Family friend Scott Warner Local Outreach Minister Westover Hills Church of Christ 512.345.6386 [email protected] Youth group huddle leader Dr. Gary McCaleb Vice President Abilene Christian University 325.674.2156 [email protected] Volunteer group leader Mimoy Balza Associate Lawyer Horacio Wheelock Law Offices 402.201.7875 [email protected] Family friend Megan Whistler 210.289.2372 [email protected] College roommate



  • www.laurenec.com 901 South First Street, Abilene, Texas 79602 325.670.9660


    designing and building success


    L A U R E N



    Rajasthan, India 50 MW CSP

    odawari S O L A R P R O J E C T


  • Those of us who live in West Texas are experiencing a severe drought with record heat. Driving through the countryside one sees how poor are the pastures and how scare the cattle. Fields normally white with cotton or green with sprouting winter wheat are plowed and bare. The US construction market in which we play is in the same condition. We are in the midst of the longest and deepest cuts in capital spending in memory and, like the West Texas farmer and rancher, face an uncertain future. Rain will come someday and construction spending will eventually rebound, but immediate relief appears unlikely.

    So what must we do in the meantime? First, we are to do as the prophet, Habakkuk, did (Hab. 3:17, 18): we rejoice in the Lord and we praise our God. Praise and thanksgiving are not just for times of blessing and abundance. Our Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is worthy of our honor and praise in all circumstances at all times.

    Second, we should look at our circumstances and adversity as opportunity to persevere and improve. It is tough times which build character and produce major advances and breakthroughs. An old coach of mine constantly said, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Proverbs 24:10 says, if you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength. The current economy challenges us to sharpen our skills and outperform the competition. The company, who works diligently to improve and innovate in such times as these, will prosper when markets recover and capital spending increases.

    Third, we must remain positive and patient. If we focus only on how bad the US economy or difficult the marketplace, we may become discourage and despair. Instead, our focus should be on what is positive and good. While US power and chemical markets remain weak, oil & gas and mining & metals markets are strong and growing in Canada and US. India offers Lauren significant growth opportunities. In addition, we have several unique and exceptional opportunities which may come to fruition at any moment. It is also a good time to recruit outstanding talent and train our people. Now is an excellent time to create a culture of excellence which outperforms the competition. Success will come and when it does we will thank God for his sustaining power and grace.

    I am still confident that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

    Psalm 27:13, 14

    Commit to the Lord what you do and your

    plans will succeed Proverbs 16:3

    From the President


    Cleve Whitener

  • Our Foundation

    Core Values

    We believe that our primary purpose is to love and honor God and to serve others.

    We strive to be the very best at whatever we choose to do.

    We strive to develop extreme loyalty through exceptional performance.

    We challenge and help every worker to reach their full potential.

    We realize people are more important than activities or things.

    We will be good stewards of our time, talents and treasures.

    We encourage innovation, reward responsible risk taking and forgive mistakes.

    Mission Statement

    Lauren helps our customers succeed by providing innovative solutions and by designing and building the highest quality facilities with timeliness, integrity and skill.

    Vision Statement

    The Vision of Lauren is to be a light to the world and the contractor of choice through constructive and caring relationships with customers, suppliers and peers.

    Recent & Current Projects


    1. Nebraska City Project - Knoxville Office

    2. Occidental Permian Ltd Electric Motor Driven Compressors and Dehydration Unit - New Mexico


    3. EPC - Godawari 50 MW CSP Plant - India


    4. Reliance Power - Owners Engineer - 125 MW CSP Plant - India

    5. Ammonia Recovery Facility - Peru

    6. Mitchell County Renewable Desalinization Project - Texas


    7. Hess Tioga Process Equipment Skids - North Dakota

    8. Metso Power Primary and Secondary Steam Coil Condensate Skids - Florida

    9. HPD/Veolia Water Equipment Skids and Piperack Modules - Alberta

    10. Siemens Modular Pipe Rack System - Northern Mexico

    11. GE/RCC Water Equipment Skids and Off-Module Piping - California

    www.laurenec.com 3

  • www.laurenec.com4



    Lauren-Jyoti Mobilizes on Godawari Solar Project

    T he Lauren-Jyoti team recently mobilized on the Godawari (guhd-awe-ree) Solar Project, located in the Indian state of Rajasthan, about 50 km from the Pakistan border. The $125 million EPC contract for this project is with Godawari Green Energy Ltd and includes the design, procurement and construction of a 50 MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) facility. This project represents one of three solar projects which Lauren is currently undertaking in India.

    The Godawari Solar Project will utilize 12m Euro Trough frames with over 161,000 mirrors, combining for a total of 120 loops, which will circulate 1,100 metric tons of HTF fluid. The project is located on 400 acres of land and will provide 130 GWh of power to the national grid annually.

    This project is a part of the Government-Sponsored Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, which has provided a timeline for developing a large number of solar projects in India over the next decade. The Mission has set a target of 20,000 megawatts of solar power generation by 2022. The Godawari Solar Project is one of six projects in Phase 1 of the National Solar Mission.

    While still in the early stages, dirt work is in progress and major equipment, such as solar fill items, solar heat exchangers, expansion vessels, HTF and steam turbines for the power block are being purchased.

    Lauren has forged a strong presence in the Indian market by establishing two JV companies in 2011: Lauren CCL and Lauren Jyoti. Lauren Jyoit is focused on EPC project in India, and the Godawari Solar Project represents Laurens first full-scope contract in India. The learning curve for conducting business in India has been steep, but the Lauren team has proven to be adept at learning to deal with the challenges of working across cultures and time zones. With a 10.5 hour time difference between Abilene and India, communication has been the biggest challenge, said Swapnil Wankhede, Engineering Manager for the Godawari Project. Yet, despite this challenge, the project continues to forge ahead to meet the scheduled completion date of March 2013.

    There are approximately 45 designers and engineers in the Abilene office working on the Godawari project, so planning and coordinating with offices in India requires strong management and clear processes. The project SharePoint site on Lantern has helped to facilitate project communications, as well as the relocation of several Lauren personnel who will assume leadership roles for the project. Paul Houghton, Chris Soles, Phil Gillam and Steve Doyle will serve as the core group of Lauren employees who will provide the boots-on-the-ground presence to lead the Godawari project to a successful completion.


    Featured Project

  • SAFETY SPOTLIGHTWorld Safety Organization Concerned Company of the Year AwardIn June of this year, the WSO recently awarded Lauren the Concerned Company of the Year Award. This award is given to a company or corporation with an excellent safety program and record which is industrial in nature, as well as one that is actively contributing to the protection of people, property, resources and the environment through innovative programs and shows distinctive concern for the well-being of its employees and local community.

    Congratulations go out to 2011s Safe Supervisor of the Year NomineesTerry Don Wilson ManufacturingChad Pilcher ManufacturingChris Lefler HallettsvillePaul Pierce CottullaRick Timbs Nuclear Fuels The designation of Safe Supervisor of the Year is awarded to the supervisor who exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding leader, both in safety performance as well as their day to day operations. Each member of the safety department, as well as members of management are asked to nominate an employee at the Foremen/Craft Superintendent level who they feel has gone above and beyond to further develop Laurens outstanding safety culture. All nominees participate in an interview with the Corporate Safety Director who will then select a winner. The winner will be announced at the Abilene Christmas party on December 8.

    A Healthy Worker is a Safe Worker

    Get your flu shot. Did you know that

    employees with Lauren health insurance can be reimbursed for the cost of the flu shot from their wellness benefit? Contact HR for more information and/or claim form.

    Wash your hands on a regular basis.

    Hand washing is easy to do and its one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of many types of illnesses. In an event you are unable to wash your hands, hand sanitizer is a great alternative.

    Cover your cough and sneeze with the

    crook of your elbow. Did you know, germs stay alive on hands for up to three hours? Think of how many things our hands touch within three hours time. By coughing in to the crook of your elbow, you can help eliminate the spread of germs.

    Enjoy a healthy diet. Experts

    agree that fending off a virus is more complicated than simply eating extra fruits and vegetables, doctors and dietitians agree that a well-rounded, healthful diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables can provide the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

    Flu season is upon us. Did you know that on average, 1 out of 5 Americans suffer from influenza every year? So what can you do to protect yourself and others?

    www.laurenec.com 5



    Networking and Server Management

    The Lauren IT Department continues to make infrastructure changes to accommodate growth and improve efficiency and reliability. A bandwidth increase is complete for Knoxville, TN and new circuits are still in the works for the Irving, TX and Calgary offices. The Abilene Data Center has a new Liebert HVAC system which gives Lauren the first step toward providing redundancy in system access for the company.


    The Lantern Training site is complete and can be viewed by going to the Lantern Training Site. This new site will help Lantern users with instructional videos and how-to documents ranging from SharePoint basics to more advanced topics such as departmental and project sites. The site contains overviews as well as detailed instructional documents on how things function on Lantern.

    Planning and design work has begun for the Lantern Employee Site which will be a centralized place for employees to get information related to Human Resources, benefits, IT instruction documents and company policies.

    Twelve new project sites have been setup since the last update including Luminant Oak Grove, Gainsville Energy, Siemens La Caridad, Key Lake Pipe Fabrication and Boundary Dam Pipe Install. Work continues on an upgrade to SharePoint 2010 which we hope to be complete by end of year. Other enhancements to Lantern include improvements to the Marketing Department site and event color coding for site calendars.

    Lauren Concise

    Infrastructure upgrades are being reviewed and implemented for the new Calgary office including Tandberg video conference equipment, a 3 Mb private line, phone system and Exchange for the new laurenconcise.com email addresses. Conversion to Dynamics/Papersave/Business Portal is underway along with system access provisioning for users.


    The Engineering group will soon be moving to a common design platform utilizing Intergraph SmartPlant products. The IT group has been busy in supporting training classes in Abilene and Irving for SP Instrumentation, P&ID, 3D and Reference Data users. When complete, servers and software will be installed in Irving, Knoxville, Abilene for 3D and Abilene for Reference Data.

  • In the Community


    The Abilene Office has completed the annual United Way campaign for 2012. This year 91 employees participated, raising a total of $37,324.68 for non-profit organizations in Abilene a 116% increase from last year. A special thanks is extended to Adam Lott, Laurens loaned executive to the United Way for 2012.

    www.laurenec.com 7

    Lauren Concise

    On Monday September 19, 2011, Lauren Concise hosted its annual charity golf tournament at the Earl Grey Golf Club in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This year 120 golfers participated and raised $9,000 for the Calgary Health Trust. Participants included Lauren Concise staff and clients, tournament sponsors and guests. The money raised will go towards a service or program at the Foot-hills Medical Centres Oncology Ward.

    On Saturday September 10, 2011, the Abilene office hosted the 2nd Annual Lauren Safety Golf Scramble, with proceeds going to the Texas Wildfire Relief Fund (TWRF). Combined with fundraising efforts through Abilenes Fantastic Friday Fund Drive, the event raised $1,360 for the TWRF. The golfers were treated to favorable weather and great food, cooked up by Laurens Procurement Director, Bill Ford. The winning team consisted of four employees from Laurens Manufacturing shop in Abilene: Todd Puckett, Mike Puckett, Dave Weatherly and Stan Adams.

    2nd Annual

  • `` Company Business

    New Appointments

    LAUREN ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS COMBINES OPERATIONS WITH CONCISE DESIGNOn September 1, 2011 Lauren Engineers & Constructors (Lauren) and Concise Design announced that they have combined operations in Western Canada. Concise Design

    is an EPCM company serving the oil and gas industry in Western Canada. The new company, Lauren Concise, will maintain headquarters in Calgary, AB Canada. The acquisition brings together a unique blend of experience between the two companies and allows for Lauren Concise to offer an expanded portfolio of services, including full turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction. The rebranding of Lauren Concise will be ongoing to reflect the expanded portfolio that can be offered to the oil and gas industry in Western Canada. We are currently in the process of communicating the changes to clients and Lauren Concise has been invited to a number of Lunch and Learns where we have been able to highlight these new services to potential and current clients. There has been a positive response to the EPC alternative offered by Lauren Concise and we recently had to opportunity to submit a proposal to a new client. The company toured Laurens Abilene facility and was impressed by the fabrication services that could be offered for their upcoming project.

    LAUREN FORMS NEW JOINT VENTURE IN INDIALauren Engineers & Constructors, Inc (Lauren) and Jyoti Power Structures (Jyoti) have established a Joint Venture to pursue Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects in India. This new

    joint venture brings together a team of professionals with unparalleled industry experience, said Cleve Whitener, CEO of Lauren Engineers & Constructors. The Lauren-Jyoti team embodies a unique blend of heavy industrial project experience as well as in-depth knowledge of the Indian market, which provides a strong foundation for building successful projects in India.

    KAMTECH FINISHING 0FF THE YEAR STRONG Kamtech Services is currently very busy in all regions. KSI averaged more than 800 employees for the last two months. Western Canada expects to exceed their 2011 revenue goals and while Eastern Canada has not met the projections, both the workload and the future opportunities have improved significantly over the last couple of months. Kamtech has faced major challenges this year with the

    shortage of craft manpower and the concurrent abundance of large turnaround projects. All of Kamtech supervision and staffing are working very hard to overcome these challenges and to help to close out a successful 2011. Several Lauren employees have transferred to Kamtech and are contributing significantly to this success. These employees are Ted Hapworth, Gary Milligan, Dave Woods, Mike Garner and Sean Breed.

    Jeff Hocke has been promoted to Manager of Projects for the Abilene Engineering Office.


    Brian Gray has been promoted to Assistant Engineering Manager for the Irving Engineering Office.

    oncise onciseLauren

    Lauren Jyoti

    Dr. Bob Patty has joined Lauren as Vice President of Corporate Operations.

  • ``

    www.laurenec.com 9

  • www.laurenec.com

    Lauren Engineers & Constructors 901 South 1st Abilene, Texas 79602

  • oncise onciseLauren

  • Lauren Jyoti


    Lauren Engineers & Constructors helps our customers succeed by

    providing innovative solutions and by designing

    and building the highest quality facilities with

    timeliness, integrity and skill.

    Lauren Engineers and Constructors vision is to be a light to the world and the contractor of choice

    through constructive and caring relationships with customers, suppliers and



  • Courtn ey Edwards DesignsW E D D I N G S & E V E N T S

    Courtn ey Edwards DesignsW E D D I N G S & E V E N T S

    Courtn ey Edwards DesignsW E D D I N G S & E V E N T S

    Courtn ey Edwards DesignsW E D D I N G S & E V E N T S

    Courtn ey Edwards DesignsW E D D I N G S & E V E N T S

    Courtn ey Edwards DesignsW E D D I N G S & E V E N T S

    Courtn ey Edwards DesignsW E D D I N G S & E V E N T S

    Courtn ey Edwards DesignsW E D D I N G S & E V E N T S

    Courtn ey Edwards DesignsW E D D I N G S & E V E N T S

    Courtn ey Edwards DesignsW E D D I N G S & E V E N T S

    Courtn ey Edwards DesignsW E D D I N G S & E V E N T S

  • Courtney Edwardswedding coordinator

    [email protected]



    MARCH 16TH 2012

    C A S T R OV I L L E , T E X A S



    The Grande Hall at Hofmann Ranch



    M E R R I M E N T T O F O L L O W

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  • DC252620[1]Lauren Management Org Chart 2-9-2012_final.pdfLauren Management Org Chart 2-9-2012[3].vsdPage-1