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  • Physical


    of Latin


  • Latin America = Mexico to Chile

  • Middle America =

    • Mexico to Panama and

    Caribbean Islands

  • Central America =

    • Guatemala to Panama

  • South America = Colombia to


  • Caribbean / West Indies

  • Effect of landforms on population distribution

    Why are there low

    population densities in

    the colored areas?

  • General

    Pattern of


    • What physical feature is in the

    red circles?

    • What physical feature is in the

    purple circles?

    • What physical feature is in the

    yellow circles?

    From west to east, what are the

    general pattern of landforms in

    South America

  • Formation of the Andes

    • What type of plate

    boundary forms the

    Andes mountains?


  • Grasslands Llanos



    In what country do you find

    the Llanos?

    In what country do you find

    the Cerrado?

    In what country do you find

    the Pampas?

  • Rainforest Biome

  • The three major island groups of the Caribbean:

    Bahamas, GreaterAntilles, Lesser Antilles

  • Isthmus of Panama/Land bridge/Panama Canal

    • What is an isthmus and why does

    the term apply to Panama?

    • What two oceans does the Panama

    Canal connect?

    • How does the Panama Canal

    shorten shipping distances?


  • You will need to

    know the pattern

    of climates /

    distribution of

    climate zones

    (text page 194)

  • Factors influencing climate: Latitude

    • What special line of latitude

    is located on the green line?

    • What special line of latitudes

    are on the yellow and purple


    • How does latitude influence

    the climate of Latin America

    or anywhere else on the


  • Factors influencing climate: Altitude

    What physical feature is responsible

    for South America’s highland climate?

  • Factors influencing climate: Prevailing Winds

    Locate the red line on the climate map below.

    • Why is there a wetter climate just to the northeast and

    southeast of the red line. At the same time, there are drier

    climates to the northwest and southeast of the line. Your

    answer needs to contain the words “prevailing winds” and

    “Andes mountains”

  • Factors influencing climate: Distance from Ocean

    • How does distance

    from major oceans

    influence climate?

  • Factors influencing climate: Ocean Currents

    Using the image to the right,

    explain the differences

    between the coastal

    temperatures of Pacific

    Latin America and those of

    Atlantic Latin America.

  • Humbolt Current

    • Cold ocean current off Chile and Peru

    • Moderates coastal climates

    • Keeps coast very dry (cold air = less moisture)

    • Helps create the Atacama desert

    Humbolt Current

  • Factors influencing climate:

    Great Mt. Barriers/Orographic Effect

    • Look back to the Prevailing Winds

    slide for a orographic effect recap

  • El Niño

    • Ocean off S. America warmer than normal

    • Causes world wide climate change

    • About every 4-6 years


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