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Al-Alson International School لعـــالمــيـــةلسن ا مــدارس ا1 Student-parent Handbook Table of Contents Page 1- History 2 2- Changes 2 3- Advisors 2 4- What Happens Each Day ? 2 5- Assessment Policy 3 6- Grading Strategy 3 7- Promotion Policy 3 8- Code of Conduct 3 9- Attendance and Absenteeism 3 10- Punctuality and Lateness 4 11- Specific Behavioral Guidelines 4 12- School Visits 5 13- Parent/ Teacher Meetings 5 14- What Should I Do When …? 5 15- When It All Goes Well 6 16- And When It Doesn’t 6 17- School Calendar 2013-2014 7 18- Specific Behavioral Guidelines (cont.) 8 19- Program of Study A

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Al-Alson International School's Handbook


  • Al-Alson International School


    Student-parent Handbook

    Table of Contents


    1- History 2

    2- Changes 2

    3- Advisors 2

    4- What Happens Each Day ? 2

    5- Assessment Policy 3

    6- Grading Strategy 3

    7- Promotion Policy 3

    8- Code of Conduct 3

    9- Attendance and Absenteeism 3

    10- Punctuality and Lateness 4

    11- Specific Behavioral Guidelines 4

    12- School Visits 5

    13- Parent/ Teacher Meetings 5

    14- What Should I Do When ? 5

    15- When It All Goes Well 6

    16- And When It Doesnt 6

    17- School Calendar 2013-2014 7

    18- Specific Behavioral Guidelines (cont.) 8

    19- Program of Study A

  • Al-Alson International School


    Student-parent Handbook

    Dear students Welcome to AL-Alson International School (A.I.S).

    We are very pleased that you are joining us in A.I.S and we hope that you will be happy and successful here. There are plenty of opportunities for you both in academic work and other activities. We hope that you will use each opportunity and try to do your best in everything. Read this booklet carefully with your parents and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of the administration staff.

    Wishing you an excellent school year.

    AL-Alson International School (A.I.S) was established in 2009 in Riyadh. It is an international Islamic school as it applies an American curriculum in teaching the subject materials as well as the Islamic education and Arabic.

    As the world continues to increase complexity, A.I.S. is equipped with scientific labs, smart board, multimedia and a brand new computer lab. Such facilities help the students evaluate their study materials and enrich their information. Furthermore, students can practice various workshops of fine arts and sports.

    In A.I.S, you will have different teachers for different subjects and instead of being with one teacher most of the time in the same classroom, you will meet different teachers for your lessons. We want everyone to be happy in A.I.S , but do remember that you are here to learn and certain standards will be expected of you in all classes .

    The BEST way to learn is:

    Be prepared for your lessons, arrive punctually with all necessary equipment. Expect to learn, and make sure that others are also allowed to learn. Stay on task. Do not distract yourself or others. Take homework seriously and hand

    it in on time and completed to the best of your ability. Treat other people and their property with respect.

    Each of you will be in a homeroom. Your Homeroom Advisor is a very special person and you can talk to him / her about anything that is worrying you about school.

    He / She will meet you morning and will keep an eye on your progress.

    Before School :

    You should be at school by 7:00 a.m. The school assembly will last for ten minutes. After assembly, you have to go straight to your class.

    During Break:

    You may eat food brought from home or buy it from the canteen. Support sessions and some sports and school activities will take place at break times. All students are expected to be outside unless they are in a classroom supervised by a teacher.




    What Happens Each Day?

  • Student-parent Handbook

    Al-Alson International School


    The main object of assessment is to give accurate information about the students academic progress to the teacher, the student and the parents. The students are assessed through three components:

    1) Course work

    2) Weekly Quizzes

    3) Quarter Exam

    The A.I.S academic year is divided into four equal quarters. Each quarter consists of eight weeks. During the seventh week, the students will be examined in French, Islamic, Computer and Social Studies. The eighth week is devoted for the core Subjects exams.

    5 marks are devoted for the

    projects (science and computer) Behavior Mark is out of 50

    and so is that of attendance which will be added to the final report.

    Students are promoted to the next grade according to their attainment of marks. A student

    requires a minimum of 60% of the total grand to be promoted. If a student fails to get 60% out of the total grand in any subject, he will be subjected to another exam before the start of the next quarter.

    Every student at AL-Alson International Schools has the right to enjoy a healthy social and

    educational environment, which enhances correct behavior and stimulates his/her ability to learn. This code of conduct is a guideline for students, parents and school staff members. Students are expected to observe these guidelines, and we do expect from respected parents to help us instill these policies in their children. This code of conduct displays the most important behavior elements students are expected to follow. Rewards are part of our code of conduct.

    All students should attend the morning assembly, teaching periods, praying, and school activities. If the student is not present for any of the above mentioned, he/she would need to have a valid excuse from the parent to the school administration.

    If you know that your child is going to be absent, please inform the school management by phoning between 7:00 8:00 a.m. If the parent or guardian does not phone, then a written letter must accompany the child on the day of return explaining the reasons for his/her absence.

    Evaluation Grade point

    Homework 5 marks Class work 5 marks Quiz 10 marks

    Quarter Exam 30 marks/*25 marks (science and computer )

    Grand Total 50 marks

    Assessment Policy

    Grading Strategy


    Code of Conduct

    Attendance and Absenteeism

  • Student-parent Handbook

    Al-Alson International School


    The school day starts at 7:00 a.m. with the morning assembly. Any student who arrives later than this time will be registered late. If the parent expects his/her child to arrive late , he must inform the school of the expected time of arrival before 7:30 a.m. in order to avoid recording of lateness which in turn could lead to a deduction of marks of the particular subject period.


    1 It is impermissible to let the students enter the classroom without uniform. 2 It is impermissible to let the students enter the classrooms before the morning assembly. 3 It is impermissible to let the students enter the classroom during the breaks. Eating is not

    allowed inside the classrooms. 4 Students are to be accompanied to Salah with the teacher who covers the lesson prior to

    that break. 5 Students should perform Salah in a proper way. 6 Students should worship Allah in the best manner as we've been ordered in the Holy

    Quran . 7 It is impermissible to have the students hair cut unacceptably, i.e. non-Islamic haircuts are

    not acceptable in our school. 8 It is impermissible to bring cell (mobile) phones to the school premises. For urgent calls,

    students can contact their parents through the school administration. 9 Students are allowed to buy from the school canteen during breaks only. 10 It is not allowed for any student to leave the classroom without taking permission from the

    teacher. 11 After breaks and Salah, students must go directly to their classrooms. 12 Students accompanied with their teacher must line up quietly and properly when they

    leave their classroom to Science Lab, Salah or P.E periods. 13 If the subject teacher does not reach his lesson on time or is absent, students must wait

    inside the classroom. 14 Students are not allowed to leave their classroom to the playground or anywhere else if

    they have a free period. They should stay in the classroom until the substitute teacher comes.

    15 Napping or sleeping is not allowed inside the classroom. 16 Students should participate in the morning assembly and must take part in the physical

    exercises. 17 Students must bring all their required books, copybooks and pencil cases according to their

    timetable. 18 Homework assignments must be done as assigned on time. 19 Students are not allowed to touch or keep dangerous or harmful objects. 20 Students are not allowed to throw objects around the school. 21 Students should respect other's feelings - no teasing, name calling, swearing, etc. 22 Students should use polite words and a respectful tone of voice. 23 Gum chewing is not allowed inside school at any time. 24 Keep your school clean just as you would keep your house clean. 25 Throw rubbish in the bin, keep the place clean always

    Punctuality and Lateness

    Specific Behavioral Guidelines

  • Student-parent Handbook

    Al-Alson International School


    In order to maintain a suitable atmosphere for learning, parents are welcomed to visit the school but they are not supposed to enter the class. If they need to talk to their kids or pick them up, they have to wait in the office until the administrator brings their kids from the class.

    There are four scheduled parent/ teacher meetings during the academic year. These are scheduled after each quarter ends. This enables parents and teachers to discuss student's performance academically and personally. All parents are expected to attend. Additional meetings may be scheduled at any time deemed necessary. In addition, parents can visit the school at pre-scheduled time and ask for a student's progress academic report. These meetings can be scheduled through the normal channels as per AL-Alson School policy.

    1 I ARRIVE LATE Go to the Vice Principal Office and take a late slip. You can then go to class.


    SCHOOL It will always be helpful if your parents can ring the Office to tell us why you are absent.

    3 I AM FEELING ILL IN CLASS Tell your teacher, who will give you a pass card to go to the clinic.


    BREAK Go to the Clinic directly. Ask someone in your class to tell your teacher where you have gone

    5 I LOSE SOMETHING Look for it first and check if your friends know where it might be. Come to the Vice Principal Office at break time and ask for help.



    Bring a note from your parents to explain when you need to leave and the reason for it. The note must be brought to Vice Principal Office first thing in the morning, so a pass can be signed for you to leave.


    Student should see Mr. Ahmad Nabawi and Mrs. Eman to give him/her the title of the textbook. He/she will then find out the replacement price and inform the student. After the student has paid the replacement price at Accounts, he/she will be given a new textbook.


    CHILDS PROGRESS Contact your childs Guidance Counselor by phone, email or appointment.




    Contact the Academic Manager by phone, email or appointment.

    School Visits

    Parent/ Teacher Meetings



    Do S

  • Student-parent Handbook

    Al-Alson International School





    Contact your childs Guidance Counselor who will arrange for assignments to be sent home.



    The student should first attend support lessons with his/her teacher. If he/she continues to not understand, the student may speak to the Subject Leader of the subject (supervisor ) he/she is having difficulty with. If the problem continues, the child and/or parent should contact the Academic Manager.



    Bring an excuse letter from your parents. Do not attend during the quiz time. Go to the academic manager to set you another time for the exam



    The student's guardian should submit an excuse letter to the Academic Manager who, by turn, will take the suitable procedures for retesting the student.

    Hard work and effort is rewarded at A.I.S. You might be rewarded for:

    your academic work behavior participation in activities attendance and punctuality.

    Some ways that you are rewarded are:

    Merits for academic work and behavior. A certificate for students in each grade who have achieved the highest number of merits. Academic Awards for students achieving the highest marks.

    We hope that you will not be in any trouble at all whilst you are at A.I.S. However, you should be aware of the following things:

    We always try to warn pupils when they are doing things likely to get them into trouble. If they listen to the teachers advice and stop, no further action will usually be needed. Of course, incidents like fighting, play fighting or verbal/physical bullying are not allowed.

    Those who do not respond to the first and any following warnings will quickly find the teacher and school giving more serious punishments.

    We encourage you to listen to the teachers. That way, you will not get into trouble.




    Do S

  • Student-parent Handbook

    Al-Alson International School


    School Calendar 2013-2014

    Week Date Topic

    1 08-12 Sept 2013 Orientation Week

    2 15-19 Sept 2013

    3 22-26 Sept 2013

    23/09/2013 Holiday ( National Day )

    The Most Distinguished Class Contest

    4 29 Sept 3 Oct

    2013 The Holy Quran Contest

    5 6-10 Oct 2013 Oct.7th & 8th , 2013 * Field Trip (Girls)

    Oct. 9th

    , 2013 * Field Trip (Boys)

    6 13-17 Oct 2013 Hajj Vacation 10-20/10/2013

    7 21-24 Oct 2013 21-24/10/2013 Revision Days

    8 27-31 Oct 2013 Oct. 26

    th. 1

    st . Parent-Teacher Conference

    9 0307 Nov 2013

    10 1014 Nov 2013 Non- Core Subjects Exams

    11 1721 Nov 2013 Core Subjects Exams

    Week Date Topic

    1 24 28 Nov 2013

    2 01 - 05 Dec 2013

    3 08 12 Dec 2013 Dec. 7th , 2013. 2nd . Parent-Teacher Conference

    4 15 19 Dec 2013

    5 22 26 Dec 2013

    6 29 Dec 2 Jan 2014 Jan. 1st

    , 2014, Open Day

    7 05 09 Jan 2014 Non- Core Subjects Exams

    8 12 16 Jan 2014 Core Subjects Exams

    9 19 23 Jan 2014 Mid-year vacation


    Week Date Topic

    1 26 30 Jan 2014

    2 2 6 Feb 2014 The Sunnah Contest

    3 9 - 13 Feb 2014

    4 16-20 Feb 2014 Feb. 18

    th, 2014 * Field Trip (Girls)

    Feb. 19th

    , 2014 * Field Trip (Boys)

    5 23-27 Feb 2014

    6 02-06 March 2014 March . 1st 2014, 3rd Parent-Teacher Conference

    7 09-13 March 2014 Non- Core Subjects Exams

    8 16-20 March 2014 Core Subjects Exams

    9 23-27 March 2014 21-29/3/2014 Spring vacation

    Week Date Topic

    1 30 M 03 April 2014

    2 06 10 April 2014

    3 13 17 April 2014

    4 20 24 April 2014

    5 27 April 1 May 2014

    6 04 08 May 2014

    7 11 15 May 2014 May 14th, 2014, Open Day

    8 18 - 22 May 2014 Non- Core Subjects Exams

    9 25 29 May 2014 Core Subjects Exams

    30 May 2014 start of Summer Holiday

    1st Quarter

    2nd Quarter

    3rd Quarter

    4th Quarter

    Note : The holiday is subject to a confirmation by the ministry of education

    School Exams School Holidays Open Day

    Trip Parent Day Normal School Week

    Back to School 07/09/2014

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