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    PA U-Turn Campaign

  • 2413 North Front Street Harrisburg, PA 17110 Please contact Felicity DeBacco-Erni at 717.238.4354

  • Here at the Pennsylvania Driving Under the Influence (PA DUI) Association, we had to create a powerful campaign to reduce underage drinking and driving across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. After being awarded funds from the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency, it was time for us to act.


    To reduce underage drinking and driving among 16–20-year-olds across Pennsylvania, thereby reducing the harmful consequences associated with the problem

    including arrests, injuries and deaths.


    Unfortunately, the “stronger than superman” attitude towards life is getting our young adults killed at a faster rate than ever before, and the number one cause is completely preventable… underage drinking and driving. It’s an epidemic of the highest consequence.

    As a group, 16-to-20-year-olds are one of the most complex to understand, difficult to penetrate and hardest to sway. As part of the Millennial generation,

    this group lives in its own unique world. A world that evolves at breakneck speed and is full of online social networks, innovation, connectivity, immediacy,

    superhighways, music, 24-7 information availability, independence, social change and more. But along with the positives come negatives.

    Millennials face changes, fears and negativity that we do not fully comprehend. The temptations and pressure to conform are larger than life. Drugs, date

    rape, sexual identity, body image, financial instability, war, divorce, multi-layered families and bullying are just a few of the many issues they face on a

    constant basis. Millennials are survivalists however, and we needed to empower them with the right information to make the right decisions. This was not

    easy. Millennials come from an era of information and are bombarded with images, words, videos and advertisements thousands of times a day. We had to

    do something different to ensure that our message rose to the top and peaked the interest of our core group.

    t h e p r o b l e m

  • Our strategy was threefold. First, we needed a way to communicate with our audience in their world, their way and in their words while reaching out to people

    who interact with this group on a consistent basis to become ambassadors of the campaign. Secondly, we needed a method of education that this group

    embraces and understands. Finally, we needed to develop an exciting, fun way to engage our audience.

    CommUNICAte. Millennials live in the online realm. Research shows they are the largest, most technology-savvy age group online and account for a large portion of the population on social media sites. Our campaign joined them where they already live and breathe — on the Web — so a centralized Web

    site was an integral part in the campaign. Social media sites — the most popular of which is Facebook — are used to increase traffic to the Web site, raise

    awareness and spread the message.

    With needing to reach such a widespread geographic footprint, the campaign also utilized those people who consistently interact with our target

    audience — teachers, administrators, parents, SADD advisors, law enforcement and government officials. These groups are on the front lines of the underage

    drinking and driving problem and their support was vital in spreading the campaign message.

    eDUCAte. Research shows the scare tactics utilized in past anti-drunk-driving campaigns are no longer effective. We set-up a way to reach our target audi- ence that was fresh, engaging and empowering. Our research indicated that perceptions about alcohol use in this age group are blatantly wrong. Society has

    created a perception that most or all young adults are drinking when, in reality, it’s a small percentage that participate in these behaviors. So we developed

    a social norm campaign that worked to reverse these misconceptions about alcohol use and underage drinking and driving and empowered our audience to

    rethink these dangerous behaviors.

    eNGAGe. The final piece of the strategic puzzle was to engage our audience, involve them in the campaign and drive them back to the Web where the campaign ultimately lives. This was accomplished through the integration of the campaign at student-attended events where its presence was hip,

    approachable and attractive to Millennials.

    t h e S t r A t e G Y

  • The U-Turn campaign’s phases provided a multi layered approach using primarily non-traditional methods to create the biggest impact, produce the highest

    rate of return on investment and, most importantly, generate change.

    What we have is a broad-based viral and public relations initiative using tools that include:

    Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and media

    • Event posters and other collateral materials

    • Email blasts and webcasts

    • Posts on calendars, blogs and forums

    • Press conferences

    • Traditional media relations

    • Reciprocal linking

    • Media placement of promotional videos

    Since its launch in mid-August 2009, the U-Turn Campaign has grown into an overwhelming success. The following pages provide a peek into the U-Turn

    experience and its results.

    t h e t A C t I C S

  • U-Turn logo

    t h e l o G o

  • o v e r A l l b r A N D l o o k A N D f e e l

    Stat posters

    Challenge/teaser posters

  • The webinar was a preliminary announcement broadcast to students,

    teachers, law enforcement and government officials across Pennsylvania. It was

    broadcast prior to the actual launch of the campaign in an effort to share our

    ideas, establish a base of knowledge, set expectations, build momentum, and

    get feedback and ideas from those people on the “front lines” and those who

    interact with our target audience on a regular basis.

    the webinar drew in over 200 participants in the following groups:

    The webinar was an invaluable start to the U-Turn campaign. We received

    positive insights from the comments and feedback, got an invaluable start to

    the fan base on the PA U-Turn Facebook fan page, and requests for U-Turn

    events began pouring in almost immediately. These were our first U-Turn


    Law Enforcement and Government Officials

    W e b I N A r

  • is a living, breathing online gathering place for young adults. Here our audience can share stories, photos and videos, check out

    current stats from around the state and beyond, find upcoming events near them, see raffle winners, enter contests and take the U-Turn survey. is the heart of the U-Turn campaign and provides the information and tools necessary to reverse misconceptions about alcohol

    use and underage drinking and driving.

    W e b S I t e h o m e p A G e

  • The traffic on is impressive since the launch of U-Turn in mid-August 2009;

    not just in the number of visits, but page views, length of stay and the breadth of traffic

    statewide. Below are snapshots of the analytics behind

    time frame: April 8 2009 — Dec. 28, 2010

    visits to site: 8,971

    total page views: 27,168

    Average pages per visit: over 3 pages

    Average length of stay: 2:33

    A N A l Y t I C S

    New visitors: 6,691

    returning visitors: 2,280

    Geographically where users are when visiting the site.

  • A N A l Y t I C S

    Traffic sources are diverse with direct, referral and

    search engines all driving youth and supporters to

    the site. Referral sites include Facebook, Twitter

    and several schools who are promoting pullayouee.

    com on intranets and school Web sites.

    Below: Top 10 sources directing users to

  • This is where all the important information lives. Remember those misconceptions we mentioned? Stats is where we provide our audience with the right

    information to help clear up some of the common confusion about alcohol use and underage drunk driving. Societal perceptions are paired with the statistic

    that challenges that misperception. This allows the audience to “Think again” about what it “knows” as the truth.

    This section is also home to the U-Turn survey where youth answer the questions and see the results immediately — yet another tool to inspire the

    180-degree shift in perception — or share their own (mis)perception that is then added to this section of

    W e b S I t e S t A t S

  • The Post section of the site allows young adults to share stories, photos, poems, videos and whatever else they can think of with the rest of the world.

    Here they have the opportunity to document an experience, share a video of themselves and their friends having fun without alcohol or upload a snapshot

    from a U-Turn event.

    This section of empowers our audience to have a part in the U-Turn campaign. It gives them a voice and allows them to interact with other

    teens, share experiences and have a hand in changi


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