paper balloting and surveys. got bubble sheets? custom pearson forms

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Paper Balloting and Surveys

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Paper Balloting and Surveys

1Got bubble sheets?

2Custom Pearson Forms

3Custom Pearson Forms

4The Old Way

5Scantron - NCS OpScanDesigned to use stock forms printed by NCS PearsonConsistent, familiar form designsPencil read onlyExpensive software and proprietary hardwareForm cost$0.07 stock form $0.15 custom form (plus one-time layout fee ~$500)Custom forms require several weeks to print

Forms with dropout ink6

7The New Way

8The HardwareAny TWAIN-compliant scannerFujitsu fi-6140 $1500Fujitsu fi-6130 $900More compact designReads pencil, pen, other markingsLED lamps are durable with long lifeFlexible paper handlingHeavy card stockCredit cards/membership cardsLong documents, up to 10 feet!

Brand agnostic.Fujitsu scans cards up to 1.4mm thickFujitsu canners rated for 200,000 pages

9The Software - TeleFormFlexible designPrint forms from any printer! OrWorks with Pearson stock formsBarcode recognitionExport data to CSV, Excel, any ODBC compliant databaseOutputs image file of every page scannedStill pricey - $6000Requires training to get started

Performance is better with native formsCan recombine multiple forms if out of orderPages can be scanned in any orientation

10TeleForm Designer

11TeleForm Designer

12TeleForm Verifier

13Other optionsScanners for smaller projectsCanon imageFORMULA DR-C130 $475HP ScanJet 3000 $320Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S50 $375Note these scanners have lower page per minute speeds and lower duty cycles.

SoftwareAbbyy FlexiCapture - Pricing based on # of documentsDiamond Vision Basic workstation scanning, $1950

14What do you do?

15References, Costs, and Contacts Fujitsu scanners fi-6140z - 60ppm black and white, 40ppm color $1500 fi-6130z 40ppm black and white, 30ppm color $900TeleFormDigital Documents Steve Knight, [email protected], 866-313-3627TeleForm workstation license $6000 (after 25% ed discount)Software maintenance/support (required first year)- $1200/yr (after 25% ed discount)