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Voie de Vie crochet designs autumne hiver 2013


  • Romantique Automne/Hiver 2013

  • November 4 2013

    Mes Amis:

    For many (myself included), fall marks not the end of summer but the beginning of a favorite, savored time of year. While the daylight hours shrink, my creativity usually expands, and this year is definitely no different. The initial idea and palette for this collection sprang from a painting I completed three years ago (it appears on the next page). However, not only have I created a few additional paintings specifically for this collection, but also explored the myth of Persephone. Elements of her story animate the entire collection. While our modern sensibilities see little in the way of romance when it comes to Hades and the Queen of the Underworld, she was nevertheless a queen. Deeply saturated jewel colors, lush textures (from some amazing yarn) and of course plenty of candlelight all provide some of the romance Persephone seemed to have missed out on. I am once again so pleased to present these designs modeled by smart, funny, real women in Pacific Northwest fall weather conditions that presented challenges and opportunities. It poured quite heavily just prior to our location shoot at Warren G. Magnuson State Park (and the sky moodily reflected that fact) so wellies with dresses marked the afternoon. We managed quite nicely, as I hope youll agree. Much like the energy from the cycle of death and rebirth which Persephone personifies, I remain thrilled to partake in the seasonal cycle of design, creation and publication. There is a wonderful freedom in making all of the decisions and seeing the vision come to life. It might not be for the feint of heart (or crochet hook) but, like Persephones myth, comes with its own unique - and fulfilling - set of rewards. Keep the cycle (and perhaps a cocktail) coming. And do watch what you snack on. Happy fall - Denise, Voie de Vie

  • Persephone Two: Energy Beneath The Earth Acrylic on Canvas

    10 x 10 2010

    Eleusis was the sanctuary where one meditated on the mystery of the death and [rebirth] associated with the cycle of the seed that is planted and comes to fruition in the life-sustaining wheat. Persephone and her mother, Demeter, are personifications of the energies of this continuing vitality.

    The Way of Myth: Talking with Joseph Campbell Fraser Boa

  • Persephone Hood One Size Fits

    Most Adult Women

  • New Wave Skirt Shown in size

    26 waist

  • Moody Bleu Pullover

    Shown in Size 34 bust Includes Tunisian 1x1


  • Ode to Demeter Acrylic on Canvas

    18 x 34 2013

    Enna is the ancient seat of the cult of Demeter, the corn goddess, patroness of agriculture and the good harvest, bestower of fertility, the Mother. Together with her daughter Persephone she held all Sicily, the most fertile of the Mediterranean islands, in her protection, and her shrine stood on the top of the mountain on Enna, overlooking the wheat fields and the flowering plain where Hades (or Dis) galloped his black horses as he bore off Persephone, known to the Romans as Proserpine, to be his queen in the Underworld.

    On Persephones Island

    Mary Taylor Simeti

  • Brix Coat Shown in second size

  • Forged Joy


  • Channeling Gabrielle


  • Pommi and Pearls Shawl Includes Broomstick Lace

  • Lush Looped Scarf

  • Snacks in the Underworld

    Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 24 2013

    Finally Zeus relented. He agreed that Hades should be made to give up his bride provided that she had not eaten anything in the underworld unfortunately Persephone had swallowed pomegranate seeds.

    Mythology: The Illustrated Anthology of World Myth and

    Storytelling General Editor: C. Scott Littleton

  • Sur les plats: Clockwise, from top right: Lion Brand

    Romantic and Amazing and LB Collection Wool Stainless Steel; Wonder Why Alpaca Farm Sportweight Alpaca/Merino/Silk, and Neighborhood Fiber Co. Capitol Luxury Lace; Red Heart Boutique Eclipse and Berroco Cirrus; Tess Designer Yarns Cultivated Silk and Merino; Tess Designer Yarns Cultivated Silk and Wool, and Silk and Ivory.

  • Thank You, Shout Outs, & Milles Mercis:

    Test Stitchers

    Erika Hill

    Kimberly Davidson Keri Kennedy

    Nicole Massenzio Cheryl Moore


    Stephanie Campagnia

    Ceci Campagnia Grace Mason

    Elena Speridakos


    For all designs photographed on location:

    Ceci Campagnia

    Yarn Companies

    Lion Brand Yarns Neighborhood Fiber Co.

    Tess Designer Yarns Wonder Why Alpaca Farm, LLC


    Persephone Hood, Brix Coat,

    Pommi and Pearls Shawl (except cover and final photo), and New

    Wave Skirt photographed at Warren G. Magnusson State Park

    Credits I did or provided everything else not done by or provided from any person or entity in the left-hand column. All paintings shown in this preview were created by me.

    Denise, Voie de Vie

    This preview publication is for the sale of patterns for private, non-commercial use only. All words, images and content are copyright Voie de Vie, 2013; all rights reserved. Any inquiry should be directed to

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