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Our Journey to HR Systems Transformation

Anne Harkness, Head of HR Operations

15 March 2016



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22,000 Students THE* 1st in UK, 2nd in world; consistently in world top 10

5% of all the UKs graduate research students are studying at Oxford University

*Times Higher Education rankingsThe principal objectives of the University are the advancement of learning by teaching and research and its dissemination by every means.


Structure, facts & figures

University Colleges & Private HallsDivisionsDepartmentsDiverseDevolved2014/15 income: 1,429.3 million637.2 million staff costs (51.5% expenditure)c. 12,500 staff (excludes casual workers)c.11,500 FTENew starters c. 2,300 last yearJob applications c. 60,000 last year


What did we need to transform?

Paper and lots of it.Taxis!Multiple systems Single points of failureDid we have standard business processes?No single source of the truth No platform for future growth


HRIS Review: business process procurement

Implementation approach, Aim & BlueprintWhat did we do?



"Applicants, employees, managers and administrators will benefit from online systems which support the electronic flow of information through the University in support of smooth, efficient and streamlined HR business processes. As a result, system users across the University will be released from time-consuming paper-based administration and provided with easy-to-use tools to manage staff effectively throughout the employment lifecycle in order to satisfy institutional objectives. The systems and HR business processes will embed university personnel policy and practice and strengthen financial control. Data monitoring, reporting and analysis capabilities will match the needs of the institution."


HR Toolkit: personnel groundwork, user workshops, design solution agreed

Staff Recruitment: e-Recruitment pilot 1HR Information: reporting requirements gatheredTraining: staff training, basic requirements gatheredHR Toolkit: software build, system configuration & process agreed

HR Planning & Control: e-Recruitment audit review HR Information: HESA, recruitment & personnel basicsStaff Recruitment: pilot 2 & rollout start

Tranche 2Aug 10 Mar 11

Tranche 1Nov 09 July 10

So how did we achieve this?HRIS Programmefoundation stages


HR Toolkit: pilots 1 & 2

Staff Recruitment: e-Recruitment rolloutHR Information: pilot recruitment reports, basic HR reportsHR Planning & Control: personnel audit review, payroll project

HR Toolkit: personnel go live & rollout across University

HR Information: complete HESA, expand HR reportingTraining: training prototype

HR Planning & Control: payroll parallel running, some payrolls go liveHR Toolkit: expand HR e.g.absence management, minor enhancements

HR Information: payroll & training reportingTraining: training go-live completedHR Planning & Control: casual & main payroll go-live

Tranche 3Apr 11 Dec 11Tranche 4Jan 12 Jun 12Tranche 5Jul 12 Dec 13HRIS Programmeuser benefits


From OLD: Personnel & payroll information pre CoreHR data flowPayroll TeamPayroll FormsBureau Payroll SystemLegacy HR systemPlanningInterface(skeletonrecord)Data entryData entryPaper forms completed by departments/divisional offices and sent to central teams: Payroll, Planning, Pensions (not shown)

Data keyed into bureau system by Payroll. Interface creates skeleton records in legacy HR system, after which Planning maintains additional data for HESA and other purposes.

Copy of formsDepts/Div Offices


To NEW: Process flow in CoreHRStaff Requests & ApprovalsCreate Posts & Planned AppointmentsAppoint Staff (e.g. new starter)Changes (person and appointment)LeaversManage OfferHESA module maintenancee-RecruitmentPlanning Team data quality assuranceDept/Divisional PersonnelPlanningKey:Personnel data owned and managed according to data ownership guidelines (mixture of employee, departments, Planning and Payroll)Personnel ServicesCommencementAmend appointment / update personEnd appointment


Payroll TeamBureau Payroll SystemCoreJanuary 2012 data flow for departments with update access to CoreHROther forms (e.g. overtime)ReportsPlanningReports/accessData entry(data migrated from legacy HR Dec 2011)Depts updating CoreData entryAll depts continue to send these forms to Payroll

Legacy HR systemData entry to support some elements of HESA 2011/12Interface(skeletonRecord)Separate means of accessing pay and costing data


Payroll TeamBureau Payroll SystemLegacy HR systemCoreData verifiedPlanningReports/accessData entryData entry to support some elements of HESA 2011/12(data migrated from OPENdoor December 2011)Interim data entry teamPayroll formsData entryCopy of formsInterface(skeletonRecord)

ChecksDepts with read-only accessRead-only access & reportsFrom January 2012 June 2012Data flow for departments with read-only access to CoreHRComplications of maintaining business continuity


It was all worthwhile!one version of the truth Use of Business Intelligence for critical business decisionsProcess improvementsAdvertising costs savingsAutomated workflows Removal of riskReduced slow paper-based activity Financial control and management

Platform for the future



Full use of time and attendanceEmployee self-serviceManager self-service On-boardinge-Expenses