Pay and Get Paid: How To Integrate Stripe Into Your App

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Zach Sheppard, Dan Sullivan, and Cassidy Pignatello explain Stripea developer-friendly payments platform.


  • 1. 1. What is Stripe?2. Why should I use Stripe?3. How would I integrate Stripeinto my app?

2. Stripe is a developer-friendly way toaccept payments online and inmobile apps. 3. Why Choose Stripe? Secure Portable Customer Service Great API 4. Security Automatically PCI Compliant More Secure No Temptation 5. PortabilityIf you ever decide to leave Stripe, they willhelp you transfer your data in a PCIcompliant way. 6. Customer Service Open channel for email support IRC channel #stripe on Freenode 7. Stripe.js RESTful API returns JSON Test-mode and live-mode API keys. Stripe has set a new standard forclean well documented APIs. 8. The Setup 9. 10. 11. 12. ChargesController ? 13. ChargesControllerOrdersController! 14. OrdersControllerGet the Shopping Cart total 15. OrdersController...send the charge to Stripe... 16. OrdersController create the Order. 17. $ $$$$$ $$$ $$$$$$ $$$ $ 18. Questions? 19. Reach out to us!Dan Sullivan - @dsully360Cassidy Pignatello - @itscassidyZack Sheppard - @zackshp