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2. BARCELONAOur school is called FEDAC Sant Andreu,because its situated in Sant Andreuneighborhood, Barcelona. In our area wehave a lot of big stores, cafs,restaurants, parks, and a lot of funny andinteresting things. 3. Weather in BarcelonaSPRING IN BCNIn spring its very hot, a normal temperaturecould be 23 C. In spring all the trees bloomand have flowers with lots of colour. Sometimes it rains.You can come here in spring because you will see a lotof nice things, for examplenature. 4. SUMMER IN BCN:Summer is very hot, so it isoften from 23C to 34C.So its very important towear a t-shirt , shorts andsandals.Do you know the maximumtemperature that we haveever had in summer? Itwas the 27th August 2010:39.3C. 5. OUR SCHOOLOur school is around 150 years old. In this school there are between 650 and 700 students, we have a lot of friends here.We have many classrooms plus the technology room, the laboratory, the classrooms for 3 to 5 year-olds, Pare Coll hall, the main hall and the chapel. We also have 2 dining rooms, for teachers and for students. And the kitchen, of course! 6. There are about fifty teachers, they arevery nice! There are four playgroundstoo, the biggest one is the playgroundwhere we do P.E. At dinner time weplay in the upstairs playground.And this is our school! 7. SCHOOL SCHEDULEWe are at the first course of secondary school. We are 12 years old.Three days of the week we start school at eight oclock and twodays at nine oclock.Normally we finish at five oclock, except on Wednesdays when wefinish at half past one.The school schedule is different from primary school because inprimary we started school at nine oclock every day.Now, we have new subjects, new teachers and one laptop for eachstudent. 8. AGENDA 21Education for SustainableDevelopment is one of our bigprojects, which we callAGENDA 21Our first activity was the new useof BOCK & ROLL. In this projectwe learnt to reduce foil, becauseit pollutes our planet. 9. Our second activity was working on biodiversity, water,energy... Through power point presentations.We want to have a green school in all senses, so we started putting plants and flowers in all the school Windows.This year well make a great effort to continue working on BIODIVERSITY. 10. What do we celebrate at school?Carnival: fun!!Castanyada: we decore the school andwe eat "panellets".Christmas: In Christmas we go to achurch called "Sant Paci" and we singcarols in English, Catalan and Spanish.We play instruments too.Invisible friend: We give a present toanother person that doesnt know whogives the present to him/her.The day of Pare Coll: In that day, we goto the playground and then we eatchocolate with biscuits. The Pare Coll isthe founder of the school. 11. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIESIn our country there are many extracurricular activities.We can practice them when we finish school at five, orat the weekends:- Sports: Rugby, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Tennis,Athletics, gymnastics, skating, Karate, judo...- Water sports: swimming and synchronized swimming.- Dance: Classical, Modern Jazz, Hip Hop, Funky Ballet.- Language: English, Catalan, Spanish...-Art: Music, Art, Drama, etc.. 12. 1st ESO group A 13. 1st ESO group B