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Other Supernatural Creatures. Loki. A traditional trickster god and shapeshifter Part Aesir and part frost giant Although he was once fairly harmless, he will eventually turn on the gods and lead their enemies in the great battle of Ragnorok. The Frost Giants. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Introduction to Norse Mythology

Other Supernatural CreaturesLokiA traditional trickster god and shapeshifterPart Aesir and part frost giantAlthough he was once fairly harmless, he will eventually turn on the gods and lead their enemies in the great battle of Ragnorok

The Frost GiantsCalled the Jtunn, they are the main enemies of the Aesir and Vanir. They are powerful, but not very bright.

The DwarvesThe Dwarves are a race of creatures known for the ability as great craftsmen. They are dark, ugly, and live below ground.

HelThe ghastly daughter of Loki and ruler of the land of the dead.

FenrirHe is the son of Loki. He is in the form of a ferocious wolf who bit off Tyrs arm and will eventually kill Odin in Ragnorok.

The Midgard Serpent (Jrmungandr)Jrmungandr is another son of Loki. He is a giant serpent that circles our world. He is an enemy of Thors and will eventually kill and be killed by him.

The Norse CosmologyThe Nine Worlds1. Muspellsheimr: World of fire2. Alfheimr: World of the light elf 3. Vanaheimr: World of the Vanir 4. sgarr (Asgard) : World of the sir 5. Migarr (Midgard) : World of the humans 6. Jtunheimr: World of the Jtunn,(giant)7. Svartlfaheimr: World of the dark elves, or dwarves 8. Helheimr: World of Hel (the realm of the dead) 9. Niflheimr: World of arctic mist and iceYggdrasillYggrdrasill, or the world tree, is the Axis Mundi of the Norse CosmosIt is a giant ash that connects the nine worlds.A serpent named Nhggr chews at the rootA squirrel named Ratatosk runs up and down the treeFour dear chew on its branchesAn eagle perches at its top

A rainbow bridge, Bifrost, connects midgard to asgardValhalla is located in the upper branches.

Ragnark Ragnarok is the end of the world, similar to biblical revelationsIt will begin after Balders death and will be signaled by the moon being devoured by a giant wolf and Loki and his children breaking loose to lead the charge against the Aesir.During Ragnarok, almost all of the gods will be destroyed.