orientation community engagement ~ budget task force denver public schools november 10, 2010

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1 Orientation Community Engagement ~ Budget Task Force Denver Public Schools November 10, 2010 Need DPS Logo

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Need DPS Logo. Orientation Community Engagement ~ Budget Task Force Denver Public Schools November 10, 2010. Presentation Outline. Purpose Statement Key Points District’s Strategic Focus State of the State & District Finances Next Steps Appendices. Denver Public Schools. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Community Engagement ~ Budget Task Force

Denver Public Schools November 10, 2010 Need DPS Logo

1 PELP Coherence Framework ~ the quality of being logically integrated Connecting the instructional core with a district-wide strategy for improvement Indentifying interdependencies among district elements Teacher Core: Teachers knowledge and skill Students engagement in their own learning Academically challenging content Imperative of public education: enhanced student achievement; improved accountability; and fiscal prudence Shift from equity to emphasis upon results; less on effort more on outcomes Focus on aligning goals and incentives with district objectives; value-laden Alignment of objectives to promote student achievement, as well as process and cost efficiency Increased decentralization of responsibility; increase site accountability Market/customer segmentation Differentiated service offerings Evolving roles and responsibilities for: District School Classroom Marketing / Branding2Presentation OutlineDenver Public SchoolsPurpose Statement

Key Points

Districts Strategic Focus

State of the State & District Finances

Next Steps

Appendices2Laying a foundation; building understanding

Response to prompt of: in this fiscal environment.ExpandMaintainRe-DesignEliminate

Measured Response

Not a referendum on budget practice or line-item budget veto 3Purpose StatementDenver Public SchoolsWhile there are excellent schools in struggling districts and outstanding classrooms in underperforming schools, today there are no high-performing urban districts in the United States.

Three key factors heighten the level of concern: The rapid pace of economic change.

A growing awareness that academic skills and knowledge increase a young persons chances of leading a productive life.

The recognition that a poorly educated citizenry erodes not only the quality of a countrys workforce and its competitiveness, but undermines the potential of our democracy.

The task force is to articulate guiding principles to the benefit of the Districts strategic management of its financial resources.3As to PELP: Through the Public Education Leadership Project (PELP), DPS has entered into a partnership with other urban school districts, each intent on becoming the nations best urban school district.

4Key PointsDenver Public SchoolsSevere Fiscal CrisisUnprecedented revenue shortfalls

A Culture of High Expectations, Service, Empowerment &ResponsibilityGreat PeopleStrategic Management of ResourcesFamily and Community Engagement

Instructional CoreStudentsTeachersContent

Focus on Results and Creating Long-term Value 4Quoting the DPs Executive Summary

~ A Culture of High Expectations, Service, Empowerment, and Responsibility

Building and maintaining a culture characterized by high expectations, excellent service, empowerment, and responsibility is critical to achieving our goals. Culture surrounds and permeates our work. A successful culture is in many ways intangible, but its presence is a powerful force for and a necessary element of change. Admittedly, it is a significant shift for a culture that remains too focused on compliance. To build and maintain a high-performance culture focused on student results, we will:

Establish and maintain high expectations for all students and adults in Denver Public Schools. Ensure that our schools and departments provide excellent service to families and students and that the central service organization provides high-quality service to our schools. Strengthen our systems and norms of providing significant empowerment to DPS employees that is coupled with responsibility for student results.

We fully believe that aggressive and thoughtful implementation of these strategies will yield significant and rapid improvements in student achievement. That said, this plan is a living document. We will continue to track our progress carefully and report that progress to the community. For the goal to rapidly increase achievementand opportunitiesfor our students simply must be realized.

~ Great People to Drive Better Outcomes for Students:

Talented and committed people are our most important resource in driving improved student outcomes. To ensure we have highly effective teams of teachers and leaders in every school and department who successfully support the instructional core, we will:

Recruit the best teachers and principals for our schools. Empower and retain effective educators. Create meaningful recognition systems, advancement opportunities, and rewards for driving student achievement. Recruit, retain, and reward outstanding staff to support teachers and principals work. Replace low-performing employees who, despite support, fail to meet expectations.

~ Deepening Engagement with Families and the Community|

Families, as well as the larger Denver community, are essential partners in helping our students achieve at dramatically higher levels and graduate from high school ready for college or career. To ensure family and community engagement effectively supports the instructional core, we will:

Deepen and strengthen parent and family engagement classroom by classroom, school by school. Engage and inform DPS students, families, and the community about DPS strategies and initiatives. Foster dialogue and input from stakeholders to promote civic engagement and ownership of public schools. Partner with nonprofits, faith communities, philanthropic groups, and others to support Denvers students with streamlined services that are focused on improving student achievement. Leverage partnerships with the City and County of Denver and other governmental agencies. Forge formal partnerships and secure additional resources promoting college entry and success.5Districts Strategic FocusDenver Public SchoolsMission StatementWe will lead the nations cities in student achievement, high school graduation, college preparation, and college matriculation. Our students will be well-prepared for success in life, work, civic responsibility, and higher education.Instructional PrioritiesEffective teaching to support quality instruction.Improve outcomes for English language learners.Align standards-based instruction, material and assessments to meet our diverse students needs.Provide all students access to high quality education by improving performance through turnaround strategies.56Denver Public SchoolsMajor Policy Initiatives in Response to Past ChallengesAlign Budget to Denver Plan

Align Budget Processes to Staffing CalendarCompetitive Employer / Employer of Choice

Greater Reliance Upon Student-Based Budgeting ~ Site-Based Management

Compensation Philosophy and Practices- Competitive Base Pay- ProComp- Staff DevelopmentIncreasing Operational and Fiscal Transparency

Focus upon Enrollment and Facility Optimization

Prudent management of retirement costs

Service Level Appraisal

67District Strategic Focus Management Challenges Implementing a district-wide strategy when schools intentionally have different characteristics

Creating & Achieving a Coherent Organizational Design in Support of the Strategy

Developing and Managing Human Capital

Allocating Resources in Alignment with the Strategy

Using performance data to guide decisions and create accountabilityDenver Public Schools7Denver PlanCompensation Philosophy and PracticesProfessional DevelopmentStudent-Base BudgetingSchool Performance FrameworkOne of 178 school districtsShare same property tax base as CCD; same citizenship as DWB, DIA (public); Auraria; Business communityBroader community 8State of the State & District FinancesDenver Public Schools State of State Economic and Revenue Forecast (September 2010) FY2010-11 Budget Balancing FY2011-12 Proposed Budget

ARRAState Fiscal Stabilization FundsFormula Grants

Ed Jobs Act$ to save or create education jobs

DPS Revenue Story% of K-12 Education / School Finance ActMill Levy OverridesFund Balance8States Severe Fiscal Crisis: FY 2008-09: $0.8 billion FY 2009-10: $2.2 billion FY 2010-11: $1.2 billion plus two budget balancing plans ($59.7M + $261.7M) FY 2011-12: 0.7 billion plus $379 cost avoidance

Total Program FundingState v. Local

DPS PPRFY 2008-09 $7,293.61FY 2009-10 $7,672.61FY 2010-11 $7,253.64

DPS SBB ImpactFY 2008-09 = Pension refinance no cut to schoolFY 2009-10 = Approximate 2% cut to SBB Base flat average salaryFY 2010-11 = SBB base funding flat increase to average salary of 6.1% = loss of buying powerFY 2011-12 = TBD


910ARRAs Four Guiding PrinciplesDenver Public Schools Spend funds quickly to save and create jobs

Improve student achievement through school improvement and reform

Ensure transparency, reporting and accountability

Invest one-time ARRA funds thoughtfully to minimize the funding cliff1011DPS Priorities for School Reform ~ ARRA AlignedDenver Public SchoolsMaking progress toward rigorous college and career-ready standards and high-quality assessments that are valid and reliable for all students, including English language learners and students with disabilities

Establishing pre-K-to college and career data systems that track progress and foster continuous improvement

Making improvements in teacher effectiveness and in the equitable distribution of qualified teachers for all students, particularly students who are most in need

Providing intensive support and effective interventions for the lowest-performing schools.

1112Ed Jobs ActDenver Public Schools The Education Jobs Fund (Ed Jobs) program is a new Federal program that provides $10 billion in assistance to States to save or create education jobs for the 2010-2011 school year. Jobs funded under this program include those that provide educational and related services for early childhood, elementary, and secondary education. Governor Ritter directed funds to be released through the states primary education funding formula (as created through the School Finance Act). Colorado received $159,521,991 Districts access to the funds is on a reimbursement basis DPS eligible to receive $15,432,422

1213The State, K-12 Education and DPSDenver Public Schools K-12 is roughly 43% (+/-) of States General Fund

DPS is roughly 10% of Total Program Funding

PPR: Pupil Count Timing Composition At-Risk On-Line Kindies Full- vs. Part-Time Graduate status1314State of the State & District FinancesCapital Program FundingDenver Public SchoolsFunded out of PPRw/out Bond, ability to pay-as-you-go inadequate

Purpose and Examples of Major Expenditure Commitments:Annual IT maintenance agreements hardware and softwareAnnual COP paymentsAnnual building leasesSafety and SecurityContingency

Under Funded:Example: Buses

Implications:Compromise fulfillment of Denver Plan14OctoberNovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayDPS Budget Cycle: FY2011-12PlanningPreparationSchool & Department Level Budget DevelopmentFinalizationDec 16 District Puts/Takes ReviewJan 12- Final Budget DecisionsFeb 4 & 11 - Budget Forms distributedMay 2 Proposed Budget DueMay 31- Adopted Budget DueChallenges this yearBudget cutsNew Programs and Schools how to identify fundingWhat will make this successful?Executive Team Determine threshold for cuts to schools in SBB by December 16thStandardize department prioritization process and complete by December 8thKey Dates:Final Decisions on additional services to decentralize for innovation December 3rdCommunity Task Force Guiding Principles December 8thInnovation schools select autonomies December 16th Adopted May 31

Feb 7 18One-on-one with PrincipalsFeb 14 Mar 11One-on-one with Dept MgrsOct 13 Dec 8 Prioritization Process to include community inputApril 4 22 Budget Reviews1516Task Forces Next StepsDenver Public SchoolsTask Forces Charter:The Task Force is being asked to articulate guiding principles to facilitate the strategic management of District resources.

Means:Develop an understanding of current fiscal environment.Articulate guiding principals that reflect such fiscal realities rather than goals that merely maintain the status quo.

Next StepsAsk QuestionsIn the interim, familiarize yourself to own level of interest with Appendices1617Task Forces Next Steps ~ Future MeetingsDenver Public SchoolsMeeting # 2, November 17thSBB in Detail

Meeting #3, December 1st Short- and Long-Term ViewsPrioritization FrameworksInformed Trade-Offs

Meeting #4, December 8thGuiding PrinciplesClose17Budget Building ExercisesScenarios: different views of future18Appendices ~ Reference MaterialsDenver Public SchoolsDPSThe Denver Plan ~ Executive Summaryhttp://2010denverplan.dpsk12.org/pdf/DPS_10_Bro_English.pdfTask Force DocumentsSchool Finance ~ A to ZStudent Based Budgetinghttp://budgetoffice.dpsk12.org/

PELPCoherence Frameworkhttp://www.hbs.edu/pelp/framework.html

1819Appendices ~ Reference MaterialsDenver Public SchoolsCDEUnderstanding Colorado School Finance and Categorical Program Fundinghttp://www.cde.state.co.us/cdefinance/download/pdf/FY2010-11BrochureWeb.pdfAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009http://www.cde.state.co.us/scripts/federalstimulus/index.aspEducation Jobs Bill of 2010http://www2.ed.gov/programs/educationjobsfund/index.html

Colorado Legislative Council Staff, Economics SectionFocus Colorado: Economic and Revenue Forecast (September 20, 2010)http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite?blobcol=urldata&blobheader=application%2Fpdf&blobkey=id&blobtable=MungoBlobs&blobwhere=1251657800454&ssbinary=true

Governors Office of State Planning and BudgetingGovernors FY2010-11 Budget Balancing Package to the JBC Oct. 10, 2010http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite?c=Page&childpagename=OSPB%2FGOVRLayout&cid=1251581847868&pagename=GOVRWrapperGovernors FY2011-12 Budget Request to the JBC Nov. 1, 2010http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite?c=Page&childpagename=OSPB%2FGOVRLayout&cid=1251582132192&pagename=GOVRWrapper19