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This presentation was the Foundation for Jewish Camp's introductory overview to our internal staff about the Communication Department's social media efforts to date.


  • 1. FJC and Social Media: Were Everywhere!

2. Why Social Media?

  • You cant afford not to be on it.
  • People are talking about Jewish camp, summer camp, and the Jewish nonprofit sector, and we want to be part of that conversation.
  • What are people saying about FJC? What do our audiences need?
  • How can we engage our constituents in the short-term (conversations, sharing links, etc) so that we might engage them in the long-term (program applicants, donors, etc)?
  • How can we make people feel good about Jewish camp? We empower and enable people to advocate.
  • Directly recruit for our programs: One Happy Camper; Professional Development programs, etc.

3. Where are We?

  • Facebook ( www.facebook.com/foundationforjewishcamp )
  • Twitter ( www.twitter.com/jewishcamp )
  • Blog: The Campfire ( www.jewishcamp.org/blog )
  • YouTube ( http://www.youtube.com/user/ilovejewishcamp )

4. What have we learned?

  • 1:12 rule: for every message you send out that promotes yourself or your organization, you should send out 12 messages that either:
    • Provide a resource to audience (articles, etc.)
    • Complement or highlight someone elses efforts (repost messages from camps, organizations, etc.)
    • Initiate conversations: Ask audience questions that will allow them to talk about themselves and share their stories.

5. Facebook 6. Facebook

  • 1892 Fans
  • Fans: camp professionals, lay leaders, parents, camp alum, campers, Jewish professionals
  • Purpose: Engage different segments of this audience and promote interactivity. Highlight dynamic nature of Jewish summer camp and of FJCour travels, our programs, our work with different constituent groups.

7. Twitter: Home Page 8. Twitter

  • 794 Followers: camps, nonprofit technology gurus, secular camp orgs and professionals, Jewish professionals, rabbis, former campers, parents, random folks with an interest in Jewish camp
  • Purpose: Twitter is a much more informal mechanism of communicating small bits of information to a much broader audience. Unlike FB, its appropriate to insert yourself into a strangers conversation or send them a message even if they dont follow you.
  • Twitter also allows you to follow conversations around specific topics/events, and see who the real influencers are.

9. Twitter: HootSuite 10. Hootsuite: Hashtag (#) Conversations 11. Hootsuite: Who We Follow 12. Hootsuite: Monitors FB page too! 13. Blog: The Campfire 14. Blog

  • Our blog is a work in progress.
  • Guest bloggers, FJC staff bloggers
  • Be less formal, more frequent.
  • Insert yourself in a conversation on a hot topic.
  • Great way for staff (yesall of you!) to participate!

15. YouTube 16. YouTube

  • Space that holds all FJC videos
  • Allows users to comment
  • Allows us to embed videos into our website, blog, FB posts, TW posts, etc.
  • Engagement on YouTube: as FJC becomes more nimble with video use and policy going forward, we may come to increase our YouTube presence.

17. Social Media Behavior in 140 Chars: And always mention FJC when you talk about our programs. 18. Thanks for your attention!

  • Questions? Ask:
  • Alicia ( [email_address] )
  • Joelle ( [email_address] )
  • Well see you online