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Pacific Rim MYP Geography Unit.  Chile. Capital: (and largest city) - Santiago Official languages: Spanish Government: Representative democracy Independence: from Spain - September 18, 1810 Area  - Total  292,183 sq mi  (38th) Population  - June 2009 estimate16,928,873 - 60th - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Pacific Rim MYP Geography Unit

  • ChileCapital: (and largest city) - Santiago Official languages: SpanishGovernment: Representative democracyIndependence: from Spain- September 18, 1810Area-Total 292,183sqmi (38th)Population-June 2009estimate16,928,873- 60thPer capita: $14,529(56th)

  • PeruCapital: (and largest city) LimaOfficial languages: SpanishEthnic groups:45% Amerindian37% Mestizo15% White3% Black, AsianGovernment: Presidential republicIndependence: from Spain-Declared July 28, 1821-Consolidated December 9, 1824-Recognized August 14, 1879Area- 496,225sqmi (20th)Population:-30 June 2009estimate29,132,013Per capita: $9,223

  • EcuadorCapital: QuitoOfficial languages: Spanish, QuechuaEthnic groups:65% Mestizo, 25% Indigenous, 7% Spanish or White, 3% blackGovernment: Presidential republic-Independence-from Spain August 10, 1809-from Spain May 24, 1822-from Gran Colombia May 13, 1830Area-Total (77th) 98,985sqmiPopulation: 2008estimate13,625,000(67th)Per capita: $7,785

  • ColombiaCapital: (and largest city) Bogot Official languages: SpanishEthnic groups:57% Mestizo, 21% Afro-Colombian 20% White 1% Amerindian 1% AsianGovernment:Presidential republicIndependence: From Spain-Declared July 20, 1810-Recognized August 7, 1819Area-Total (26th) 440,839sqmiPopulation-January 2010estimate45.273.925(29th)-Per capita: $4,400(84th)

  • PanamaCapital: (and largest city) Panama City Official languages: SpanishEthnic groups:58.1% Mestizo 14% Black and Mulatto 6.7% Amerindian 8.6% White 5.5% Asian 7.1% other (2000)Government: Constitutional DemocracyIndependence-from Spain 28 November 1821-from Colombia 3 November 1903Area- 29,157sqmi (118th)Population-July 2009estimate3,360,474(134th)-May Per capita: $12,503

  • Costa RicaCapital: (and largest city) San JosOfficial languages: Spanish Recognised regionallanguages MekatelyuEthnic groups:80% Caucasian15% Mestizo 3% Black 1% Amerindian 1% ChineseGovernment: Constitutional democracyIndependence: from Spain (via Guatemala)-Declared September 15, 1821-Recognized by Spain May 10, 1850Area-Total(128th) 19,652sqmiPopulation-May 2009estimate4,509,290(119th)--Per capita: $10,735

  • NicaraguaCapital: (and largest city) ManaguaOfficial languages: Spanish, Miskito speaking and other minorities and english Ethnic groups:69% Mestizo 17% White (majority being of Spanish, English, German, Italian, or French ancestry) 9% Black 5% AmerindianGovernment: Presidential republicIndependence: from Spain-Declared15 September 1821-Recognized25 July 1850-Revolution19 July 1979Area: 50,193sqmi (97th)Population:-July 2009estimate5,891,199(110th)Per capita: $1,028

  • HondurasCapital: (and largest city) TegucigalpaOfficial languages: SpanishEthnic groups:55% Mestizo 30% Amerindian 10% Black 5% WhiteGovernment: Constitutional republicIndependence-from Spain,15 September 1821-from the Federal Republic of Central America 31 May 1838Area- 43,278sqmi(102nd) Population-7,810,848(93rd)-Per capita: $4,275

  • El SalvadorCapital: (and largest city) San SalvadorOfficial languages: SpanishEthnic groups:90% Mestizo, 9% White (Spanish, Italian, French, others), 1% AmerindianGovernment: Presidential republic Independence-from Spain September 15, 1821-from the First Mexican Empire1823-from the Central American Federation1842Area-8,124sqmiPopulation: 5,744,113(99th)Per capita: $7,564

  • GuatemalaCapital: (and largest city) Guatemala City Languages: Spanish, 22 indigenous languagesGovernment: Presidential republicIndependence: from Spain-Date15 September 1821Area-42,042 (106th) Population:-13,276,517(68th)Per capita: $5,300

  • MexicoCapital: (and largest city) Mexico City Official languages: None at federal level. Spanish (de facto)National language Spanish, and 62 Indigenous AmerindianGovernment: Federal presidential republicIndependence: from Spain-Declared September 16, 1810-Recognized September 27, 1821Area: 761,606sqmi (15th)Population-113,423,050 Per capita: $10,212 (46th)

  • United StatesCapital: Washington, D.C.Largest city: New York CityOfficial languages: None at federal level National language: English (de facto)Government: Federal constitutional republicIndependence: from the Kingdom of Great Britain-Declared July 4, 1776-Recognized September 3, 1783-Current constitution June 21, 1788Area3,794,101sqmiPopulation-308,611,000 (3rd)Per capita: $47,440(6th)

  • CanadaCapital: OttawaLargest city: TorontoOfficial languages: English and FrenchGovernment: Federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchyEstablishment-British North America Acts July 1, 1867-Statute of Westminster December 11, 1931-Canada Act April 17, 1982Area-Total (2nd) 3,854,085sqmiPopulation-2010estimate 33,989,000(36th)Per capita: $39,098(13th)

  • RussiaCapital: (and largest city) MoscowOfficial languages: Russian official throughout the country; 27 others co-official in various regionsEthnic groups:Russians 79.8%, Tatars 3.8%, Ukrainians 2%, Bashkirs 1.2%, Chuvash 1.1%, Chechen 0.9%, Armenians 0.8%, other 10.4%Government: Federal semi-presidential democratic republicFormation:Rurik Dynasty 862-Kievan Rus 882-Vladimir-Suzdal Rus'1169-Grand Duchy of Moscow 1363-Tsardom of Russia 1547-Russian Empire 1721-Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic 7 November 1917-Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 10 December 1922-Russian Federation 26 December 1991Area:- 6,592,800sqmi (1st)Population:2010 est. 141,927,297(9th)Per capita: $15,039(51st)

  • North KoreaCapital: (and largest city) PyongyangOfficial languages: KoreanGovernment: Juche socialist republic, Single-party systemEternal President Kim Il-sungSupreme Leader Kim Jong-ilDefense Commission Chairman Kim Jong-ilPresident of the Presidium Kim Yong-namPremier Kim Yong-ilLegislature Supreme People's AssemblyEstablishment: Independencedeclared March 1, 1919-Liberation August 15, 1945-Formal declaration September 9, 1948Area-46,528sqmi(98th)Population:-2009estimate23,906,000(51st)-Per capita: $1,800(189th)

  • South KoreaCapital: SeoulOfficial languages: KoreanGovernment: Presidential republicEstablishment:Founding of Gojoseon 2333 BC-Japans occupation of Korea August 29, 1910-Independence declared March 1, 1919-Provisional Government April 13, 1919-Liberation August 15, 1945-Constitution July 17, 1948-Government Proclaimed August 15, 1948Area: 38,622sqmi (108th)Population:50,062,000(24th)-Per capita: $27,692(32nd)

  • ChinaCapital: BeijingLargest city: ShanghaiOfficial languages: Standard MandarinGovernment: People's democratic dictatorship Socialist state Single-party communist stateEstablishment-People's Republic of China proclaimed.1 October 1949Area-Total9,640,821km2 or 9,671,018km (3rd/4th) Population-2010estimate1,338,612,968(1st)Per capita: $3,696(98th)

  • JapanCapital: (and largest city) Tokyo (de facto) Official languages: NoneRecognized regionallanguages: Aynuitak, Eastern Japanese, Western Japanese, Ryukyuan, and several other Japanese dialectsEthnic groups:98.5%Japanese, 0.5%Korean, 0.4%Chinese, 0.6%otherGovernment: Parliamentary democracy with constitutional monarchy-Emperor AkihitoFormation-National Foundation Day February 11, 660BC-Meiji Constitution November 29, 1890-Current constitution May 3, 1947-Treaty of San Francisco April 28, 1952Area-145,925sqmi (61st) Population: 2009estimate127,530,000(10th)Per capita: $34,115(24th)

  • TaiwanCapital: (and largest city) TaipeiOfficial languages: Standard Mandarin Recognised regionallanguagesTaiwanese Hokkien (Taiwan, Penghu and Kinmen) Hakka (Taiwan)Government: Semi-presidential republicEstablishment: Xinhai Revolution-Wuchang Uprising10 October 1911-Republic established1 January 1912-End of Japanese rule in Taiwan 25 October 1945-Constitution 25 December 1947-Government relocated to Taipei 7 December 1949Area: 13,974sqmi (136th)Population:23,119,772(50th)Per capita: $30,881(25th)

  • VietnamCapital: HanoiLargest city: Ho Chi Minh CityOfficial languages: VietnameseGovernment: Socialist republic Single-party communist stateLegislature: National Assembly of VietnamFormation-i Vit 1054-French annexation 1853 to 1883-Independence from France 2 September 1945-Reunification 30 April 1975-Current constitution19 December 1980Area-128,527sqmi(65th)Population-85,789,573 (13th)Per capita: $2,793(129th)

  • CambodiaCapital (and largest city) Phnom PenhOfficial languages: KhmerGovernment: Constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary representative democracyFrench colonization: 1863-Independence from France November 9, 1953-Monarchy abolished March 18, 1970-Monarchy restored September 24, 1993Area-Total 69,898sqmi (88th)Population-2009estimate14,805,000(67th)-Per capita: $2,082

  • ThailandCapital: (and largest city) BangkokOfficial languages: ThaiGovernment: Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy-Monarchy of Thailand Bhumibol AdulyadejFormation-Sukhothai Kingdom 1238 - 1448-Ayutthaya Kingdom 1351 - 1767-Thonburi Kingdom 1768 - 1782-Rattanakosin Kingdom 6 April 1782-Constitutional Monarchy 24 June 1932-Later Constitution 24 August 2007Area- 198,115sqmi (50th)Population 63,723,953(21st)Per capita: $8,239 (86th)

  • MalaysiaCapital: Kuala LumpurOfficial languages: MalayEthnic groups:54% Malay, 25% Chinese, 7.5% Indian, 11.8% other Bumiputera, 1.7% otherGovernment: Federal constitutional elective monarchy and Parliamentary democracyIndependence:-From the United Kingdom 31 August 1957Area:127,354sqmi (66th)Per capita: $8,118(65th)

  • Brunei

    Capital: (and largest city) Bandar Seri Begawan Official languages: Malay Independence: End of British protectorate January 1, 1984Area-Total2,226sqmi - 172ndPopulation-2009estimate 388,190 (175th)Per capita $50,198(5th)

  • SingaporeCapital: City of SingaporeOfficial languages: English (main) Malay (national