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Page 1: Paparazzi
Page 2: Paparazzi

The video acts as a ‘short film’ reflecting a powerful message of fame and death of celebrity and its effect.

Throughout it portrays several examples of situations people go through to be famous; pornography and murder being the main themes to the video.

The music video as a whole is 8 minutes long and features the ‘true blood’ hunk as GaGa’s love interest.

It is narrative based, following the murder plot line of gaga as a pop star followed by the paparazzi and heavily revolves around the lyrics of the song.

Page 3: Paparazzi

The video starts with several quick shots showing palm trees and white flowers. A focus pull is used revealing a white mansion in the background as birds can be heard setting calm, seaside scene.

Bubble ‘comic-like’ writing flashes onto the screen reading ‘A serial pictures production’. Throughout this sequence various names flash onto the screen reflecting ‘opening credits’.

Various fades are used showing water fountains, and chandeliers whilst piano keys can be heard in the background being played.

Various quick cuts are used showing a pile of money on the floor imprinted with GaGa’s face. This could be a use of branding Gaga as an artist, incorporating her alter ego within the scene.

Close ups are used of gaga and her boyfriend seen lying on a bed talking in Swedish; subtitles are imprinted on the screen again much like in a movie.

Gaga is seen wearing black heavy eye shadow and over exaggerated false eye lashes with a leather glove and ‘Dior’ diamond rings; high fashion is a predominant feature within the video and highly associated with the artist choosing over exaggerated fashion choices.

Page 4: Paparazzi

They move to the balcony and start making out, but a hidden photographer takes pictures of them.

Quick cuts are used using a point of view of a camera photographing them on the balcony in a black and white effect.

Close ups are then used of gaga and the love interest sharing dialogue.

Gaga realizes that her boyfriend has set the

paparazzi to photograph her and tries to stop him; a low angle is used as he pushes

gaga off the balcony. As Gaga is seen falling a

heartbeat sound plays in a slow motion effect against a

hypnotic background giving the impression of falling.

Paparazzi shots can be heard before fading into a shot of

gaga lying on the ground surrounded by the paparazzi. A spiral effect is used as

‘newspaper’ headlines reading ‘gaga hits rock bottom’ flashes

onto the screen. And a Point of view shot showing gaga looking up at the

photographers around her.

Page 5: Paparazzi

A mid-shot is used as Gaga is shown getting out of a limousine, being carried by male dancers in suits to a wheelchair on a purple carpet.

The music now starts as the males dance around her. Cutaways of different clothing are used revealing her hair tied into a ‘beret’ style.

Quick cuts introduce a new scene; gaga now in a gold metallic bodysuit and helmet as girls in maid outfits appear from either side dancing around her to the music.

Two scenes are shown quickly cutting between each other in a series of shots.

One showing gaga dancing and another of various dead models situated in different locations.

Several extreme close-ups are used of each model focusing facial features showing extravagant eye makeup and outfit. At one point the camera uses a

low angle shot of a model hanging from the ceiling.

This choice of narrative and imagery reflects GaGa's extremity and

attempt of steering away from the representation of pop videos; based

around dance routines and ‘innocence’.

Page 6: Paparazzi

Next Gaga is shown with mid-shots sat on a golden couch where she makes out with a trio of ‘rockers’ dressed in edgy clothing; trilby hats, waistcoats, ripped jeans, beads and white shirts with tattoos.

Gaga is seen in heavy black eye makeup and a black leather outfit doing various dramatic hand gestures with frequent close ups of sexual facial expressions.

This scene overall is quite sexual as gaga licks one of the trio’s hands and is seen kissing them often. This represents the artist as having a sexual image.

Gaga is represented within the video as dark and unique, choosing to present various alter egos within her videos following different narratives presenting her as a versatile artist.

Page 7: Paparazzi

The chorus starts again with Gaga now wearing a white body suit and

a black skirt on her right leg. The scene is now revolving around

a Dance routine, using several cutaways of dancer’s feet in

extravagant shoes with frills; again highlighting the high fashion as a key element of the video and

artist. The video continues through the

song, with Gaga wearing a dress made up of film strips and a

headdress. Quick cuts of gaga an in extravagant head piece are

used, miming to the song and stood against a dark wood wall reflecting an edginess to the scene.

Flashing red lights are seen as the camera uses quick cuts to extreme close-up of GaGa's eyes and mouth and images of a model on a bed and two dogs are seen; creating this effective fast-pace between two scenes matching the speed of the music and impression of a camera flash.

The scene then cuts to Gaga and her eye-patch wearing boyfriend reading magazines on a sofa in a tea room.

Page 8: Paparazzi

Gaga is now wearing a yellow jumpsuit with circular glasses and shoulder pads.

An extreme close up is used showing GaGa's ‘Charlie Chaplin like’ lips as she pulls a small smile, suggesting something sinister about to happen within the narrative.

Cutaways are used of gaga picking up ice cubes as she’s seen putting powder in the glass from her ring.

A wide shot is used as we see GaGa's love interest poisoned to death as he drinks the drink given by gaga.

An asynchronous phone conversation with gaga and 911 is heard with gaga claiming, ‘I just killed my boyfriend’ before hanging up.

As the telephone calls ends, we hear the phone beep as the scene cuts to a low angle up at the mansion roof and clouds quickly going by seen getting darker representing the previous dark events.

Page 9: Paparazzi

Sirens are heard asynchronously as characters fade away and into the crime scene.

A mid shot is used showing an inspector with green skulls imposed onto glasses connoting death and darkness. A wide shot is used showing GaGa's love interest wheeled away.

The music now resumes and a ‘purple star’ is imposed on the screen fading into a new scene.

The police come and arrests Gaga who is now wearing a tall corkscrew wig coming out of door in handcuffs.

Images flash by, with newspaper headlines spiralling onto the screen proclaiming GaGa's innocence.

Page 10: Paparazzi

The video ends with Gaga seen sexually posing for a mug shot in a metallic bodice.

The camera cuts from shots of gaga posing to a light bulb flashing.

The music has now ended with loud dramatic sounds heard, exaggerating the feel of gaga being locked away as the camera zooms in closer to gaga as the scene goes on.

The scene is now in black and white, with purple eye makeup posing as tears coming from GaGa's eyes and purple nail varnish.

The camera then uses a ‘spiral’ effect once again as the scene fades out to reveal ‘the end’. This concludes the end of the narrative and video, reflecting again this ‘movie like’ feel.

Page 11: Paparazzi

GaGa's videos each present a different image and play with new extremities.

Each video is different and tells a different tale much like the different meanings behind each song.

GaGa's recent videos appear more flamboyant and outrageous than the first, reflecting the growth and change of style in the artist.