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<ul><li><p>11am 4pm Civic Plaza, Pascoe Vale Road(around the Council offices and Library in Broadmeadows)</p><p>HUME CITY COUNCIL PRESENTS</p><p>Major Sponsors:</p><p>Media Partner:</p><p>Presented by:</p><p>For more information visit </p><p>or call 9205 2200D</p><p>IMB</p><p>OO</p><p>LA R</p><p>OA</p><p>D</p><p>TAN</p><p>DER</p><p>RU</p><p>M W</p><p>AY</p><p>PASCOE VALE ROAD</p><p>PEARCEDALE PARADE</p><p>HumeCity</p><p>Counciloffice</p><p>P</p><p>P</p><p>P</p><p>Centrelink andMedicare building</p><p>Bro</p><p>adm</p><p>ead</p><p>ow</p><p>s Sh</p><p>op</p><p>pin</p><p>g C</p><p>entr</p><p>e</p><p>P</p><p>P</p><p>Bro</p><p>adm</p><p>ead</p><p>ow</p><p>sTo</p><p>wn</p><p> Hal</p><p>l</p><p>CARPARKUNAVAILABLE</p><p>Market/CraftStalls</p><p>Display/InfoStalls</p><p>Food Festivalinformation iToilets TOILETS</p><p>Main Stage M</p><p>ain</p><p>StageWorkshopsW</p><p>KidsActivities K</p><p>Main</p><p>Stage</p><p>Parking Entry</p><p>Parking Entry</p><p>Parking Entry</p><p>Global BillyCart Derby</p><p>BroadmeadowsHistorical Display</p><p>First Aid</p><p>LostChildren ?</p><p>?</p><p>BabyChange</p><p>FreeSunscreen</p><p>iTOILETS</p><p>Hume GlobalLearningCentre</p><p>CivicPlaza P</p><p>P</p><p>Parking PMobilityParking P</p><p>TOILETS</p><p>AccessibleToilets</p><p>KK</p><p>K</p><p>W</p><p>Transport Access GuideFestival goers are encouraged to travel by public transport to lower the impact </p><p>on the environment.</p><p>Coleraine Street</p><p>Pearcedale PdeTan</p><p>derru</p><p>m Wa</p><p>y</p><p>Pascoe Vale Rd</p><p>Pascoe Vale Rd</p><p>Dimb</p><p>oola </p><p>Rd</p><p>Johnst</p><p>one St</p><p>Camp Rd</p><p>Mar</p><p>tell </p><p>St</p><p>Cuthbert St </p><p>Josep</p><p>h St</p><p>Railw</p><p>ay Cres</p><p>Railw</p><p>ay C</p><p>res</p><p>Seymo</p><p>ur St </p><p>Kitchener St </p><p>Nicholas St M</p><p>arlo C</p><p>t</p><p>Oxley Ct </p><p>Bamburgh St </p><p>542500484477</p><p>532 54</p><p>1 902901</p><p>477</p><p>532</p><p>542</p><p>541</p><p>902901</p><p>500484</p><p>477</p><p>484500</p><p>901902</p><p>484500</p><p>901902</p><p>901 90</p><p>2484 50</p><p>0</p><p>538538</p><p>540538</p><p>532541</p><p>542</p><p>477</p><p>902</p><p>902</p><p>540V/Line service to Seym</p><p>our</p><p>Metro service to M</p><p>elbourne/Craigieburn</p><p>Broadmeadow</p><p>s</p><p>Train Station</p><p>Broadmeadows Fiesta 2012</p><p>N</p><p>road</p><p>train line</p><p>bus route and stop</p><p>on road bike lanepedestrian route to civic plaza</p><p>secure bike parking</p><p>mobility parking</p><p>Key</p><p>All information in this program was correct at the time of printing. Hume City Council reserves the right to make changes </p><p>as appropriate. As details may change, you are encouraged to visit Councils website or contact Hume City Council on </p><p>9205 2200 to obtain the latest information.</p><p>This p</p><p>rog</p><p>ram is p</p><p>rinted</p><p> on</p><p> Revive Laser, m</p><p>anu</p><p>factured</p><p> in A</p><p>ustralia, </p><p>100% recycled</p><p> fib</p><p>re, is FSC recycled</p><p> and</p><p> carbo</p><p>n n</p><p>eutral certifi</p><p>ed. </p></li><li><p>Live EntertainmenT </p><p>and Performances</p><p>PROGRAM</p><p>globalbilly cart</p><p>derby</p><p>WORKSHOPSFree</p><p>BROADMEADOWS</p><p>HISTORICAL DISPLAY</p><p>Go back in time at this </p><p>years Fiesta and discover </p><p>Broadmeadows long and </p><p>memorable history at the </p><p>Broadmeadows Historical </p><p>Display. Scour through photos </p><p>and memorabilia and see </p><p>how times have changed in </p><p>our neighbourhood from the </p><p>1800s through to the 1900s. </p><p>Bunnings Warehouse will run free billy cart building workshops on Sunday 4 and Sunday 11 November. Special billy cart packs will be on sale at the workshops which have all the parts you need to build your billy cart.</p><p>For more information, to register for the derby or to book a place at one of the workshops, visit or call 9205 2200.</p><p>12pm 12.30pm Middle Eastern Music1pm 1.30pm Belly Dancing2pm 2.30pm African Drumming3pm 3.30pm Bollywood Dancing</p><p> Face painting Cultural craft Jumping castle Henna Bilingual story time</p><p> Baby bush animals </p><p>KIDSACTIVITIES</p><p>free</p><p>Join in The hume WhiTe Ribbon </p><p>5km Fun Run And WAlk Sunday 18 november 2012</p><p>9.30am start, Jacana Reserve (Lorraine Crescent, Jacana)</p><p>As part of this years Broadmeadows Fiesta, join in the 5km Hume White Ribbon Fun Run and Walk and help raise money for the White Ribbon foundation and Broadmeadows Auskick. </p><p>This family-friendly event is open to runners and walkers of all ages and stages and registrations are open now! </p><p>The course winds along the banks of the picturesque Moonee Ponds Creek, from Jacana to Westmeadows and back. </p><p>Get moving, come along and enjoy the fun. Free family entertainment, giveaways and trophy presentations will be at the finish line. </p><p>entry Fee*: $5 adults, $2 children, $10 team (three entrants) </p><p>Categories: Team (three entrants), Open, Veteran and Junior (male and female). </p><p>11.00am Meadows Primary School Choir11.15am Blacksea Turkish Dancing11.35am Middle Eastern Music11.55am Mayors Welcome 12.00pm Humphrey B Bear 12.35pm Belly Dancing12.50pm Quatro Latino Band1.15pm Traditional Assyrian Dancing1.30pm Traditional Bhutanese Dancing1.45pm The Great Gondos Circus Act2.05pm Yammatji Dance Group2.40pm African Drumming3.15pm Chinese Lions3.35pm Bollywood Dancing</p><p>Got the need for speed? Then build your own billy cart and get ready to race at the Broadmeadows Fiestas Annual Billy Cart Derby! Entry is free with the race starting at 11.30am. </p><p>N</p><p>Mic</p><p>kleh</p><p>am </p><p>Raleigh St</p><p>Dim</p><p>boola Rd</p><p>Gladstone Park</p><p>Reserve</p><p>JacanaReserve</p><p>Toora Dve</p><p>Nth </p><p>Circu</p><p>lar Rd</p><p>Rd</p><p>Johnstone StLorraine Cr</p><p>Start / finish line</p><p>Turning point</p><p>* All proceeds from the event will be donated to the White Ribbon Foundation and Broadmeadows Auskick.</p><p>To register a place visit broadmeadowsfiesta or call 9205 2200. </p><p>Supported by:</p><p>Viol</p><p>enCe</p><p> AGA</p><p>inST</p><p>Wom</p><p>en </p><p>hum</p><p>e SA</p><p>YSno</p></li></ul>


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