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  • 1.C R A S H CO U RS E O NO P E N S O U RC E C LO U D CO M P U T I N G Mark R. HinkleDirector, Cloud Computing Community CloudStack.org

2. AG E N DA1. Introduction2. Quick Cloud Computing Overview3. Open Source Building Blocks for Cloud Computing4. Open Source Tools for Cloud Management5. Questions 3. % W H OA M I 4. Q U I C K C LO U D CO M P U T I N G OV E RV I E W :O R T H E O B L I G ATO RY W H AT I S T H EC LO U D ? S L I D ES 5. F I V E C H A R AC T E R I ST I C S O F C LO U D S 6. C LO U D CO M P U T I N G S E RV I C E M O D E L SUSER CLOUD a.k.a. SOFTWARE AS A SERVICESingle application, multi-tenancy, network-based, one-to-many delivery ofapplications, all users have same access to features.Examples: Salesforce.com, Google Docs, Red Hat Network/RHELDEVELOPMENT CLOUD a.k.a. PLATFORM-AS-A-SERVICEApplication developer model, Application deployed to an elastic service thatautoscales, low administrative overhead. No concept of virtual machines oroperating system. Code it and deploy it.Examples: Google AppEngine, Windows Azure, Rackspace Site, Red HatMakaraSYSTEMS CLOUD a.k.a INFRASTRUCTURE-AS-A-SERVICEServers and storage are made available in a scalable way over a network.Examples: EC2,RackspaceCloudFiles, OpenStack, CloudStack, Eucalyptus, Ubuntu EnterpriseCloud, OpenNebula 7. D E P LOY M E N T M O D E L SP U B L I C , P R I VAT E & H Y B R I D C LO U D S 8. C LO U D ST I L L R EQ U I R ESA RC H I T EC T U R A L D ES I G N Cloud Computing isnt a magical solution apps need tobe able to scale out Design your architecture with the end in mind Make your infrastructure easily replicable 9. B U I L D I N G CO M P U T E C LO U D SW I T H O P E N S O U RC E S O F T WA R E 10. W H Y O P E N S O U RC E ? User-Driven Solutions to Real Problems Lower barrier to participation Larger user base, users helping users Aggressive release cycles stay current with the state-of-the-art Open data, Open standards, Open APIs 11. O P E N V I RT UA L M AC H I N E FO R M AT SOpen Virtualization Format (OVF) is an openstandard for packaging and distributing virtualappliances or more generally software to be run invirtual machines. Formats for hypervisors/cloud technologies: Amazon - AMI KVM QCOW2 VMware VMDK Xen IMG VHD Virtual Hard Disk - Hyper-V 12. S O U RC I N G O S SV M S A N D C LO U D A P P L I A N C ES 13. O P E N S O U RC E H Y P E RV I S O RSOpen Source Xen, Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) KVM Kernel-based Virtualization VirtualBox* - Oracle supported Virtualization Solutions OpenVZ* - Container-based, Similar to Solaris Containers or BSD Zones LXC User Space chrooted installsProprietary VMware Citrix Xenserver Microsoft Hyper-V OracleVM (Based on OS Xen) 14. O P E N S O U RC E CO M P U T E C LO U D S Year StartedLicense Hypervisors Supported 2008GPL Xenserver, Xen Cloud Platform, KVM, VMware 2006GPL Xen, KVM, VMware 2010ApacheVMware ESX and ESXi, (Developed by Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen, NASA by AnsoKVM and Virtual Box Labs previously) 15. SCALE-UP OR SCALE-OUT Vertical Scaling (Scale-Up) Allocate additionalresources to VMs, requires a reboot, no need fordistributed app logic, single-point of OS failure Horizontal Scaling (Scale-Out) Application needs logicto work in distributed fashion (e.g. HA-Proxy andApache, Hadoop) 16. O P E N S O U RC EP L AT FO R M - A S - A - S E RV I C EYear Started Sponsors Hypervisors Supported2011 VMware Spring, Rails, Node.js2011 Joyent Node.js2011 Red HatExpress Ruby, Php andPythonFlex Jboss, Java EE62010 WSO2 Jboss, Java EE6 17. O P E N S O U RC EC LO U D CO M P U T I N G STO R AG E GlusterFS Scale Out NAS system aggregating storage overEthernet or Infiniband Ceph Distributed file storage system developed byDreamHost OpenStack Object Storage (SWIFT) Long-term storageobject storage system Sheepdog Distributed storage for KVM hypervisors NFS Old standby, tried and true, not designed for cloud scaleor performance 18. C LO U D A P I S A R E N T C R EAT E D EQ UA LO P E N S O U RC E A B ST R AC T I O N S jclouds libcloud deltacloud fog 19. P R I VAT E C LO U D A RC H I T EC T U R E API Abstractions 20. M A N AG I N G C LO U D S W I T HO P E N S O U RC E TO O L S 21. AU TO M AT I O N U N LO C KST H E P OT E N T I A L O F T H E C LO U D 22. T H E M Y T H O F T H E N I N ESAvailability % Downtime per Downtime perDowntime per Year Month Week99.9% (three nines)8.76 hours 43.2 minutes10.1 minutes99.95% 4.38 hours 21.56 minutes 5.04 minutes99.99% (four nines)52.6 minutes 4.32 minutes1.01 minutes99.999% (five nines) 5.26 minutes 25.9 seconds6.05 seconds99.9999% (six nines) 31.5 seconds 2.59 seconds.0605 seconds 23. 4 T Y P ES O F M A N AG E M E N T TO O L SProvisioningInstallation of operating systems and other softwareConfiguration ManagementSets the parameters for servers, can specifyinstallation parameters Orchestration/Automation Automate tasks across systemsMonitoringRecords errors and health of IT infrastructure 24. M A N AG E M E N T TO O LC H A I N S MonitoringPatchingandProvisioningConfiguration 25. O P E N S O U RC EP ROV I S I O N I N G TO O L S Year Started License InstallationTargetsKickstart?GPL Most .dep and RPMbased Linux distrosCobbler (Plus koan 2007 GPL Red Hat, OpenSUSEfor PXE boot of Fedora, Debian,VMs)UbuntuSpacewalk2008 GPL Fedora, CentosCrowbar2011 Apache(Bare metalprovisioning) 26. OPEN SOURCEC O N F I G U R AT I O N M A N A G E M E N T TO O L SYear Started Language License Client/Server Cfengine 1993 CApache Yes Chef 2009 Ruby Apache Chef Solo No Chef Server - Yes Puppet 2004 Ruby GPLyes Salt 2011 Python Apache yes 27. O P E N S O U RC EM O N I TO R I N G TO O L SLicense Type of Monitoring Collection MethodsCacti / RRDTool GPL PerformanceSNMP, syslogNagiosGPL Availability SNMP,TCP, ICMP, IPMI, syslogZabbixGPL Availability/SNMP, TCP/ICMP,Performance andIPMI, Syntheticmore TransactionsZenossGPL Availability,SNMP, ICMP, SSH,Performance, Event syslog, WMIManagement 28. O P E N S O U RC EAU TO M AT I O N / O RC H EST R AT I O N TO O L SYear Started Language License Client/Server SupportOrganizationCapistrano2006RubyMIT Yes NoneRunDeck 2010JavaApacheYes DTO SolutionsFunc2007PythonGPL Yes Fedora ProjectMCollective 2009RubyApacheYes PuppetLabsSalt2011PythonApacheYes SaltStack Inc.? 29. CO N C E P T UA L AU TO M AT E D TO O LC H A I NGenerate Images BootStrapped Image ProvisionConfigurationSUSE Studio CloudStackCobblerPuppetBoxGrinderOpenStackKickstartChefMonitoringNagios Start/Stop ServicesZenossRunDeck Cacti Capistrano MCollective 30. Questions?SLIDES CAN BE VIEWED AND DOWNLOADEDAT: H T T P : / / W W W. S L I D E S H A R E . N E T/ S O C I A L I Z E D S O F T WA R E / 31. CO N TAC T M E 32. A D D I T I O N A L R ES O U RC ES Devops Toolchains Group DevOps Wikipedia Page Open Cloud Initiative NIST Cloud Computing Platform Open Virtualization Format Specs Clouderati Twitter Account Planet DevOps 33. C R A S H CO U RS E I N O P E N S O U RC E C LO U D CO M P U T I N GB Y M A R K R . H I N K L E I S L I C E N S E D U N D E R A C R E AT I V E C O M M O N S AT T R I B U T I O N - S H A R E A L I K E 3 . 0 U N I T E D S TAT E S L I C E N S E .


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