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Pakistan Sunsilk Fashion Week - Campaign Review 2014 by Walnut Media



2. EVENT SUMMARY WE HAD AN AMAZING TIME INTEGRATING ONE OF THE BIGGEST EVENTS OF PAKISTAN WITH DIGITAL MEDIA. WITH ALL OF OUR ACTIVITIES SYNCED TO CREATE A MAJOR BUZZ AROUND STYLE AND FASHION BROUGHT US 24,800 NEWS FANS IN 4 DAYS. WE WERE ABLE TO DELIVER 39,529,935 IMPRESSIONS, REACHING 1.7 MILLION TIMES ON PEOPLES WALLS, GENERATING A SUM OF 219,431 ACTIONS. WE WERE AMAZED TO SEE THAT OUR TOTAL ENGAGED AUDIENCE WAS MADE UP OF 97.6% FEMALES AND ONLY 3.4% MALES. THE CONTENT WAS SO TEMPTING THAT 57% OF OUR AUDIENCE REVERTED BACK, AS THEY CRAVED FOR NEW CONTENT. WE TOUCHED THE HIGHEST PEAK OF ER AT 14.7% WITH A RATIO OF 65:35 ORGANIC:PAID REACH BECOMING THE BRAND WITH THE HIGHEST SHARE OF VOICE WITHIN OUR CATEGORY! 3. WHAT WE WANTED TO CREATE A STYLE BASED BUZZ THAT CANT BE IGNORED. TO COVER AND REACH OUR TG WITH THE STYLE RELATED CONTENT SHE CRAVES TO INTERACT WITH. TO OWN THE FASHION & STYLE TRENDS GROWING IN PAKISTAN. TO DIFFERENTIATE SUNSILK BY GIVING UNIQUE ON GROUND EXPERIENCES. TO CREATE A CLOSER RELATION WITH FANS BY ELIMINATING THE BRAND-CONSUMER WALL. TO CROSS THE 500K MARK 4. WHAT THE OTHERS WERE UP TO SUNSILK HELD THE HIGHEST ER IN THE INDUSTRY I.E 14.7%. PANTENES ADVERTS ARE FOCUSED ON BOTH MALE AND FEMALE, WHICH RESULTS IN A HIGHER FAN BASE BUT SUNSILK FOCUSES ONLY ON WOMEN CREATING AN ER OF 14.7% WITH WOMEN HOLDING 96.6% CHUNK IN THE GENDER MIX. Pantene PTA: 33,875 2.8%: H & S PTA: 33,434 3.1% Sunsilk PTA: 41,572 14.7% 5. WHAT WE DID SOCIAL PLATFORMS- LIVE UPDATES FACEBOOK TWITTER WEBSITE- LIVE STREAM PAID MEDIA FACEBOOK APPLICATION- LIVE STREAM 6. LIVE STREAM- FACEBOOK Application Views:9,601 Minutes Spent On Live Feed: 1,200,125 7. PEOPLE WE REACHED OUT TO DURING PFDC 39,529,935 24,800 0.48% Age 13-24: 96.6% 8. OUR CURRENT FAN BASE Age 13-24: 82% Fan base increased by 24,800 in 4 days 9. PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT PFDC PTA increased from 5,582 to 41,752 10. OVERVIEW DAY 1 11. OVERVIEW DAY 4 12. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT STATUS UPDATES: 75 LIKES: 22,139 COMMENTS: 1,760 SHARES: 406 POST REACH: 1.7 MILLION 13. PAID MEDIA Paid Impressions: 23,565,655 Clicks: 112,000+ (KPI: 40,00) Paid Actions: 148,596 Organic Actions: 70,835 CTR: 0.48% 14. AND OUR FANS LOVED IT! 15. TWITTER Tweets: 67+ New Follower: 124 Re-tweets: 200+ Followed by: HSY Zara Shahjahan Shehla Chatoor PFDC Official Selina Rashid Maheen Kardar Ali Xeeshan Saad Ali 16. TWITTER #Sunsilk was tweeted 8,412 times #Sunsilk Pakistan was tweeted 54 times #PFDC was tweeted 1,713 times 17. TWITTER #PFDC2014 was tweeted 513 times #sunsilkfashionedition was tweeted 199 times #PSFW2014 was tweeted 5,055 times 18. BLOGS Here we see the number of blogs with the following terms. Please note that these will not be unique articles or blogs (if two terms are mentioned separately in a blog, that blog will be accumulated in both results) Sunsilk PFDC Fashion Week 2014: 42,600 Sunsilk PFDC 2014: 43,200 PSFW 2014: 20,100 Sunsilk Fashion: 467,000 19. WAY FORWARD 6 weeks We have planned another 6 weeks to share the content we have acquired. Viral Video Our viral video will be released on one of the 4 weekends. Designers collection We will release the collection of 10-12 top designers on the remaining weekends, making it 2-3 designers collection on each weekend. Other designers collection will be shared during the weekdays. 20. THANK YOU!