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OUS, June2014. Oslo University Hospital. Includes former Aker University Hospital, Rikshospitalet University Hospital, The Norwegian Radium Hospital and Ullevål University Hospital Before the merger: Two or more hospitals offered the same health services and treatments within the same area - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • OUS, June2014

  • Oslo University HospitalIncludes former Aker University Hospital, Rikshospitalet University Hospital, The Norwegian Radium Hospital and Ullevl University HospitalBefore the merger:Two or more hospitals offered the same health services and treatments within the same areaPotential for more efficient use of professionals and resources

  • Brief history1 July 2007: The Southern Norway Regional Health Authority and The Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority merged into the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority Aim: To improve the hospital structure in OsloAutumn 2008: The Board of the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority decided to split the region into hospital areas in which health trusts should provide the population with comprehensive health services1 January 2009: Oslo University Hospital was established with the merger of Aker University Hospital, Rikshospitalet University Hospital, The Norwegian Radium Hospital and Ullevl University HospitalAim of the merger: strengthen the role as a local hospitalunite regional functionsadapt resources to a reduced catchment areaestablish good pathways of patient care

  • The hospital's main tasksPatient treatment and care Research Educating and training health personell Educating and training patients and their relatives

  • CEOBjrn EriksteinFinance, Legal Affairs and Information Technology Morten Reymert Integration and International Collaboration Tove StrandMedicine, Health and Development Cathrine LofthusHuman ResourcesRolv klandCommunication Christina Rolfheim Bye

    Research, Innovation and Education Erlend Smeland

    Patient Safety and Quality Eva Bjrstad

    Division of Emergen-cies and Critical Care yvind Skraastad

    Division of Diagnostics and Inter-vention

    Lars Eikvar (kst.)

    Oslo Hospital Services

    Geir Teigstad Cancer RegistryBoard

    Cancer Registry

    Giske Ursin

    The hospitals organisation

  • Catchment areasLocal hospital for six districts in Oslo Area hospital for twelve districts in Oslo Regional hospital for 2.7 million people in Eastern and Southern Norway National hospital within some areas of specialised medical treatment

  • A day at Oslo University Hospital 3300 patients treated380 ambulance assignments1800 patient transports2000 porter assignments 26 babies bornNOK 55 million in budget15 000 people at work2160 dinners served15 tons of linens and uniforms washed

  • Some key figures (2013) Over 1 million patient treatments 50 000 surgical treatments118 training courses for patients and their relatives17 000 man-year20 billion Norwegian kroner budget1 million square meters spread across 325 buildingsPatient treatment takes place in over 40 different locations

  • Some priority areas Treatment of severe injuries - multiple traumas. New emergency unit opened in January 2014Cancer treatmentTransplantsTreatment of heart arrhythmiaChildbirthsGynecological procedures with keyhole surgeryResearch on the treatment of substance abuse and addiction among young people

  • Research (2013)Accounts fora large part of medical research conducted in NorwayCollaborates with the University of Oslo, various colleges and a number of national and international research institutes, provides research support for hospitals in the South-East of Norway 150 doctorates and over 1700 scientific articles in 201388 inventions reported in 2013Three Centres of ExcellenceVery good results in the Research Council's evaluation of research in 2011Research plays a key role within the hopitals national assignments and Centres of Competence

  • National and multi-regional servicesThe hospital has a nationwide responsibility for a number of national and multi-regional assignments and national centres of competenceHighly specialized treatmentEquity in health services National competence buildingMonitoring and dissemination of resultsGuidance, training and education of professionalsProfessional networks and reference groupsResearch

  • Health Arena Aker An arena where the hospital and Oslo City Health Authorities work side by side to provide added value for Oslos citizensOslos challenges: population growth, large social inequalities in health, substance abuse, changing medical needs, a growing immigrant population, cultural and religious differences, language challengesTailor new health services to Oslos diverse populationAreas of focus: rehabilitation, geriatrics, palliative care, substance abuse treatment, outpatient clinics, day surgery and emergency care baseMeet the future health challenges with innovative research and learning environments

  • Equal health servicesIncreasing employees competence:focus on multicultural health carecourses in Norwegianmanagement recruitment programs with multicultural perspective12 482 interpreting assignments in 2013Information must be adapted to fit its audience, in the correct language and delivered through the most appropriate medium Councelors and advisors from 12 religious and spiritual communities are available for patients and their families

  • The futureCampus OsloA project evaluating future scenarios for the hospitals geographical location and organizational structure Gather all hospital functions at one location, or remain scattered?Cooperate with the University of Oslo and Oslo City to create a environment - a campus- for health care, research, education and private and public enterprises?What benefits patients and the population of Oslo the most?The Campus Oslo project will deliver its recommendations to the hospital board in the summer of 2014