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This Earth Day, take the day’s lesson outside of your classroom’s four walls. Here are six activities that will get your kids excited about doing their part.


  • 1. Outdoor Ac*vi*es for Earth Day
  • 2. This Earth Day, take the days lesson outside of your classrooms four walls. From pond sensory tubs to homemade bird feeders, hands-on activities create memorable learning experiences for young children. Ready to spend some quality time with Mother Nature? Lets dig in Turning Play*me Into Progress
  • 3. Using a few toy dinosaurs, sticks, dirt, and a plastic tub, you can create a prehistoric world of exploration and sensory play. Best for: Early Childhood Development (ages 3 to 5) Jurassic Park Dinosaur Sensory Play, h3p://ow.ly/vUlOP , Emma Craig, CC BY
  • 4. Stimulate your students senses of touch, sight and hearing with this pond sensory table. Kids will love getting wet and parents will love that their childs clothes are still clean. Best for: Early Childhood Development (ages 3 to 5) Take a Dip Pond Sensory Table, Emma Craig, CC BY
  • 5. Walking the Walk Take art outside by asking students to draw pictures of how they can help the planet. All you need to facilitate the activity is some creativity and sidewalk chalk. Best for: Ages 5 - 7 This is Mr. Earth (cropped), A Forest Frolic, CC BY
  • 6. Earth Day writing prompts can open a childs mind to the impact he or she can make on the planet. Choose a writing prompt, like I take care of my planet by and let your kids fill-in the blanks. Best for: Ages 7 - 10 Taking Care of Mother Earth Earth & Endangered Species Day Lily Dancy-Jones CC BY
  • 7. Earth Day is about doing our part to make the world a better place. Consider talking to your principal about planting trees or flowers in your very own (schools) backyard. Best for: Ages 7 - 10 Plan*ng a Seed Rain Garden, Rakendra Moore, CC BY
  • 8. Build a classroom bird feeder by recycling two old liter-sized soda bottles, a piece of wire and using a fallen branch for the perch. The birds and the kids will crave more lessons just like it. Best for: Ages 8 - 10 Lunch*me! Homemade feeder hyper7pro CC BY
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