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Download ORO WORLD'S   Worlds Fair Book 2016.pdfRoberta Leigh 705-487-2658 George Lucas 705-487-2140 Shirley May 705-487-3298 Aimee Knelsen 705-627-5678 Two Year Directors Brian Campbell 705-487

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  • ORO


    164th Year

    ORO WORLD'S FAIR www.oroworldsfair.com

    SEPTEMBER 16th and 17th, 2016.

    At the Oro Agricultural Fairgrounds,

    7th line of Oro-Medonte #82 & # 84 15th/16th Sideroad E

  • TABLE OF CONTENTS Program of Events Inside & Back Cover

    Presidents Message pg 3

    General Information pg 4

    2016 Officials pg 5

    Committee Members pg 6

    Presidents of the Oro Agricultural Society pg 7

    Rules & Regulations pg 8-12

    Horseshoe Pitching Tournament pg 13

    Mini Pedal Tractor Pull pg 13

    Oro Worlds Jr. Games pg 13

    Baby Show pg 14

    Truck and Tractor Pull pg 15-16

    ATV Pull pg 16

    Amateur Talent Contest pg 17

    Heavy Horses pg 18

    Haflinger Show pg 19

    Draft & Commercial Ponies pg 20

    Western Fun & Gaming Show pg 21

    Hunter Jumper Horse Show pg 22-23

    Sheep pg 24

    Poultry & Rabbit Show pg 25-27

    Dairy Cattle pg 28

    Beef Cattle pg 29

    Grain, Vegetables & Maple Products pg 30-35

    Junior Fair pg 36-39

    Preserves, Baking & Wine Making pg 40-45

    Home Crafts pg 46-52

    Flower Show pg 53-56

    Donations pg 56, 57,58, 59, 60


    The Oro Agricultural Society is a group of dedicated volunteers

    working to promote an understanding of the agricultural

    heritage of Oro-Medonte, as well as providing opportunities for

    recognition of the talents and skills of members of our local

    communities, through participation in the Oro Worlds Fair.

  • 3

    As President of the Oro Agricultural Society, and on behalf of the Directors and Committee Members, it is my pleasure to present the Program

    and Official Price List for the 164th Annual ORO WORLDS FAIR, being

    held on Sept 16 & 17, 2016.

    ORO WORLDS FAIR is a very special event to many in our

    community. Our primary goal is the education about agriculture and rural

    life, but we also want to entertain you and have fun! This would not be

    possible without the countless hours of work from our dedicated volunteers,

    as well as the financial support from our local community businesses and

    individuals. Their generosity is greatly beneficial to the Oro Agricultural


    I welcome you to this years 164th ORO WORLDS FAIR and hope

    you will make memories that will last a lifetime.

    Ed Campbell - President

    Cash Cow Draw

    Support the Oro Agricultural Society

    Prizes: 1st $500.00, 2nd $ 50.00, 3rd. $25.00, 4th $10.00

    Draw Saturday Sept. 17th 2016 at 5:00 pm.

    Tickets $1.00

    1st Prize must be claimed within 30 days



    Please watch for signs and comply with the parking attendants

    directions. We will have tractors and wagons to bring you to

    the grounds and return you to your vehicle. Please be patient

    as we continue to improve our fair grounds

    for your safety and enjoyment.

    Thanks from the Oro Worlds Fair Board of Directors.

  • 4

    The Oro Agricultural Membership is $10.00 (HST Included). This

    entitles the member to admission to the Fairgrounds and exhibiting in

    the Oro Worlds Fair.

    The Junior Fair is open to children 13-20 years.

    The School Fair, for Oro Medonte Elementary School Children, takes

    place in conjunction with the Oro Worlds Fair. Separate event

    booklets are distributed to the Oro Medonte schools in the spring.

    Additional booklets are available from the Fair Secretary.

    Please contact our Secretary for further information

    Lynn Fisher

    c/o Oro Agricultural Society

    84 15th/16th Sideroad

    PO Box 175, Oro-Medonte, ON, L0L 2X0

    Telephone: (705) 487-1753

    Email: oroworldsfair@gmail.com

    Web page: www.oroworldsfair.com

    Daily admission to the Fairgrounds is $10.00 (HST Included).

    Elementary School children and Preschoolers are free.

    Free Parking on Grounds.

    Dogs are not allowed on the Fairgrounds during the Fair except

    for participation in the School Fair Mutt Show, Saturday

    Morning. Certified working dogs permitted.

    Events could be cancelled without notice due to insurance or




  • 5

    President Ed Campbell 705-737-7294

    Past President Doug Hutchinson 705-627-7482

    1st Vice President John Crawford 705 487-3373

    2nd Vice-President George Lucas 705-487-2140

    Secretary Lynn Fisher 705-487-1753

    Treasurer Ken Tran 705-326-1992

    Three Year Directors

    John Crawford 705-487-3373

    Marion Jermey 705-487-5822

    Roberta Leigh 705-487-2658

    George Lucas 705-487-2140

    Shirley May 705-487-3298

    Aimee Knelsen 705-627-5678

    Two Year Directors

    Brian Campbell 705-487-3711

    Emily Campbell 705-487-5551

    Lynda Crawford 705-487-3690

    John Hawkins 705-487-2958

    Pat Johnson 705-325-4832

    Ed Campbell 705-487-3298

    One Year Director

    Doug Hutchinson 705-835-6850

    Kerri Anne Fitzgerald 705 717-2243

    Orval Hutchinson 705 487-2746

    Krista Leigh 705 259-0917

    Al Fisher 705 721-9198

    Nancy Stoddart 705 487-3167


  • 6

    All Phone #s are in the 705 Area Code.

    Name Tel # Name Tel#

    Angi, Bob 726-4816 Leigh, Jeremy 487-3378

    Besse, Jack 721-0751 Leigh,Krista 259-0917

    Bidwell, Glenn 721-7966 Leigh, Dan 259-0917

    Livingston, Carole 487-6133

    Born, Ryan 728-9313 Livingston, Brenda

    Briggs, Sharon 487-2608 Lynch, Heather 728-9313

    Butler, Ken May, Bill 487-3298

    Campbell, Twyla 487-2494 MacDermott, Murray 487-6717

    Campbell, Jim 721-0694 MacSporran, Bob 721-8587

    Campbell, Christy 487-3711 McConney, Michelle

    Chadwick, Marjorie 487-0550 McNiven, Andy 835-3288

    Clark, Beth 721-0623 McNiven, Neil 835-6676

    Crawford, Jean 487-3289 Miller, Barb 487-2821

    Crawford, Doris 487-3373 Miller, Paul 487-2821

    Fountain, Ruth Nelles, Brenda 487-0213

    Flintoff, Brian 686-3087 Nicholl, John 487-5893

    Flintoff, Janet 686-3087 Partridge, Hugh 721-0696

    Gray, Jim 835-2688 Richards, Bob 721-0577

    Gray, Corine 835-2688 Roe, Linda 487-3183

    Roe, Randy 487-3183 Roubous, Doreen

    Hastings, Charlie 487-3044 Sanderson, June 721-0621

    Hastings, Roy 487-3502 Sansom, John 726-5597

    Hickling, Bernice 721-0513 Sansom, Karen 726-5597

    Hickling, Miles 721-0513 Schnurr, Jerry 721-0501

    Hogan, Hilda 487-3235 Schram, Lloyd 487-2939

    Hogan, Terry 487-3235 Simpson, Charles 721-0523

    Horne, Bruce Simpson, Lena 721-0523

    Hutchinson, Phyllis 487-2746 Sommers, Lorna 487-3097

    Jermey, Diana 487-3983 Sutherland, Rob 722-7864

    Jermey, Marion 487-5822 Sutherland, Catherine 722-7864

    Jermey, Jerry 487-2822 Wiggins, Bruce 727-8531

    Johnson, Allan 325-4832

    Langman, Audrey 487-5953


  • 7

    Date President Date President

    1923-1924 George.


    1972-1973 Keith Sanderson

    1925-1926 H.J. Barnhardt 1974-1975 John Currie

    1927-1928 G. Rouse 1976-1977 Duncan


    1929-1930 W.I. Clark 1978-1979 Roy Campbell

    1931-1932 James Brandon 1980-1981 George Tran

    1933-1934 Walter


    1982-1983 Bob Currie

    1935-1938 E.B. Guest 1984-1985 Orval


    1939-1940 John Walker 1986-1987 Lena Simpson

    1941-1942 Thomas Fletcher 1988-1989 Ken Tran

    1943-1944 Ernest Crawford 1990-1991 Glenn Bidwell

    1945-1946 A.C. Currie 1992-1993 Charles


    1947-1948 J.A. Reid 1994-1995 Paul Miller

    1949-1950 A.C.


    1996-1999 Ron Sommers

    1951-1952 Victor Ross 2000-2001 Lynda Crawford

    1953-1954 Orten Crawford 2002-2003 George Tran

    1955-1956 Ken Gilchrist 2004-2005 Wayne Lynch

    1958-1959 Ernest Coates 2006-2007 Bruce Campbell

    1959-1962 Earl Reid 2008-2009 Orval


    1962-1963 John A.


    2010-2011 George Lucas

    1964-1965 Gordon Clark 2012-2013 Don Campbell

    1966-1967 Lloyd Fletcher 2014-2015 Doug


    1968-1969 Bernal McKay 2016-2017 Ed Campbell

    1970-1971 Joe Levison



  • 8

    1.The Oro Agricultural Societys membership fee is $10.00,

    (including HST). This membership entitles the member to all

    privileges of the Society, including admission to the fairgrounds, and

    exhibiting in the Oro Worlds Fair. Entries in the Junior Fair and 4H

    Club Achievement Day Programs are exempted. Each Exhibitor

    must have own exhibitors number.

    2.Successful competitors shall leave in the hands of the Treasurer

    $10.00 (including HST) for their 2016 membership if purse of $10.00

    or over. Individuals wishing to purchase a membership must do so by

    September 1st for those not exhibiting. All prize money cheques will

    be mailed by November 1, 2016.

    3.Exhibitors showing livestock and machinery must have a

    minimum of $500,000 liability insurance. Exhibitors will be required

    to sign a waiver in