part of marketing plan to sell the film displayed everywhere: public transport, subways, billboards,...

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  • Part of marketing plan to sell the film Displayed everywhere: public transport, subways, billboards, magazines, WebPages, To attract an audience Persuasive effect Convey powerful messages There are museums dedicated to displaying posters People buy the posters and stick them up at home Aesthetic appeal analysed as well as promotion value The purpose is to incite awareness and generate hype for the film.
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  • Teaser Poster - to whet ones appetite Main Poster more information about film9actors, director, distributer..
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  • Character poster features the main character
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  • Can be guessed through the poster, to target a specific audience. Generic genres (horror) used or hybrid genres to appeal to a wider audience such a romantic comedy. Action fire, military, gunfire, Horror gore, violence, blood, Comedy toilet humour, alcohol, Romantic Adventure man and woman together,running, war planes, Romantic Comedy man and woman together, amusing expressions, engagement ring Fantasy godlike powers, bright colours,
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  • Movie title big and bold Attractive and/or well-known actors featured Stars names again if familiar Unique Selling Point (plot, stars, themes, charcaters, setting) Memorable tagline Design and colours reflect tone of the film
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  • Monsters, 2010, Gareth Edwards This looks like the numbers that come up on screen from a video recording. Having this on a poster hints that maybe some or all is filmed by camcorder. In addition it adds realism to the film. These tag lines give narration (inform the audience of the premise) and tie the poster together. This sign just hints at what happened and the storyline. This particular sign bring in the niche genre of sci-fi/post- apocalyptic Two characters to familiarise the audience of whose story they will be following Information on actors, directors and company distributers Website address telling the audience they have an online presence
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  • Independent film posters Simplistic, straight from the set photography posters.
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  • Simplicity Be simple, choose a main subject and display it big and bold, dont confuse the audience. Study where your eyes go the first time you look at the poster. Check with others. Are your eyes going to the most important part of the piece, or are other distractions taking your eyes away somewhere else? Make the title BIG your poster should convey the title and genre in a glance. Most posters I see for indie films have small, difficult to read titles. Dont use fonts or colours that stop the title from popping out, make it readable in a glance. Be boldCreate mystery. go for a single, strong, clear genre image that somehow conveys the central idea, conflict or problem it does NOT need to feature your actors or locations verbatim, just evoke a sense of what your story is. But it must be well executed. Avoid too many colours most posters work best when drawn from a few colours, creating a bold and eye catching image. The poster must first catch the eye, then intrigue the mind. This is why the guerrilla filmmakers handbooks were bright yellow and green and had a bomb on the cover. Iconography showing without telling. They use imagery, whether a close-up of a character or item thats a major plot point, or a simple graphic, to establish the films plot. Combined with an eye- grabbing design, this can be an incredibly effective way to gain attention and create interest at once. grab-the-eye-of-a-sales-agent-distributor-or-audience-member.html Most relevant tips for my poster originated from these three WebPages: