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  1. 1. Game for ios/android Genre: Puzzle strategy/Capture the flag casual audience innovative gameplay and a lot of fun
  2. 2. Game rules The rules of the game to steal the princess and carry her to his castle. The player chooses a hero, which he will play. On the playing field are two to four players, each with its own color and the castle with the princess. In one move, the player can put the four-chamber unit of the same color, to destroy two cells occupied units opponent, just move a certain number of cells.
  3. 3. The game includes 3 phases. 1) Drop your blocks. 2) Move your hero. 3) Fire your cannons. And this phases repeat.
  4. 4. Phase 1 Drop you blocks. All players take turns together in same time. When the game is loaded, fall 2 bonus. Provides a block of a variety of forms. Each unit contains 4 sectors (Cubes).
  5. 5. Phase 2 Move your hero. All players take turns clockwise.
  6. 6. Phase 3 Fire your Cannons. All players take turns together in same time. All players have 2 targets to chose. You can shoot enemy blocks. You can destroy bonus on the playfield. If two or more players have chosen the exact same point, the kernel jumps randomly in the direction (across the map). If the kernel hit the bonus, the bonus explodes. If the kernel has got in another block, it explodes, if it does not combo units. If a bomb hit a castle, any hero or a combo box or neutral units, it jumps to the direction randomly.
  7. 7. 10 heroes with superpowers. 1. Mignon - reverses itself and any hero opponent. 2. Earthshaker - makes the track from its 6 dice (no under itself) are cool explode and inflict damage on the opponent's hero, if he is on the line. 3. Smoke - explosion on 9 squares around. It destroys bonuses. 4. Marine - rocket jump by 5 cube (the cross), damage to a nearby cross heroes, as well as the destruction of the cubes are not of the same color. + He could jump 3 squares from it in all directions, then (diamond). It destroys bonuses. 5. Darth Wader - controlled by another player (Goes for it according to the rules). 6. Creeper - collect bonuses at a distance of 4 cells (diamond). 7. Boogerman - flies diagonally into 4 cells, causes damage to the heroes they encounter. 8. Bender - shoot a laser in 4 directions (cross) by itself and causes damage + breaks down all the cubes. If you put in the pipe, the line continues. (Kills everything except his own cubes). 9. Saw - riding a bicycle in any part of the map, if the path is a spring bonus then jump on it 3 cells and stops. If someone slam, then it causes damage. 10. Battle Toad - throw grenades at the enemy all over the map and causes damage, the explosion is the cross. (Cross 5 cells) Destroys bonuses and color in the color field.
  8. 8. Hero guide. If you choose a hero, "creeper", just go to the castle of the opponent, to take up the princess and if the base is near the bonus teleport, you can use superpowers to pull him in and fly safely in your castle. You are a winner, defeated player furious. If you choose a hero "Smoke" you can stand in the castle with Princess opponent's hands, while in your castle will host 2 hero rivals. Returning to his castle you get close to the 2 characters and rivals using superpower kill them. Meanwhile you destroy enemies 3 for 1 turn. If you just want to provoke the players and quietly develop. Choose a hero Darth Wader" and using superpowers give one of the other players in the castle. Fun guaranteed, and you can help the heroes steal the princess. The game has a lot of combinations for the victory and for the defeat. Everything depends on your headpiece! So go ahead go for it! Dominate and conquer!
  9. 9. Bonuses. Princess capture enemy princess, leading them to his castle to defeat the enemy. The main block - your strength and movement speed is increased when you are on the blocks of the same color. Block combo - 5 blocks of your color in a row set created hard destroyed combo" - can be destroyed only bonus-bomb bonus laser or a superpowers. Pipe - go from one end of the map, and leave the other end. (Tube disappears) 2 inputs, 2 outputs appears each round (maximum of 2, one is missing, there was another, but only 2 phase during 2 player. 2 appears on the tube 3 players). Through the pipe passes bonus laser, as well as bonus wolves bonus pigs, wild boars bonus. Brush - Create combos of blocks of your color (just drive a line of 5 cubes, blocks all over the map, can be put on other people, repaint all and all). Grenade - can break blocks and combos, destroy monsters, deal damage to the enemy. Teleport - instantly take you to any place on the map. Ring - 3 stroke hero becomes invisible. (Phase 3 laps). Can be killed if someone teleport on his head, when hero invisible. Battery - right up to the maximum weapon charges for special-strike. Magic Wand - can turn absolutely every character in the mini hero, as he will not take someone else's scope or not kill. (If you have a scope, you can not turn the hero) When the hero takes a small scope, it again becomes larger and restores the life that came before conversion Mini hero - turned hero loser, however, jumps on at 5 cells in any direction (diamond), it has 1 percent of life. (Whether or not its units). Chicken - the result of a failed induction of a monster. (20% of that will come out of the bonus chicken). Spring - it can jump on for 3 cells in a straight line, for 4 to become, and landed on the enemy - kill him. The most-fucking-gun-in-the-world - everything demolishes his shot (except for block) Box monster - emerge from it different monsters on your call (randomly).
  10. 10. Bonus guide. Each of the items has its own characteristics, pros and cons of a particular situation. For example, invisibility disappears when using any other object, the mini hero can not use any objects, but can turn back to the hero kissed the princess of BFGP can shoot into the pipe at the edge of the screen through which the shot will take place in another part of the field, and from Box monster can suddenly climb ... chicken, which, if not kill, begin to bear eggs from which through the course, hatched another chicken and away (eggs can also be used, but they take a little damage). Moreover, there may be more complex combination - if you predict where the enemy is invisible, you can use the teleport and move to the same point, thereby killing him (the same Telefrag from the game Quake).
  11. 11. Game guide. The Paper Heroes there are three modes: arcade, story and multiplayer. Story mode, as usually happens in these games, serves as a workout. After its passage will open a new character, the Mignon. However, this option will tell a few stories and dialogues of characters you'll remember for a long time in internet-battles (real people behave in the same way). By the way, in the story mode setting may be different from the banal capture the princess. Sometimes you do not even have to fight, and at some levels princesses will not be at all. Dynamic gameplay will not let you get bored for a minute!
  12. 12. Multiplayer. Battle of 4 players lasts 5 minutes! Multiplayer is perhaps the most juicy, all that is in the game. In Paper Heroes always had a lot of fights were terribly strained. It is in Paper heroes players there are real friends, with whom it was possible to fight side by side. Players actively chatted, trying to gain new Achievement, sought to increase your rank. To win the battles were necessary not only cunning and intelligence, but also luck. Frankly, even I sometimes gathered an army of friends who helped me to cope with difficult opponents. But there were in the game and those craftsmen who alone could defeat three. Well, at a loss, some players did not come out of the match, and began to write in the chat obscenities.
  13. 13. This is the first game where you can do like this!
  14. 14. Thank you for watching. We are looking for investment in the development of this game. Contact us: oes.Mobile Paper Heroes - evidence of how mobile game can go beyond mobile phone.