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2. Photo 1As I am hoping to make an article in my magazine about Leeds Festival, after visiting the festival myself, I took various images of certain landmarks to bring a much more person feel to the magazine. Photo 1 could be used as a sub image on the content page to introduce the main article, or as a main photo on the double page spread. 3. Photo 2I am hoping to use Image 2 as my cover photo, as the image is a medium closeup and has a direct mode of address with the audience, which is perfect for a front cover of a music magazine. Also, the use of props in the photo (headphones) make it clear to the audience that the magazine is music related. 4. Photo 3Photo 3 could also be used in the double page article, as the image is a long shot, but also similar to Photo 2, has a direct mode of address to the audience, making it a good image to use in a magazine. Also with the colours of the image, the background will then be easy to remove, to add my own, or keep plain. 5. Photo 4Photo 4 could be used a small sub image on the content page, or as a central image in the double page spread, the lighting used in this image suits the overall rock genre of the magazine, also if a background is needed, the image would be easy to cut out and place onto a new background. 6. Photo 5 Photo 5 would also be a suitable image to use as a cover photo or in a double page spread, as the image contains a direct mode of address and the audience can see who the character is and what they are wearing due to the long shot used.