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The paleo diet is the answer to a healthy lifestyle and comes with many benefits. You’ll find that once you get used to it, this diet is fairly easy to follow. Many people rely on processed foods for the majority of their calories. Unfortunately, those processed foods cause a world of problems including weight gain and disease.This report will give you all the basics to starting on a paleo diet,including free paleo recipes, paleo food lists, guidelines, benefits, foods to avoid, and also the challeneges you are likely to face when you adopt this diet or lifestyle. Find more on the Paleo Diet:


  • The Paleo Diet - A Starter Guide 2014
  • The Paleo Diet A Starter Guide Page 2 What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleo diet has actually been around since the 1970s. However, it has only recently gained popularity and was actually the top searched for diet in Google in 2013. This diet is actually designed after people who lived in the Paleolithic era of Earths history. Its also called the Caveman diet by some people. The general idea is that to be your healthiest, you should eat the way our earliest ancestors did. Before we had agriculture to plant crops and care for animals, people were hunter-gatherers. They ate meat that they could catch and kill and they gathered whatever vegetation they could safely eat. Their diet didnt consist of any grains, dairy, or processed foods. The modern Paleo diet tries to mimic this type of diet. Youll be eating organically grown or raised produce and meat. But you wont consume dairy, grains, or any food thats processed. Processed foods include those that contain sugar, grains, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. If you eat the typical Western diet this probably sounds like quite a challenge. Many people rely on processed foods for the majority of their calories. Unfortunately, those processed foods cause a world of problems including weight gain and disease. There are many benefits to switching to a new way of eating and youll also find that once you get used to it, this diet is fairly easy to follow. With the Paleo diet, youll be eating foods like: Vegetables Fruits (especially those low in sugar) Fresh and dried herbs Poultry Beef Pork
  • The Paleo Diet A Starter Guide Page 3 Lamb Fish and other seafood Eggs Nuts and seeds or Healthy oils
  • The Paleo Diet A Starter Guide Page 4 For all of these youll want to choose organic foods. When it comes to meat and poultry you want to look for free range, grass fed, organic meats. For seafood, its best to stick to wild caught. The Paleo diet also eliminates foods like these: Grains (including wheat, oats, corn, rice) Legumes (beans, peanuts) Dairy Refined sugar Salt Vegetable oils that are refined Potatoes Alcohol or Anything processed These foods are ones that may cause weight gain and health problems. Cavemen didnt have access to this type of food! Remember that soy (or soya) products actually come from soy beans. These arent part of the paleo plan. Benefits of the Paleo Diet The Paleo diet has some very attractive benefits if you follow it. Firstly, this diet is one that focuses on what you eat, but not how much of it. So, if youre tired of counting grams of protein, grams of fat then this diet will give you a break from that. As long as you stick to the approved foods, you can eat whenever youre hungry and you dont need to think about how much youre eating. That said, you still dont want to overeat to the point of being overly full or stuffed. When it comes to weight loss, the Paleo diet delivers. Most people who follow this diet plan are able to lose weight and keep it off long-term as they adopt this lifestyle. If youve tried to lose weight in the past, but have been unsuccessful, this diet is a great way to finally get the loss youve wanted. By eliminating grains and dairy products, many people are able to lose weight when they havent before. Thats because weight gain is often a symptom of intolerance to these foods.
  • The Paleo Diet A Starter Guide Page 5 You may have been intolerant to wheat and dairy but unaware of its effects on your body. When you eliminate them, your body is able to digest food properly and youre able to lose weight. And youll notice you have more energy and just feel better. The other reason that this diet helps you to lose weight is because it eliminates many of the toxins youve been eating through your food. For example, processed foods often contain white sugar, refined flour, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. The Paleo Diet Detox With the Paleo diet youll also be eating organic produce and meats that are raised free range and without antibiotics and hormones. Youll be eliminating pesticides, herbicides, and other additives that are toxic to the body. When you eliminate these toxins, your body responds in a beautiful way. First, you should know what happens when you take in toxins. Your digestive system does a great job of trying to eliminate them. But in todays world, there are so many toxins that get ingested the digestive system just cant eliminate them all. In order to keep you safe from the effects of the toxins, your liver will direct toxins into fat cells. There theyre stored and kept away from the rest of the body. This system works to protect you from the acute effects of the toxins, but the result is you have more and more fat cells to do the job. That means eve if youre watching what you eat, you might be developing more body fat especially around the belly. As you follow the Paleo diet youll stop putting these toxins into your body. As a result, your body will be able to flush out the toxins its been storing. In fact, you might actually notice that youre achy or feel a little under the weather early on.
  • The Paleo Diet A Starter Guide Page 6 This is a sign that your body is releasing toxins and isnt something to worry about. Within the first couple of weeks this detoxification will ease and youll start to feel more energy. As your body releases toxins and you stop taking in new ones, youll be changing the state of your entire physiology. Youll be reducing inflammation in the body which can help you to reverse problem such as: Arthritis Chronic fatigue syndrome Fibromyalgia Diabetes Heart disease and Aging Youll also be adding many antioxidants and healthy fats to your diet. This helps you to reduce cholesterol levels, have smoother skin, and shiny hair. The Paleo diet is also very low in salt. That helps you to maintain healthy blood pressure. This diet is one that provides you with lot's of energy. Youll also enjoy seeing your health improve over time. And once you get the hang of the diet, it becomes easy to follow for a lifetime, rather than just a diet fad to lose a few pounds. Overcoming the Challenges Youll Face Like any diet program, the Paleo diet is going to require some changes that can be difficult and that will challenge you. There are several things you can do to help make the transition a little smoother. When you have a few tools and tips at your disposal, youll find this diet plan isnt as difficult as you might think. Cut costs. You may notice that youre spending more on your grocery budget. Organic foods do cost more than those that arent produced organically. You may need to rearrange your monthly budget to accommodate for this change.
  • The Paleo Diet A Starter Guide Page 7 One way you can work to keep those costs down is to shop seasonally and look for local farmers. You can also start your own organic garden to help add fresh produce at a fraction of the cost. Buying in bulk can also help you to save money. Look for organic products at your local wholesale clubs and youll find that you can get more for less. With meat, you can go to a local farmer and purchase a portion of a cow or pig and have it butchered for far less than you would pay retail. However, youll need to have a large freezer where you can keep the meat for storing it long-term. While youll fork out a lot of money at first, youll get it back over the future months. Keep your environment clean. You may also realize once you get started with this, that temptation is everywhere. If you have a lot of processed foods in your home, this is the time to get rid of them. If you just cant bring yourself to throw it away, try donating it to a food bank or boxing it up and putting it in storage. Youll also need to learn a new way of cooking and preparing food on a daily basis. If youre used to mixing up a meal from a box or frozen food, or even going through the drive-thru, youll definitely have some adjustment time. Enlist a buddy. When youre new to a diet, it helps to have the support of a friend. Find a friend who already is on this plan or is ready to begin and stick together. This is a great resource for support and help. You can also find assistance from online support groups where you can ask questions, share ideas, and feel that youre not alone in this. Planning Ahead The hardest thing about sticking the Paleo diet is having unexpected times when you need a quick meal. Make sure that you plan your meals ahead of time so that you dont find yourself caught without something to eat that fits the plan.
  • The Paleo Diet A Starter Guide Page 8 A weekly or even monthly meal calendar can help you to stay on track. Instead of wondering what youre going to eat each day, youll already have it mapped out. This makes it much easier to stick to the program. Planning ahead also helps you to save money. You can look ahead at whats in season, whats on sale, and you can create multiple recipes around similar ingredients to make them stretch. Planning ahead also allows you to cook and freeze food ahead of time. If you work full-time it can be hard to find time to prepare meals each day. You can cook for a week or even for an entire month ahead of time and then freeze the foods. This way when you get home, all you have to do is reheat your meal rather than having to start from scratch. This takes a lot of planning and preparation,