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  • 8/4/2019 Our DIY Wedding


    A DC

    Mary & Rob MeyerApril 2, 2011

    Washington, DCCeremony & Reception: Key Bridge Marriott

    in Arlington, VAColors: Pink & Black

    Theme: Metro DC Cherry BlossomsPhotographer: Genevieve Leiper

  • 8/4/2019 Our DIY Wedding


    Metro ThemePart 1

    Purchased MaterialsCanvas (24x48) from Michaels - $18.00

    Pink scrapbook paper (12x12) from Michaels (3 sheets @ .25/each) - $ .75

    Cherry blossom scrapbook stickers (1 pack) from Michaels - $ 6.00

    Printed pictures (wallets) from Costco - $ 10.00

    Lexan (similar to plexiglass) cover for canvas (24x48) and fasteners from The Home Depot - $25.00

    Total for this project - $59.75

    Additional materials

    Cricut cutting machine

    Left over ribbon from previous projects (can be found at Michaels on sale, usually for $1.00)

    Glue sticks

    Hot glue gun and glue sticks


    Black construction paper


    - Using a glue stick I glued black paper to each side of the canvas to add depth.

    - Then I drew the metro lines in pencil and used the glue gun to secure the corresponding ribbon on

    top. I decided to use ribbons with different patterns and textures.

    - Since our table signs (see Part II) were various locations around DC that have significant meaning to

    us, I wanted to include pictures of each location on the piece. With the Internet, it was easy tochoose images of each location. To get the size I wanted, I ordered a sheet of wallets (4/sheet) for

    each location. I will use the three left over pictures of each location for future projects.

    - I then wrote up short blurbs about why the location was important to us and placed them around the

    board with pictures of that location. I used the pink scrapbook paper as a background for the blurb

    and pictures. Once everything was in place I glued them on using a glue stick.

    - To add some humor I added the do not pictures that are seen on the metro at the bottom. I also

    used the Cricut cutting machine for the words M, Metro and System Map seen at the top of the


    - I then used cherry blossom scrapbook embellishments for the final touches.

    - We then placed the plastic cover on top and nailed the fasteners in for a final touch.

    - This piece now hangs in our guest room!


    This project was a great way to bring together our place cards, which resembled the DC Metro tickets,

    and our table signs, which were the locations around DC that have significant meaning to us. This

    project can easily be altered using a US map, world map, other metro maps to fit with other themes. It

    was a great way to show our friends and families some of our favorite places in the city. In addition,

    finding pictures is very easy online nowadays, or you can get even more creative and go around and

    take your own pictures. You can also use any type of scrapbook embellishments to tie it into your theme.

  • 8/4/2019 Our DIY Wedding


    Metro ThemePart 2

    Purchased Materials:

    Unfinished signs (19 - 6x14x5) from Ben Franklin.com - $75.00

    Black acrylic paint (3 - Metallic Sequin Black) from Michaels - $3.00

    MOD PODGE (Matte finish 16 oz) from Michaels - $10.00

    Pink scrapbook paper (12x12) from Michaels (15 sheets @ .25/each) - $ 3.75

    Cherry blossom scrapbook stickers (7 packs) from Michaels - $ 42.00

    Frame holders (to hold the signs at the tables) from Michaels - $67.50

    Total for project - $ 201.25 (this can easily be reduced with the materials you choose to use)

    Additional Materials

    Hot glue gun and glue sticks

    Cricut cutting machine


    - The plaques were purchased unfinished so I painted the front and back of each black with two coats

    of paint.

    - Using different font cartridges with the Cricut cutting machine, I cut out the letters and numbers for15 locations around DC to represent each of our tables.

    - I then laid the plaques out and placed the letters in different positions. Once I was happy with the

    placements I used MOD PODGE to secure them.

    - Once dry, I used cherry blossom scrapbook embellishments for the final touch.

    - After they were finished we stored them in a box, each wrapped in wax paper so that they would not

    stick to one another.


    I relied on my Cricut cutting machine for this project! My Mom helped me with this and it took a few

    hours on Saturday and Sunday but overall, it was a fairly easy project. This one is great if you have

    convinced yourself you are not creative. The Cricut does all the hard work for you! It was a great way to

    add a little something more to our tables. Everyone loved being a part of a specific location or attraction

    in DC. We tried to match people up with places when we could. My family, from NJ, sat at New Jersey

    Ave. Robs family is from Maryland. Our bathroom is decorated with a DC theme (our shower curtain is

    the metro map) so we are going to line the ceiling with these as a border!

    This project can easily be altered and the table signs could turn into song titles, movie names, locations

    around the country and so much more. If you dont have a Cricut, you can use letters found in the

    scrapbook section of Michaels or AC Moore to use.

  • 8/4/2019 Our DIY Wedding


    Cherry BlossomFavors

    Purchased Materials

    Unfinished napkin rings (8 bags of 25) at saveoncrafts.com - $105

    Stain Minwax (Natural) from The Home Depot - $4.50

    Polyurethane from AC Moore - $11.00

    Ribbon from G&G Wholesale Distributions - $3.00

    Cherry Blossom branches from G&G Wholesale Distributions (3 branches 17.00/each) - $51.00

    Total for this project - $174.50 ($1.16/person)

    Additional Materials

    Brushes for stainGlue gun and glue sticks


    - I first stained the napkin rings and let them dry for 24 hours.

    - They were then finished with a coat of polyurethane and left to dry another 24 hours.

    - The cherry blossoms were cut from the branches. There were about 60 per branch.

    - Ribbon matching my bridesmaids dresses was used and tied around the napkin rings in the existing

    divots. And a bow was tied to add a little embellishment.

    - A cherry blossom was then glued to each napkin ring


    I searched high and low for cherry blossom napkin rings and finally decided to just make my own. My

    mother also made napkin rings for her wedding and I thought it was so cool when I received a set when I

    got engaged. It was nice to have something on the tables since it was a buffet dinner. Its a unique favor

    and we had extra so some people were able to take sets home.

    This project is great for any time of year, color or theme wedding. Just switch out the color ribbon or

    flower! Its a great way to create something personalized and useful not only for the reception but for the

    guests. You could even get fancy and write inside the napkin ring your names and the date or Thank

    You, etc

  • 8/4/2019 Our DIY Wedding


    Our Family Tree

    Purchased Materials

    Unfinished inch ply wood (4x2) from The Home Depot - $25.00

    Molding inch from The Home Depot - $4.00

    Tack nails from The Home Depot - $3.00

    Stain Minwax (Early American 230) from The Home Depot - $4.50

    MOD PODGE (Matte finish 16 oz) from Michaels - $10.00

    Frames from Kohls - $100.00

    Picture Prints (7 - 5x7) from Costco - $2.80

    Total for this project - $149.30 (this can easily be reduced with the materials you choose to use)

    Additional Materials

    Cricut cutting machine



    - I first stained the wood back and front along with the molding.

    - The molding was then cut to fit the edges and tacked on.

    - The frames were then layed out on the piece; once they were in place, tack nails were used so they

    could hang freely. This made transportation easier because they could be wrapped up.

    - Prints were then made of pictures of our grandparents and parents on their wedding days. Since we

    didnt have a wedding picture yet, we used one of our engagement photos.

    - Using Word, I then created a document for the center frame with each couples wedding information.

    - I used the lyrics to our first dance (Then by Brad Paisley) since it was the inspiration for this piece.

    Using the Cricut, I cut out the letters and used MOD PODGE to secure them.


    This is our takeoff of a family tree. We thought it would be nice to honor our grandparents and parents. It

    was a little work to get everyones wedding pictures but I am glad that I did it. Now it sits as decoration in

    the corner of our living room. This project can be very diverse using different materials for the base and

    frames to fit any budget. Instead of wood and picture frames, you can use poster board and mats. You

    could also cut through a piece of poster board and secure the pictures behind creating your own custom

    frame. If you dont have a Cricut cutting machine, you can purchase letters in the scrapbook aisle of

    Michaels or AC Moore.