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Overland Pass Pipeline January 2008. About ONEOK/ONEOK Partners. ONEOK is general partner and 45.7 percent owner of ONEOK Partners ONEOK was founded in 1906 as a natural gas pipeline from Tulsa to Oklahoma City Fortune 500 company Most admired energy company - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Overland Pass PipelineJanuary 2008

  • About ONEOK/ONEOK PartnersONEOK is general partner and 45.7 percent owner of ONEOK PartnersONEOK was founded in 1906 as a natural gas pipeline from Tulsa to Oklahoma CityFortune 500 companyMost admired energy companyONEOK: One of largest natural gas distributors in U.S.ONEOK Partners: leader in natural gas and natural gas liquidsValues: Operate in a safe and environmentally responsible mannerLegacy of community involvement

  • Project SummaryApproximately a 760-mile transmission pipelineOriginates in Opal, Wyo., and ends at Conway, Kan.Traverses 23 counties in 3 states90 percent of route follows existing utility corridorsTransports natural gas liquids (NGLs)Approximate $433 million capital investment14- and 16-inch diameter pipe (varies)Buried minimum of 3 feet below groundStartup pipe capacity range: 110,000-150,000 barrels per day

  • Local Economic Impacts

  • Landowners by stateProperties crossed: Wyoming 134 landowners; Colorado 251 landowners; Kansas 667 landowners.

  • Construction Progress as of Dec. 31, 2007

  • Looking east toward Arlington Ridge - Wyoming

  • Overall Progress (Welding)


    5014Oct 07


    255Dec 07243

    380Jan 08393

    505Feb 08543

    635Mar 08699

    762Apr 08762

    May 08May 08May 08





    Month / YRPlanActualProjectiondaysMilesmiles/day

    Oct 0750141050

    Nov 0717014114124120

    Dec 07255243171021.2

    Jan 08380393251501.2

    Feb 08505543251501.2

    Mar 08635699261561.2

    Apr 08762762261561.2

    May 08271621.2

    To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.

  • Key Accomplishments as of Dec. 31, 2007Major River Crossings CompletedBlacks Fork - 2 CrossingsGreen RiverMedicine BowNorth PlatteOther Major CrossingsI-80I-25Cheyenne Hub & Hwy 85Completed Data Recovery at WY Arch sites and received NTP for those sitesCompleted 66 of 124 miles of BGWR areaConstruction production on a good week is in excess of 35 miles

  • Blacks Fork River Crossing

  • Green River Crossing

  • North Platte River Crossing

  • Key ConcernsKey ConcernsBGWR variances denied beginning Dec 1No BGWR variances in effect after Dec 15Unless we work something out with BLM the BGWR areas are closed to construction activity until 5/1/2008.

  • Rawlins Wood Water Pipe

  • Piceance

  • For More InformationVisit www.overlandpass.com or (877) 683-7277Latest updates about the projectLinks to educational documents about the Natural Gas Industry

    ONEOK Partners contacts: Steve Johnson, (913) 319-8604, (785) 865-6130 or sjohnson@oneok.comMegan Washbourne, (918) 588-7572 or mwashbourne@oneok.com

    One of the resources that was discussed in the Wyoming Treatment Plan was a historic wooden water pipe known as the Rawlins Wood Water Pipe. The Rawlins Wood Water Pipe was built in 1927 to supply the city of Rawlins with drinking water from springs located 35 mi to the south in Sage Creek Basin. It was usedwith updates and improvementsuntil 1986. The pipeline consists of an approximately 12-inch diameter barrel-staved, barrel-banded wooden pipeline. We were not certain if this pipeline would be intact -the last time it was located was over 15 years ago. However, Alpine located the pipe last week during the excavation of some exploratory trenches in the area. I have attached two photographs of the pipe that were provided by Alpine.


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