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October 16, 2008 Osaka Seminar in Chicago. Osaka Revitalization and Energetic City : Osaka. Osaka Renaissance. Takashi Kashiwagi Vice Mayor of Osaka. Contents. 1. Osaka: Center of the Kansai Region 2. Osakas Urban Revitalization Strategy and Energetic City - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Osaka Revitalization and Energetic City : OsakaOctober 16, 2008Osaka Seminar in ChicagoTakashi KashiwagiVice Mayor of OsakaOsaka Renaissance

  • Contents1.Osaka: Center of the Kansai Region 2.Osakas Urban Revitalization Strategy and Energetic City 3.Revitalization of Osaka under the Energetic City Concept 4.Movements Relating to Energetic City

  • 1. Osaka: Center of the Kansai Region KANSAI

  • Osaka: Poised to Maximize the Potential of the Kansai Region30min60minOSAKAKOBEKYOTONARAWAKAYAMASHIGAHYOGOConcentration of cutting-edge companies and research institutesStrong links with Asia-PacificHuge marketHighly educated workforceExcellent urban infrastructureRich historical and cultural assets

  • Kansai International Airport features an Extensive Range of Flights to and from Major Asian DestinationsThe second phase of Kansai International AirportNumber of scheduled flights to Asia (Schedule for summer 2007)

    Routes to Asia (flights per week)Country Passenger flights Cargo flights South Korea9111China17672Hong Kong3525Taiwan399Other countries and regions in Asia9529Total Asia436145Total overall585191Percentage of flights to Asia within total outbound flights74.575.7Percentage of flights to China within total outbound flights30.112.8

  • 2. Osakas Urban Revitalization Strategy and Energetic City Strengthening Functions to Create Intellectual BusinessesEnhancing Functions to Invite Many More Visitors to Osaka and Develop Cultural ActivitiesPromoting Attractive Urban Development

  • Strengthening Functions to Create Intellectual BusinessesRobot TechnologyHealth Care and Preventive MedicineIT and Ubiquitous Networking Technology Promoting Intellectual/ Creative Business Stimulating Intellectual/ Creative ActivitiesThree Key Industries

  • Energetic City : Osaka !Improving and increasing nurseriesEnhancing creativity of childrenFood education through junior high school lunchAssisting citizens activitiesSupporting NPOs in communitiesGreener environment No. of NPOAttracting industries & universitiesFocusing & nurturing key Industries such as robotics Enforcement of Osaka Brand as Water Capital

  • Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2009Theme: Osaka, Life with Rivers Period: 2009.8.22 to 10.12ProjectsWater Capital ProjectRiver and Port Cruise ProjectRiver Walk Project

  • 3. Revitalization of Osaka under the Energetic City ConceptWest Section of Nakanoshima DistrictMidosuji DistrictEstablishing Midosuji BrandSouth District (JR Namba Station)North District (JR Osaka Station)Symbol of the International City of OsakaConcentration of Cultural and Commercial FacilitiesA center of Activity in Revitalizing the Kansai

  • Knowledge-Capital in Osaka Station North District: Future Center of Knowledge-based IndustriesNishi UmedaHankyu Umeda StationNew Umeda CityYodo-gawa RiverJR Osaka StationPhase 1 Development Area (7ha.)Knowledge-Capital Zone (1.5 ha.)Osaka Station North District (24 ha.)The Osaka Station North District has incredible potential. Under the theme of knowledge capital, development of this area is aimed at creating a concentration of intellectual industries, including robotics and IT, to drive the economy of Osaka.

  • Team Osakahas succeeded in winning the RoboCup championship for the fifth year running. 4. Movements Relating to Energetic CityRobotics researchers from around the world gather in Osaka!As an international center for robotics-related activities, Osaka delivers the latest robotics information to the rest of Japan and the world.

  • Academic Exchanges with Foreign UniversitiesTongji University (China)University College London (U.K.)Osaka City University and UCL signed an academic exchange agreement in the field of Medical scienceOsaka City, Tongji University and The Ritsumeikan Trust signed agreement to establish Tongji Universitys Osaka BranchCarnegie Mellon University (USA)Osaka branch of Carnegie Mellon Universitys Entertainment Technology Center was established in February 2008, which specializes in the integration of scientific technology and art.

  • Thank you very much ! Contact: Office of Urban Revitalization and Promotion, Osaka City Government

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. / Thank you for being here today. / My name is Takashi Kashiwagi. /We are delighted to co-host, / together with the City of Chicago, / this celebration of the thirty-fifth anniversary of our sister city cooperation.

    35My presentation today is about / Osaka Revitalization / and Energtic City Osaka. / In Osaka / we are prsently engaged / in a wide variety of efforts / under the key theme, energetic city.

    First of all, / let me tell you a little / about the city of Osaka. / Kansai is an area / lcated roughly in the center of Japan. / Osaka is also right in the middle of the Kansai region. /The population of the Kansai area is about twenty-one million / and includes the major cities of Kyoto, Kobe and Nara, as well as Osaka. /Osaka City has about two-point-six million people, / and is the second biggest econmic center in Japan. / It also serves as the center of Western Japan.


    The size of our market is huge. /Kansai has a GDP of seven hundred and forty-seven billion dollars, / which accounts for one sixth of the total Japanese GDP / and is almost equvalent in size / to that of Australia. /Cutting-edge companies and research nstitutes / are concentrated in the Kansai region, / with Osaka at its center. / This accumulation / is something we can boast to the world.

    GDP7470GDP61Kansai International Airport, / opened in nineteen ninety-four, / was the worlds first offshore airport. / It serves as an international hub / and has a very close network with China, / and the rest of Asia. / And last August, / a second runway was opened. /Kansai International Airport / is now Japans first twenty-four-hour airport.


    Next, / I will introduce Osakas strtegies / for urban revitalization and energtic city.

    Attracting businesses in the growing sectors / is essential in any program of urban revitalization. / In Osaka, / we are strengthening the functions / required for the creation of intellectual businesses. /We are working to attract and cltivate companies in three key industries: / Robot technology, /// IT and ubiquitous networking, /// and health care and preventive medicine. /The City of Osaka is engaged in urban revitalization / along with the active promotion of our energtic city.

    So, / what do we mean by the term / energtic city? /More specifically, / Happy Children are indispensable to any society. /We also support voluntary activities by citizens / to make Vibrant Communities. /And thirdly, / just like today, / I am leading our promotion activities, / fully tilizing my not-so-good English, / to attract industries / both domestic and international / as well as universities. / And, / by stmulating the economy and attracting more visitors, / Energetic Osaka will be realized.

    Osaka has a strong water heritage, / and I understand this is what we have in common with Chicago. /Osaka / was once known / as the city of bridges. /Promoting Water as Osakas brand, / there will be many projects and evnts in the city center / which is surrounded by rivers, / scheduled from August to October next year.


    Now / I would like to talk about the revitalization of Osaka, / including our redevlopment efforts / to create bases for the companies and human resources / we are working to attract. /As you can see on this slide, / in central Osaka, / many large-scale projects / are prsently underway .

    The area that is attracting the most attention, / both in Japan and overseas, / is the Osaka Station North District. /Here, / development will go beyond conventional office buildings / and commercial facilities. / Under the main theme of knowledge capital, / development of this area / is aimed at creating a concentration / of intellectual enterprises and research nstitutes.

    The knowledge capital development / is focused on the key ndustries of / robotics, /// IT and ubiquitous networking, /// and entertainment. / You may know the FIFA World Cup Soccer. / And there also exists a world cup soccer championship / for autonmic robots, / called RoboCup.Team Osaka, / a joint effort by Osaka University and "RooBO" , / has succeeded in winning the RoboCup championship for the fifth year running. /

    ITFIFARooBO5We are also seeing more active acadmic exchanges with foreign counterparts. / For instance, / Osaka City University Medical School / and the University College London in the UK / signed an agreement of acadmic exchange./Also, / in this February / Osaka Branch was established / by Carnegie Mellon Universitys / Entertainment Technology Centre / in Pittsburgh USA.

    I look forward to seeing even more movement of people and companies / between the cities of Osaka and Chicago, / at an ever higher level of interction in a wide range of fields, / including economic, / academic, / and cultural exchange as well as tourism. /Thank you for your attention.


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