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  • Certificate in cloud Computing TCS Business Domain Academy

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    Certificate in Cloud Computing

    1. Perspective

    The Cloud Computing is the buzz word in the last two years or so. There are a number of talks,

    seminars conducted worldwide to unveil what cloud computing is and how it benefits the

    business and individuals. There have been a number of technologies in place which are in use

    currently before the term cloud computing was used. The amount of discussion surrounding

    this and companies coming out with various cloud based services it is much more useful to

    understand this concept. How the companies IT use cloud and compute their revenue out of it

    providing a win-win situation for everyone.

    2. Purpose of the Program

    This course leads the participants through several modules that progressively build on

    earlier ones. The purpose of the program is to introduce fundamental concepts of Cloud

    Computing to the associates working in any field. With the launch of TCS iON it shall be

    more beneficial to cater the clients in this sector.


    To explain the evolution of Cloud Computing

    The various models and services offered by Cloud computing

    Features and benefits offered by Cloud Computing to the whole society

    The process of implementation and issues

    Security in Cloud computing

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning with cloud based services

    About TCS iON and future aspects

  • Certificate in cloud Computing TCS Business Domain Academy

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    3. Program Design

    The Program is designed to be a self-study knowledge dissemination exercise and carries

    certificate and periodic examinations, to recognize the efforts put in by the participants.

    3.1 Program Schedule

    Module 1- Overview of Cloud Computing

    Chapter1- Concept of Cloud Computing

    Chapter2- Architecture of Cloud Computing

    Chapter3- Virtualization

    Module 2- Importance of Cloud Computing

    Chapter4- Security in Cloud Computing

    Chapter5- SWOT Analysis of Cloud Computing

    Chapter6- CRM in Clouds

    Module 3- Implementation of Cloud Computing

    Chapter7- Implementation of Cloud Computing

    Chapter8- Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    Chapter9- Government and Cloud

    Chapter10- TCS iON

    3.2 Delivery Methodology

    The program will use e-learning techniques for student convenience. The focus of sessions is on

    simplicity and practical applicability.

    There will be quizzes at the end of each module to check the progress followed by final exam.

    There would be negative marking as well to build competitiveness. Please refer the Exam Policy

    document for more details.

    3.3 Course Documentation

    Participants will be provided with substantial material that will be written in a simple language.

    They may continue to refer this material even after the program is completed.

  • Certificate in cloud Computing TCS Business Domain Academy

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    The Program will bring a range of expertise for the benefit of the participants from the

    academic to industry to subject experts. Participants can draw from the knowledge and

    experiences of Professional experts from Industry.

    4. The Participants

    4.1 Who should Attend?

    The Program will be particularly beneficial to all the Associates irrespective of the domain in

    which they are working. It shall be extra beneficial to the pre-sales personnel for the TCS iON

    team. Associates in a Client-facing role or pre-sales/sales personnel would be able to speak to

    customers in a better way with the understanding of the terminology and concept of cloud

    computing. They shall be in a position to better understand client specifications and business


    Further, the Program could be useful to employees seeking to expand their knowledge and

    build their domain skills, as also those in the management cadre.

    4.2 Role of the Participants

    Participants are expected to contribute fully to attain the Program objectives by way of regular

    access to their e-learning material, attempting the quizzes in an ethical manner etc. They are

    also expected to complete the project given to them. Exceptional students will always be


    In addition, the participants will prove invaluable to the Center by way of their feedback and

    responses to the Program, which will be useful in design of other Programs.

  • Certificate in cloud Computing TCS Business Domain Academy

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    4.3 How to Register?

    Interested associates can access the Domain Academy Site - https://ftc.tcs.com

    Please give us your feedback on course outline by sending your mail to:


    *** All the best ***

    * Notice: The information given in this course material is merely for reference. Certain third party

    terminologies or matter that maybe appearing in the course are used only for contextual identification

    and explanation, without an intention to infringe.


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