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A family run UK shoe retailer based in the West Midlands, providing established brands such as Van Dal, Lotus, Rieker, Padders and many more.


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2. About Footprints FootwearAbout Footprints Footwear We pride ourselves at Footprints Footwear on offering one of the largest selections of fashionable wide fitting shoes from all the best brands you are likely to find online. Wide fitting doesnt have to mean dull we have an array of brands that specialise in wider fitting styles which includes Padders, Equity and Van Dal. With hundreds of different choices at Footprints Footwear the worry of finding a fashionable item for your feet need not ever be a worry again. From more delicate sandals to trendy waterproof boots and outdoor wear there is a lot more to choose from than you may have thought.So dont feel like you have to nowhere to turn when you need a wider fit with more than just practicality as a consideration. Look to Footprints Footwear to provide the perfect pair. Website -:Website -: Call Us :- 01902 884460Call Us :- 01902 884460 3. Womens ShoesWomens Shoes Bigger footed women are present in the society and this has led to an increase in demand for the wide fitting shoes. The wide fitting shoes need not be boring since they also come in a variety of colors and designs to match with the individual preferences of the women. Website -:Website -: Call Us :- 01902 884460Call Us :- 01902 884460 4. Popular Van Dal Ladies ShoesPopular Van Dal Ladies Shoes The quality of the ladies shoes under Van Dal is probably one of the reasons why it has made a great name in a positive manner. The high quality of the footwear has had customers fixed on the brand for years as they know that they will always enjoy a quality consistency with the brand. Website -:Website -: Call Us :- 01902 884460Call Us :- 01902 884460 5. Padders Shoe SalesPadders Shoe Sales Padders is a shoe company that is a market leader when it comes to quality trendy shoes and it has made a name and a reputation that is unmatched. It is a brand that can be relied on in offering maximum comfort and protection for both women and men, thanks to the carefully thought out shoe designs that it has to offer and also the top quality that offers the durability that everyone longs for in a shoe. Website -:Website -: Call Us :- 01902 884460Call Us :- 01902 884460 6. Amazing Collection Of Mens SlipperAmazing Collection Of Mens Slipper Website -:Website -: Call Us :- 01902 884460Call Us :- 01902 884460 7. Women Fashionable ShoesWomen Fashionable Shoes Women love variety and when it comes to shoes, the market has a wide variety to offer them. They love good footwear and with this wide range, every woman is in a position to select a pair that is most suitable for a particular occasion or outfit and still enjoy great comfort and style at the same time. Website -:Website -: Call Us :- 01902 884460Call Us :- 01902 884460 8. Wide-FittingsWide-Fittings The wide fitting shoes under Padders bring in a myriad of designs and styles as well as patterns and colors which will delight any consumer with bigger feet. The shoes can be exquisite and come in a range that makes it possible for every individual to find a pair that matches with his/her shoe needs. Website -:Website -: Call Us :- 01902 884460Call Us :- 01902 884460 9. Make a Statement with Designer Ladies ShoesMake a Statement with Designer Ladies Shoes With women yearning to look and feel their best inside and out, many will settle for nothing short of the best and this means that some will always go for designer items. Apart from the common designer handbags and clothing, there are also designer shoes and they are some of the items which mean a lot to the women, especially because they play a huge role in just how presentable and sexy they look. Shoes are believed to enhance a womans posture and they are also believed to make or break an outfit. With the designer ladies shoes out there coupled with the right outfits, it is a given that any woman will look stunning and make a fashion statement everywhere she goes. The designer ladies shoes can be very unique to the delight of women who love having unique things in their wardrobes making them stand out from the rest. Website -:Website -: Call Us :- 01902 884460Call Us :- 01902 884460 10. Contact UsContact Us WebsiteWebsite Call Us :- 01902 884460Call Us :- 01902 884460 Website -:Website -: Call Us :- 01902 884460Call Us :- 01902 884460