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  • 8/8/2019 PACKS Platinum


    The Pe-geeated Auxa Chaacte ad Kt Sstem

    (PACKS) s a pae ad gamemaste ad t quck assembe

    pae ad -pae chaactes usg pug-ad-pa chaacte

    prf ad equpmet .

    Each package ad kt has a pe-cacuated csta pae

    smp speds that umbe BPs ue ad adds the sks,

    gea, ad esuces that pe kt t the chaacte sheet,

    sag them the tme ad et tedus cacuat ad pg

    thugh sucebks specc tems gea.

    Bth packages ad kts use a act the BPs

    aaabe t a pae ma chaacte geeat.

    ProfilESPrf ae themed cects sks ad esuces.

    Pes cta a umbe categes, ad each categ

    ae a umbe etes. Each et has a cst BP [X], ad

    smetmes Essece [0.X Ess] ue [X]. The sum the cst

    the ddua categes s ge paetheses ext t the

    categ ad epesets the cst the ete categ. The

    sum the cst the categes s the cst the pe, whch

    s ted paetheses ext t the pe ame.


    A equemets the pe, such as equed

    Quates, mmum suggested Attbutes the chaacte

    takg the pe ae cuded ths sect. Ths s t esu

    that pae chaactes hae the ecessa itut ad lg

    attbutes the Kwedge Sks the pe, that the d

    t take Magc resace sks ad esuces wthut the

    apppate Quates t use them. recmmedats ae made

    s that the chaacte ca use the sted equpmet eecte.

    Active skills

    Ths sect ctas the pes Acte Sks, cudg

    Sk Gups. Acte sks ae ceed the Shadowrun, Fourth

    Edition 20th Anniversaryuebk. i u dt hae a cp

    SR4A, the Acaa ad Echatg sks ae ceed p.24

    Street Magicad the Chemst sk s ceed p.78


    remembe that a chaacte ca stat the game

    wth e Acte Sk at 6 (7 wth the Apttude Quat) ad a

    thes at 4 ess ortw Acte Sks at 5 ad a thes at 4

    PACkSPre-generated auxillary CharaCter

    and Kit SyStem (PaCKS)

    rEfErEnCESPACKS takes adatage the ma ew chaactepts pded the ce sucebks that expad

    the matea peseted the Shadwu, futh Edt

    20th Aesa uebk (Sr4A), but just because u

    dt hae a the sucebks dest mea u cat

    use PACKS. i u dt ecgze smethg the pe,

    swap t ut smethg ese wth a equaet cst.

    Thee s a maste st tabes the back the Sr4A

    uebk, ad the cmped tabes the back seea

    ce pducts ae a gd pace t k u dt ecgze

    a pece gea. Steet Magc sts mst spes ad magca

    gea (the est ae Dgta Gme); Augmetat sts

    a bwae, cbewae, geewae, ad acbeetcs;ad Asea has cmped tabes ea ee the

    pece gea, cudg a weaps ad ehces.

    i each et, the wg supescpts ae used

    t dete gea, spes, adept pwes, pgams/cmpex

    ms, augmetats ad (ae) sks specazats

    m a ce sucebk besdes Sr4A:

    1 Steet Magc

    2 Asea

    3 Augmetat

    4 Uwed

    5 rues Cmpa

    6 Dgta Gme

    EvEryMAn (250 BP)Rr: Mmum attbutes (lgc + itut) =


    A s (200): Athetcs Gup 2 [20], Btech Gup

    2 [20], Cse Cmbat Gup 2 [20], Cackg Gup 2 [20],

    Eectcs Gup 2 [20], feams Gup 2 [20], iuece

    Gup 2 [20], Mechac Gup 2 [20], outds Gup 2

    [20], Steath Gup 2 [20]

    k s (50): Egeeg Backgud 4 [8],

    Egsh 3 [6], Japaese 2 [4], Magc Backgud 4 [8],

    Matx le 4 [8], Sxth Wd Hst 4 [8], Ta 4 [8]

    The Eema pe csts 250 Bud Pts.

    Thee ae tw categes the pe: Acte Sks ad

    Kwedge Sks. i each categ ae a umbe etes.

    Athetcs 2 s a et the Acte Sks categ, ad

    csts 20 BP.

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  • 8/8/2019 PACKS Platinum



    P A C k S



    ess; as a chaacte ca stat wth Sk Gups at a

    maxmum 4.

    Whe each pe s baaced t t exceed these

    mts, paes shud keep these mtats md whe budg

    the chaactes whe cmbg tw me pes. i

    whatee eas the chaacte has t ma hgh sks, we

    them ad sped the BPs smewhee ese. Sme Acte sks

    cme wth specazats aead cuded. Paes shud ee

    ee t chage these specazats t t the chaacte.

    knowledge And lAnguAge skills

    laguage ad Kwedge Sks ae as peseted

    SR4A ad ae guped tgethe hee because the detca

    csts. remembe that a chaacte ca stat the game wth

    e Kwedge Sk at 6 (7 wth the Apttude Quat) ad a

    thes at 4 ess ortw Kwedge Sks at 5 ad a thes

    at 4 ess. As emembe that chaactes stat wth a ate

    laguage Sk ee, deted wth a n the chaacte


    Chaactes ecee (lgc + itut) x 3 Kwedge

    ad laguage Sk pts ee, ad ma puchase a equa

    umbe pts usg BPa Kwedge ad laguage sks these pes ae assumed t be puchased usg BP, t ee

    Kwedge sk pts. i u wsh t use u ee sk pts wth

    a pe, educe the pes cst accdg.

    Sme Kwedge/laguage sks cme wth

    specazats aead cuded. Paes shud ee ee t

    chage these specazats t t the chaacte.


    Dug chaacte ceat, a pae ca cet 1 BP

    t 5,000 t puchase equpmet, estes, pgams, ad

    augmetats. i PACKS, these esuces ae spead ut t

    a umbe deet categes.

    gar ces a weaps, des, ehces, c,

    msceaeus equpmet, ad estes. Mst ths equpmet s

    peseted SR4ad Arsenal, but sme specc tems ae sted

    the sucebks. Street Magicad Digital Grimoirecude

    a echatg gea, eagets, ad sme c; Augmentation

    cudes sme btech gea ad atech tems; ad Unwired

    sts ma cmmk upgades ad add-s. fwg a gea

    et w be the backeted cst that et ue. Paes

    ae ma mted t me tha 250,000 (50 BP) wth

    gea dug chaacte ceat, uess the pae takes the

    B rch Quat (p. 96, Runners Companion) whch exteds

    ths mt t 300,000 (60 BP); s t s mptat t keep tack

    hw much u sped each gea categ s as t t

    exceed the mt. Each pe ad kt s cacuated t t exceed

    the mt, but case u d ed up spedg t much, just tak

    eugh tems s that ue back ude the 250,000 m

    ad cet the exta ue back t BP ad sped the BP

    smethg ese.

    A magca focicude a Bdg Cst, ge BPs,

    the backet ght bee the ue cst the tem. Bth csts

    ae wked t the tta cst the categ. Spe ad sp

    c ae mted t a sge categ spes tpe spt

    especte; the pae s ee t chage the stated categ

    spt tpe t sut the chaacte.

    Lifestyles ae geea peseted as the ae

    SR4A, but sme use the Adace leste rues m Runners


    Prra cude a tpes stwae ad ae aded

    the w categ ease keepg tack them. Ms

    pgams ae sted SR4wth sme addta pgams ad

    adaced pgam pts ge Unwired.


    Each st augmetatcbrar, Bar

    gar, ad nabrhas ts w categ, wth the ue ad Essece csts each mpat pcedu

    tacked sepaate. The tta Essece cst m mpats

    each pe has bee cacuated ad s sted wth the BP cst

    the ete pe u dt take a addta augmetats

    the ths s the amut u subtact m u statg Essece

    whe shg u chaacte. i u take a addta mpats

    u w hae t cacuate u statg Essece sepaate b

    addg the cst the mpats t the apppate categ (see

    Cyberware and Bioware, p.86, SR4A).

    nt a augmetats ae cmpatbe. A augmetats

    a ge pe ae guaateed t be cmpatbe, but u

    bu addta augmetats cmbe tw pes, check t

    make sue that a u augmetats ae awed t be taketgethe.

    cbrar s ceed SR4A (p.338) ad


    Bar s ceed SR4A (p.345) ad Augmentation


    nabr s ceed Augmentation(p.111)

    a Essece ss m these mpats adds t the

    cbrar categ whe detemg statg


    gar s ceed Augmentation (p.87); a

    Essece ss m these mpats adds t the Bar

    categ whe detemg statg Essece.

    comPlex FoRms

    A begg chaacte cat hae me cmpex

    ms tha 2 x the lgc attbute. Pes wth ths categ

    hae a mmum lgc equemet; the chaacte des t

    meet ths mmum, the chaacte w hae t get d sme

    cmpex ms ad sped the BP smethg ese. Cese

    the chaacte stats ut wth a hghe lgc tha ecessa

    the pae ca chse t bu me cmpex ms.

    Sme the Cmpex fms the pes ae based

    pgams tduced Unwiredad Arsenal.

    CoMBininG ProfilESPaes ca chse t puchase me tha e

    pe, but the shud be caeu whe dg s. Ma

    tmes, deet pes w cta dupcate cctg

    etes, such as e pe hag a sge Acte Sk whe

    athe pe has the ete Sk Gup, e pe

    that cudes cbeees ad a secd pe that cudes

    cbeees wth a deet set pts. i such cases, the

    chaacte must decde whch the etes the wat

    the chaacte; the the et s cashed ad the BP

    ue spet smethg ese.

  • 8/8/2019 PACKS Platinum


    P A C k SsPells

    A begg chaacte cat hae me spes tha

    2 x the Specastg rtua Specastg sk, whchee s

    hghe. Each pe wth ths categ has the cect umbe

    spes the chaactes Specastg rtua Specastg sk

    atg, but e these sks s weed, the chaacte w hae

    t get d sme spes ad sped the BP smethg ese.

    Cese, the chaacte stats ut wth a hghe sk tha

    ecessa, the pae ca chse t bu me spes.

    Sme spes ma be desgated as mted (Limited

    Spells, p.172, SR4) wth a * ad a te at the bttm the

    pe. Paes that d t wsh the chaactes t use etsh-

    depedet spes ma ge ths tat, but ths case the

    d t beet m the etshes the pe ethe.

    Spes used pes ma be take m SR4A, Street

    Magic Digital Grimoire.


    The fce a bud spt puchased dug

    chaacte geeat s equa t the chaactes Magc attbute;

    the maxmum umbe seces t ca we s equa t the

    chaactes Summg sk. Pes wth spts hae the cect

    umbe seces cacuated ad pad ; the chaactesSummg sk s weed, cash the exta seces ad sped

    the BP smethg ese. lkewse, the chaactes Summg

    sk s ased, the pae ma bu me seces.

    new spt tpes ae tduced Street Magic.


    The ratg a egsteed spte puchased dug

    chaacte geeat s equa t the chaactes resace

    attbute; the maxmum umbe tasks t ca we s equa t

    the chaactes Cmpg sk. Pes wth sptes hae the

    cect umbe tasks cacuated ad pad ; the chaactes

    Cmpg sk s weed, cash the ex