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  • Evidence of Original Photography

    Model= Sophie

    Model= Alex

  • Original shoot- The Union Chapel (London)

    Kina Grannis and Imaginary Friend

  • Software for Photo Manipulation....

    The software in which I used for manipulating my photography is called Windows Live Photo gallery. On all my photos I changed the exposure, brightness, colour, angle and detail as well as cropping the image to best fit. I did this in order to create the best possible image and the most professional looking one too.

    As you can see above I started with this image and then just by changing the brightness and colour I came out with this...

    I think this looks more effective and more professional as it looks like he is playing at a real gig by the use of colour to create a sense of flashing neon lights on stage and the reflections have been highlighted on the drum kit too.

    I will also be using Photoshop when creating the front cover of my magazine in order to get the right width and height of the image for my magazine cover and also deciding whether to put my image on top of thre mast head or not.

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