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Pace Law School Viewbook 2015


  • 2 Pace Law School


  • l c e .e d u

    Pace Law is fully invested in preparing students for success in the changing legal profession. We were one of the first law schools to emphasize the practical skills that employers seek. We continue to innovate, most recently by creating a capstone program for students to spend their final semester in supervised practice. Students learn in a collaborative culture right in the heart of the nations most dynamic marketplace. Owing to the range and quality of jobs which our graduates secure, and our generous scholarships and grants, a Pace Law education delivers exceptional value.

  • 2 every important issue in society and the economy is growing in complexity, and solutions almost always have a legal component. New legal fields are emerging, such as financial compliance, data security,

    and privacy, and while some established fields are contracting, others are

    growing. Demand for public interest lawyers is intense. This is an excellent

    time to consider an education and future in the law, and its an exciting

    and transformative time here at Pace Law.

    Pace Law students follow a distinctive path to practice which flows directly

    from the modern legal and commercial marketplace. Our 1L curriculum is

    built on a solid and rigorous foundation of traditional legal concepts and

    the rules of litigation procedure. Afterwards, students quickly transition to

    a skills-building focus, leading to representing actual clients in our clinics

    and supervised field placements. Our unique location outside New York City

    offers valuable access to internship and employment opportunities, and

    draws leaders in the legal community to our campus.

    Whether you know precisely what type of law you want to practice, or are

    open to exploring options, if you join us at Pace Law, you will become part

    of a vibrant, ambitious, and nurturing community focused on exceptional

    and practical training and mentoring.

    David Yassky, Dean of Pace Law School

    We understand the ongoing changes in the legal profession, and are committed to helping our students transform into fully prepared professionals who are in demand across a wide variety of fields.

    David Yassky was named Dean in 2014. A constitutional scholar, he has also spent time in private practice, as well as varied roles including chief counsel to a Congressional subcommittee and positions in New York City government.

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  • 4 Pace Law SchooL iS on the cutting eDge of LegaL eDucation anD PubLic intereSt LawYering.Honorable Jonathan Lippman, Chief Judge of the State of New York

  • 5concentrations and fields of study

    accelerated J.d. program

    Students may complete their J.D. in two-and-a-

    half years. Students starting in the spring semester

    complete their first year by pursuing courses in

    the summer. Students starting in the fall semester

    may enroll in two consecutive summer sessions.

    Pace Law offers outstanding programs in many fields of legal practice.

    Our world-class Environmental Law program has consistently been ranked

    among the best nationwide. Weve earned a preeminent reputation in

    fields including Public Interest Law and International Law. Students enjoy

    significant flexibility and breadth in addition to the traditional J.D., we

    offer an accelerated two-and-a-half year J.D., certificates in International and

    Environmental law, eight joint degrees, and Masters of Law degree options.

    Business and commercial law

    criminal law

    employment and laBor law

    environmental law

    family law

    financial institution compliance

    HealtH law and policy

    international law

    land use and real estate law

    litigation and dispute resolution

    puBlic interest law

    taxation, trusts, and estates

    immigration law

    intellectual property and tecHnology law


    Engaged Learningdegrees, curriculum, programs

  • 6PATH TO PRACTICE / academics

    fundamental skills

    Case synthesis


    Informative and predictive writing

    Client interviewing and counseling

    Print and electronic legal research

    Oral and written appellate advocacy


    2l / 3l curriculum

    Professional Responsibility

    Legislative or Regulatory Course

    Upper-Level Writing requirement

    Skills Courses: Live- client clinic, externship or simulation courses

    Specialized courses and seminars

    Final semester: opportunity for supervised practice

    rigorous first-year courses build a strong foundation of traditional legal concepts and procedural rules. upperclass students move quickly into a distinctive skills-building curriculum. Versed thoroughly in legal theory and practice, our students graduate with the skills and knowledge most valued by employers.

    1l courses




    Legal Skills Program

    Civil Procedure

    Constitutional Law

    Criminal Law

  • 7advocacy and moot court

    Our trial advocacy and moot court programs,

    which transform students into highly effective

    advocates, have earned a significant national

    reputation. Led by outstanding professors

    who are also successful practitioners, these

    programs synthesize classroom learning, real

    world observation, simulated courtroom

    classes and a strong foundation in legal skills

    and substantive law. In moot court and

    simulated trials, students argue cases, provide

    legal representation to clients in a wide range

    of practical skills courses, receive professional

    feedback on their performance by peers,

    faculty, practicing attorneys, and judges, and

    gain exposure to areas of law in which they are

    considering careers.

    l Aw.PA C E .E d u/A C A d E m I C s

    Pace Law students participate in several national and international moot court competitions.

    aS a reSuLt of engageD Learning, our StuDentS waLk into an interView. anD SaY, Let me teLL You about what iVe Done, here iS mY PortfoLio.

    Professor John R. Nolon

    Founder, Land Use Law Center and Professor of Law and Adjunct Professor,

    Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

  • the waY in which Pace Law trainS ProViDeS exactLY the baLance of theorY anD PracticaL aPPLication Sought bY SoPhiSticateD LegaL PracticeS.Nathan A. Haynes 98, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig LLP

    PATH TO PRACTICE / academics


  • 9Degree and Joint Degree ProgramsJ.d.

    Three-year program, accelerated two-and-a-half

    year program, extended four-year part-time program

    J.d. / ll.m. in environmental law

    J.d. / master of environmental management

    with Yale University School of Forestry

    & Environmental Studies

    J.d. / master of environmental policy

    with Pace University

    J.d. / master of science in environmental policy

    with Bard Center for Environmental Policy,

    Bard College

    J.d. / m.B.a.

    with Pace University Lubin School of Business

    J.d. / m.p.a.

    with Pace University Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

    J.d. / m.a. in womens History

    with Sarah Lawrence College

    B.a. / J.d. or B.s. / J.d.

    with Pace University Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

    and other institutions

    Graduate Programsll.m. in comparative legal studies

    ll.m. in environmental law

    with optional tracks in Climate Change Law

    or Land Use and Sustainable Development Law

    s.J.d. in environmental law

    Certificate Programs and ConcentrationsSpecialized fields of practice within the J.D. program, with

    credit-hour requirements met simultaneously with the J.D.


    criminal practice

    environmental law

    international law

    real estate and land use practice

    law reviews

    Participation in law reviews

    managed and edited entirely by

    students is an important

    component of legal education,

    aiding in the development

    of essential legal writing skills.

    pace law review

    pace environmental law review

    pace international law review


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    ProfeSSorS ProViDe cLoSe SuPerViSion anD guiDance in cLinicaL courSeS where StuDentS Learn to uSe their LegaL knowLeDge anD SkiLLS to SerVe cLientS.Professor Gretchen Flint

    Executive Director, John Jay Legal Services (pictured at right)

    Professor Jason Parkin is founder and director of the Neighborhood Justice Clinic, in which students represent individuals and organizations in both litigation and non- litigation matters related to workers rights and other issues affecting low-income communities.

    l Aw.PA C E .E d u/C l I n I C s

  • 11

    Learning through real-world experience has been a critical part of our DNA

    from day one. As one of the first law schools to emphasize practical legal skills

    as a complement to theory, we offer a broad portfolio of clinics with a deep

    history of public service and commitment to social justice students learn

    while advocating for clients and groups in need. Under the supervision of

    professors and under a student practice order, students transition from textbook

    to practice by acting as attorneys they interview and counsel clients, mediate

    and arbitrate disputes, and appear in court and before administrative agencies.

    ProBono Scholar