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  • 1. Use the home page of the parents wiki to find the link to your childs blog. Read the post. Then click on comments. Use the scroll bar to move down the blog and read older posts.

2. This box will appear. Type in your comment. It is a really good idea to ask the students a question. When they log onto the blog they can read your comment and reply on the blog. Always type who the comment is from. Students really enjoy receiving comments from their family. Next click on select profile. 3. When you have finished click on post comment. Click on anonymous. By clicking on anonymous you do not have to create your own blog. It is also why we ask you to write who the post is from. 4. Sometimes you will be asked to type a word verification. Type the word in the box, then click type comment. When you post a comment ALL teachers will be notified by an email so that we can read and moderate comments before the students. We look forward to reading your comments on our blogs!