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    Community Resilience &

    Working Together

    Winter road treatment

    Paul Allen

    Network Manager (East)

    CORMAC Solutions Ltd


    CORMAC Solutions Ltd is the arms-length service

    provider for highways and


    CORMAC provides the winter road treatment in

    accordance with Cornwall

    Councils Winter Service


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    Cold leads to severe

    ice warnings in

    Devon and Cornwall

    Traffic chaos

    Milk delivery


    Buses stopped

    Coach crash in Cornwall leaves 2

    dead and 47


    Snow shuts more than 400 schools in

    Devon and Cornwall

    Communities cut off

    for days

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    What do we do before winter?

    Review the previous winter service delivery including feedback from highway users, stakeholders and our weather forecast provider

    Review Cornwall Councils winter service policy

    Ensure all our vehicles are serviced and tested (25 front line gritters)

    Ensure we have sufficient trained drivers (min 75 No.)

    Ensure we have sufficient salt stocks in our 8 salt barns with max capacity of 20,000 tonnes

    Top up all salt bins and deliver salt to schools/CC properties

    Ensure all 22 weather stations are serviced and updated

    Review standby and operational procedures Review the Councils Winter Service website

    What do we do during winter?

    Provide a 24/7 standby service with staff and drivers

    Assess daily weather forecasts and make decisions on treatment action

    Monitor and amend instructions to drivers as necessary

    Carryout salt treatment to the 25 precautionary salting routes across the county as necessary

    Notify important stakeholders of our intended treatments

    Show the intended treatments on the Councils website

    Provide the media with road condition updates

    Review need for additional resources when we get forecast snow and/or prolonged periods of ice

    Monitor salt stocks and resources

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    Precautionary Treatment Network

    25 Routes

    900 miles (20% of network)

    100 tonnes of salt per countywide treatment

    Max 3 hours

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    What we cannot do during winter?

    We cannot treat all 4500 miles of Cornish roads and the thousands of miles of footways.

    We cannot treat the main A30 and A38 trunk roads.

    We cannot guarantee that the treated roads will be free from frost/ice/snow.

    In emergency situations we cannot respond to all the telephone calls and emails as quickly as people expect.

    We cannot respond to every request for salt.

    Cornwall Council website

    Gritter Twitter @CornwallRoads


    Tel. 0300 1234 222

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    How can communities be more resilient?

    Be prepared for winter both as individuals and as

    communities -

    Better informed. Better planning. What if ?

    Understand the main roads that are treated

    Listen to the weather forecasts and view the daily

    treatment actions on the CC website

    Proactive town/parish councils

    Additional salt bins

    Additional salt dumpy bags

    Spreaders/snow ploughs

    Thank you.


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