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  • 1.Our Weakness Really Matters!05 Ways to Overcome our Weaknesses

2. Our Weakness really matters!Introduction Most of us have someprofessional or personalweakness that keeps us fromadvancing or developing asmuch as we could or wouldlike. 3. Our Weakness really matters!Common ExcusesCommon ExcusesThats just the Im sorry, but itsway I am; itshard for me to be part of my DNA. on time. That is one Thats the way of my weak I am. I cant helppointsit. 4. Our Weakness really matters!02 Different Approaches Those of us who are wiserecognize them and try toovercome these character flaws. Others ignore their personalweaknesses and find themselvesrepeating mistakes and leadingunfulfilled lives. 5. Our Weakness really matters!02 Different Approaches - OutcomesRecognize Wiseyour weaknessApproach Ignore yourSillyweakness Approach 6. Our Weakness really matters!The best approach The secret to selfimprovement is todiscover your fallibilitiesand either correct them, orfind a way to turn theminto strengths. 7. Our Weakness really matters!Strategy 01 Admit that it exists Recognition of the issue iskey toward addressing it. Unless this recognitionoccurs, progress rarely, ifever, can occur. 8. Our Weakness really matters!Strategy 02 Be specific Be as specific as you can with your issue. The more specific you are the more effective will be your actions to address the issue. 9. Our Weakness really matters!Strategy 03 Set quantifiable goals Rather than just say,I want to improve in thisarea, set a quantifiablegoal. Otherwise, you will neverbe able to tell how muchprogress you have made. 10. Our Weakness really matters!Strategy 04 Seek advice from others Ask people you know andtrust to give you theirinsights about yourperformance. When they do, try not tobe upset. As an old saying goes,Wounds from a friendcan be trusted. 11. Our Weakness really matters!Strategy 05 Seek small victories An old Japanese proverb tellsus that a journey of a thousandmiles starts with a single step. Break down your plan intosmaller segments and as yougain victory in these smallareas, you will be encouragedto continue your mission. 12. Our Weakness Really Matters!Important - The 03 Main Challenges1. Change your Attitude: Never allow yourself to think that weaknesses are irrelevant. You can change weaknesses into strengths.2. Acknowledge your Weakness:Be fully aware of what kind of weaknesses you have. Dont be afraid to face them.3. Be Intentional:Choose one weakness and start today to work on it at home, at work, and in your social circles. 13. Our Weakness really matters!Our Business ContactsFeel free to send us an e-mail. Our Website:www.licoreis.comOur E-mails: licoreis@licoreis.com licoreis@licoreis.com.brrobertolico@hotmail.comLinkedin: Roberto de Paula Lico Jnior Twitter: @licoreis