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Paths To Peace: Every Child's Right To A Peaceful Classroom ACEI International Conference 2011 New OrleansVideo:; The Bully Project,, ; The Southern Poverty Law Center; Video Starting Small, Vivian Gussin Paley,, Lauren Potter, actress Glee


  • 1. Paths to Peace:Every Childs Right to a Peaceful Classroom

2. Presenters
Nancy Brasel, University of Central Florida, Palm Bay
SherronKillingsworth Roberts, University of Central Florida, Orlando
Patricia A. Crawford, University of Pittsburgh
3. Peace
it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.
4. Purposes
Investigate ways to nurture supportive classroom communities that demonstrate an ethic of care
Consider practical and proven strategies for helping children to resolve conflicts
Investigate appropriate literacy texts and writing strategies that support and maintain peace as part of a quality education
5. Strategies for Peaceful Classrooms
6. Beginning
Building a Classroom Community
Where everyone is safe
Where everyone belongs
Where everyone is accepted
Where put-downs, abuse and bullying are not allowed
Identity and Familiarity rituals (learning names, family involvement)
Team and Trust building exercises
Modeling, Encouraging & Noticing Pro-social Behavior
7. Safe, peaceful places
Comfortable seats
Pleasant scents
Soothing sounds
Soothing sights: water, art, smiles
8. Teaching Problem Solving Skills
Instead of trying to prevent conflicts, welcome them as opportunities for children to learn to problem solving strategies within a safe environment.
Common steps in any Conflict Resolution program:
Stop the action
Identify the problem
Brainstorm solutions (all suggestions are valid)
Agree to try one solution (a win/win solution)
Check back to make sure the solution is working
9. Win/Win Solution
10. Try B.A.T.S., not bats
Breathe deeply
Ask yourself to count to 10
Think of your favorite place
So, now I am okay, I can handle this
11. More strategies:
Peace table or peace chairs (puppets or phones)
Peace Dice Game
Peace Bridge or Peace Path
Peace Formulae Poetry
Peace Literature for Children
Peace Book
12. Peace Book
Making the connection between peace and literacy engagement
Building on proximity
Documenting problems, resolutions, and potentials
13. Peace Book Conflict #1Bs Perspective
14. Peace BookConflict #1Ks Perspective
15. Peace BookConflict #1Bs Resolution
16. Peace BookConflict #1Ks Resolution
17. Peace BookConflict #2Max & M
18. 19. Conflict #2:Maxs Response
20. Conflict #2 Resolution
21. Im Sorrypoem

Im sorry.Im sorry, but you cant make me apologize.
I apologize.I mean, I thought__________________
Really I just____________________When you probably thought__________
Im sorry that ___________________I could see how ______________
Next time, Ill ___________________ But could you see how_______?
But whateverApologies arent easy, but lets be friends
You should know, All over again.
Im sorry.Im sorry.
22. Lets Give It a Try
I feel _________________________.
When you _______________
I wonder ______________________
And I think______________
Could I _______________________?
Could we ______________________?
Come on! Lets try!
Why dont we _______________?
We can do this together!
23. A Peace Poem for Us

You are ________________(either a relationship or an adjective).
I am __________________ (either a relationship or an adjective)
Your favorite words seem to be____________________________
My favorite words seem to be _____________________________
You make me _________, ___________, _____________ (three things).
I make you ___________, ___________, ______________(three things).
Even though we see things differently,
Even though __________________________________(must rhyme with the above line)
Together we can _______________________________________.
24. Example
You are my daughter.
I am definitely your mom.
Your favorite words seem to be, I never get to do what I want.
My favorite words seem to be well see
You make me crazy, rushed, and at the same time proud.
I make you rushed, crazy, and pushed to the max.
Even though we see things differently,
Even though we each approach the problem by focusing only on me
Together we can work it out
And make it right.
25. Childrens Literature
Reflective quality of childrens literature
Windows and mirrors
26. Exploring Peace
27. Modeling Peace
28. Website Resources
29. Teacher Attitudes and Skills
Being aware of tone of voice
Listening and taking kids seriously
Enjoying the job
Appreciating uniqueness
Uncovering hidden talents of students
Developing attitudes of ________
30. Having a sense of humor
Respecting Students
Involving students
Employing forgiveness
31. Barriers & Builders
32. Pathways to peaceful classrooms
Maybe our classrooms can be nicer than the outside world.Vivian Gussin Paley


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