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  • 1. Paths to War CH. 11 SECTION 1

2. Review Hitler came to power in Germany He was voted for! Party was called the Nazi party (National Socialist GermanWorkers Party) Wanted an Aryan nation Treaty of Versailles left Germany in bad shape Forced Germany to take full responsibility for WWI Germany had to pay reparations Demilitarized Rhineland 3. Appeasement Policy based on the belief that if European states satisfied reasonable demands of unsatisfied powers, the unsatisfied powers would be content, and stability and peace would be achieved in Europe. Hitler sent troops into the Rhineland, but Britain did NOTHING Hitler demanded to be given part of Czechoslovakia, so Britain, France and Italy GAVE IT TO HIM 4. New Alliances Hitler formed an alliance with Italy by helpingMussolini invade Ethiopia and aid the Spanish civilwar Signed the Anti-Comintern Pact with Japanpromising a common front against communism Hitler forced Austria to become a part of Germany bythreatening war. 5. Hitler Pushes Forward Hitler invades the rest of Czechoslovakia and demands the Polish port of Danzig Britain and France finally realize Hitler will not stop and offer to aid Poland in the event of war They seek an alliance with Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin Hitler did not want a 2 front war, so he signed the Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact which promised Germany and the Soviet Union would not fight In return Hitler promised the Soviet Union control of eastern Poland Hitler expected to fight the Soviet Union anyways later Hitler invaded Poland and Germany and France declared war on Germany 6. The Japanese Path to War 1931 the Japanese seized Manchuria for its natural resources Justified this by claiming Chinese had attacked a Japanese railway in Mukden Japanese had actually done this themselves Japanese forced to withdraw from the League of Nations Chiang Kai-shek wanted to avoid conflict with Japan to focus on fighting Communism Japanese kept advancing through China forcing him to go to war 7. The New Asian Order Japan wanted to create a New Order in East Asia Wanted to help modernize Asia Japan originally wanted to join with Hitler andattack the Soviet Union for resources After non-aggression pact they began looking atFrench Indochina instead The US threated to cut off Japan from trade if theyattacked Japan chose to do a surprise attack on U.S. and European colonies in Southeast Asia