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  • 3/12/2014


    Overview of Assistive

    Technology (AT)

    What is Assistive Technology(AT)?

    Legal Definition of AT DEVICE

     Assistive technology device means any item, piece of

    equipment, or product system, whether acquired

    commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that

    is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional

    capabilities of a child with a disability.… (Authority: 20

    U.S.C. 1401(1)

  • 3/12/2014


    Any service that directly assists a child with a disability in

    the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive

    technology device. Such term includes:

    (A) the evaluation of needs including a functional

    evaluation, in the child’s customary environment;

    (B) purchasing, leasing or otherwise providing for the

    acquisition of assistive technology devices;

    (C) selecting, designing, fitting, customizing, adapting,

    applying, maintaining, repairing, or replacing of

    assistive technology devices;

    Legal Definition of AT Service

    Legal Definition of AT Service

    (D) coordinating and using other therapies, interventions,

    or services with assistive technology devices, such as

    those associated with existing education and

    rehabilitation plans and programs;

    (E) training or technical assistance for a child with

    disabilities, or where appropriate that child’s family; and

    (F) training or technical assistance for professionals

    (including individuals providing education and

    rehabilitation services), employers or others(s) who

    provide services to employ, or are otherwise,


    IL AT Assistance Manual

    What is Assistive Technology(AT)?



    Implementation Monitoring

    Student Performance

    Staff Support

  • 3/12/2014


    AT Consideration-IDEA 2004

    All IEP teams must consider AT devices and services

    when developing IEP

     Collaborative decision making

     Review existing info on a student

     Potentially collecting additional info on a student

     Deciding whether or not a student needs AT

     If yes, what AT to receive FAPE

    IL AT Assistance Manual


    Guiding Questions Consideration

     What do we want the student to be able to do

    (standards, relevant instructional tasks and goals)?

     Can the student accomplish the tasks or achieve the

    goals independently using standard classroom tools?

    Guiding Questions Consideration

     If not, can the student accomplish the tasks or achieve the goals when provided with accommodations or modifications?

     If not, can the student accomplish the tasks or achieve the goals when provided with currently available assistive technology?

     If not, what additional supports need to be provided?


  • 3/12/2014


    What is SETT?

     A process to help IEP

    teams gather information

    and make collaborative

    decisions about AT.

     SETT is…  SETT is not…

     An


    What does SETT stand for?

    S tudent

    E nvironments

    T asks

    T ools


    SETT Scaffold for Data Gathering

    SETT Form Fill In.pdf SETT Form Fill In.pdf http://www.joyzabala.com/Documents.html

  • 3/12/2014


    Feature Match


    SETT Scaffold for Tool Selection

    Additional Resources on

    SETT and Assessment

    Sharing the SETT Framework


    Assessing Students’ Needs for Assistive Technology -

    Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative


    SETT Feature Match Fill-in Form.pdf SETT Feature Match Fill-in Form.pdf http://www.joyzabala.com/Documents.html http://www.joyzabala.com/ http://www.wati.org/

  • 3/12/2014


    •Seating and Mobility

    •Electronic Aids for Daily Living

    •Students who are Blind/Have Low Vision

    •Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing

    •Computer Access

    •Recreation and Leisure







    Standard text

    Book adapted for access

    Low Tech Modifications to text

    Handheld device to read individual words

    Use of pictures symbols with text

    Modified electronic text

    Text reader

    Text reader with study skill support


  • 3/12/2014


    Standard Text

    What strategies and supports does the student have to

    read and comprehend standard text?

    Low Tech Modifications

    to Text

     Modifications made to text


     Increased spacing

    Change text and/or background

    Modify vocabulary

    Changing the ability to manipulate

    the book

    Handheld Devices to Read Individual

    Words - Mid Tech Supports

    Talking Dictionary – www.franklin.com

    Reading Pens

    Wizcom – www.wizcomtech.com

    Iris – www.irislink.com


    http://www.franklin.com/ http://www.wizcomtech.com/ http://www.irislink.com/

  • 3/12/2014


    Use of Picture Symbols

    with Text – Mid Tech Supports

    Software to Create

    oBoardmaker Plus– www.mayer-johnson.com oClicker - www.cricksoft.com/us/default.asp o IntelliTools Classroom Suite -

    www.intellitools.com oPicture It - www.slatersoftware.com

    Use of Picture Symbols

    with Text – Mid Tech Supports

    Pre created materials

    oNews 2 You - www.news-2-you.com oBaltimore City Schools Adapted Library (free)–

    www.baltimorecityschools.org o Symbol World (free) – www.symbolworld.org oPaul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities (free) –


    Electronic Text

    http://www.mayer-johnson.com/ http://www.cricksoft.com/us/default.asp http://www.intellitools.com/ http://www.slatersoftware.com/ http://www.news-2-you.com/ http://www.baltimorecityschools.org/ http://www.symbolworld.org/ http://www.ric.edu/sherlockcenter/wwslist.html

  • 3/12/2014


    Electronic Text - Free

     StoryNory – www.storynory.com

     Project Gutenberg - http://www.gutenberg.org/

     NIMAS/NIMAC - http://www.nimac.us/

     Bookshare – www.bookshare.org

    Electronic Text -

    Commercial eBooks

     Balanced Literacy – www.intellitools.com

     Start to Finish series – www.donjohnston.com

     Tumblebooks - http://www.tumblebooks.com

    Text Readers

    Hand Held Readers

     Classmate Reader – www.humanware.com

     Kindle – www.amazon.com

     iPad/iPod – www.apple.com

    http://www.tarheelreader.com/ http://www.gutenberg.org/ http://www.nimac.us/ http://www.bookshare.org/ http://www.intellitools.com/ http://www.donjohnston.com/ http://www.tumblebooks.com/ http://www.humanware.com/ http://www.amazon.com/ http://www.apple.com/

  • 3/12/2014


    Text Readers

    Online Resources with Text to Speech Supports

     Literactive (free) – www.literactive.com

     Tarheel Reader (free) – www.tarheelreader.com

     CAST UDL Book Builder (free)–


    Text Readers

    Computer Based Text to Speech – FREE Programs

     Acrobat Reader – (built into Adobe Reader) –


     Natural Reader - http://naturalreaders.com

     DS Speech – http://dspeech.en.softonic.com

    Text Readers with

    Study Skill Support

    Computer Based Text to Speech – FREE Programs

     Balabolka – www.cross-plus-a.com/balabolka.htm

     WordTalk in conjunction with Microsoft Word -


    http://www.tarheelreader.com/ http://bookbuilder.cast.org/ http://www.adobe.com/AcrobatReader http://naturalreaders.com/ http://dspeech.en.softonic.com/ http://www.cross-plus-a.com/balabolka.htm http://www.wordtalk.org.uk/

  • 3/12/2014


    Text Readers with

    Study Skill Support

    Text to Speech – Paid Programs

     Kurzweil – www.kurzweiledu.com

     Read and Write Gold – www.readwritegold.com

     WYNN – www.freedomscientific.com

     Flame Reader – www.flamereader.com

     Snap & Read – www.donjohnston.com


    Environmental & seating adoptions

    Variety of pencils/pens

    Adapted pencils/pens

    Adapted paper

    Writing templates

    Prewritten words/phrases

    Label maker

    Portable talking dictionary www.wati.org

    Writing – Motor Aspects

    http://www.kurzweiledu.com/ http://www.readwritegold.com/ http://www.freedomscientific.com/ http://www.flamereader.com/ http://www.donjohnston.com/

  • 3/12/2014


    Portable word processor

    Computer with accessibility features

    Computer with word processing software

    Alternative keyboards

    Computer with wor


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