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Review of leading DRM methods for Internet video: MS Playready and AdobeAccess 2.0


  • 1. OTT VideoProtectionFast Forward Your Development

2. MicrosoftsSmooth-StreamingDRMFast Forward Your Development 3. PlayReady Distribution Flow3Fast Forward Your Development 4. PlayReady Distribution Entities Content Packaging Protect content & Sendinfo to license and distribution servers Distribution Servers: Store and distributecontent. Microsoft PlayReady technology doesnot require a specialized Web server for contentstorage and distribution. For Smooth Streamingit Should be IIS7 with Media Extensions 4Fast Forward Your Development 5. PlayReady Distribution Entities License Servers: Store content protectioninformation and rights for using the content. Theclient must acquire a license before playingprotected content (license might be pre-embedded in content file). Domain Controllers: determine what thedomain represents (a user, a family, or a group ofusers, for example) and holds a list of entitiesthat are associated with the domain. The DomainController also enforces the policy defining howmany devices or PCs may join the domain. 5Fast Forward Your Development 6. PlayReady Distribution Entities Metering Servers: With metering, the devicemaintains a count of how many times a file isplayed. When the portable device connects to acomputer or the Internet, this metering count isuploaded to the content provider. Metering doesnot alter or affect any behavior on the userssystem and does not identify the user. Meteringallows the content provider to accurately assessroyalties. 6Fast Forward Your Development 7. Flash DRMFast Forward Your Development 8. What is Flash Access 2.0? A DRM solution for video Replaces FMRMS v1.5 Part of the Flash Media Server Family (CSBU) Sold separately from FMS (Expensive) Its a Java SDK Works with Flash 10.1 (in browser) & Air 2.0(desktop) Abbreviated as FAXS 8Fast Forward Your Development 9. Content Protection Ecosystem9Fast Forward Your Development 10. What can you do with FAXS Protect on-demand and live video RTMP HTTP Progressive Download Encrypt video file with usage rules Authenticated / Unauthenticated access Limit what video player (Flash or Air) canplay 10Fast Forward Your Development 11. Flash Access workflow - TraditionalSource: Adobe11 Fast Forward Your Development 12. Flash Access workflow - ModernSource: Adobe12Fast Forward Your Development 13. How does it work There are 2 key components to FAXS;A. Packager used in content preparation.Encrypts content with policies such as howlong someone can watch offline or have accessto contentB. License server grants permissions toconsumers. This is where the business logicresides Note: Requires a digital certificate set issuedby Adobe to create content that will play backon Flash Player/AIR 13Fast Forward Your Development 14. Adobe Solutions for Content Protection 14 Fast Forward Your Development 15. Not Limited to Standard content owners Beside Internet media companies like: HBO Amazon BBC Comcast Flash DRM is used for: Government Medical Institutions (HIPAA) Education: Training and classroom lecturesEnterprise: Company meeting, trademarkcontent, trainings, etc 15 Fast Forward Your Development 16. DSP-IP Contact informationDownload slides at: www.dsp-ip.comCourse materials & lecture requestwww.dsp-ip.comMail : info@dsp-ip.comPhone: +972-9-8850956,Fax : +972-50- 8962910Fast Forward Your Development