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Peace Corps Youth Development Program El Salvador, 2008-2010

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Peace CorpsYouth Development Program

El Salvador, 2008-2010

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The Goals of Peace CorpsHelping the people of interested developing

countries in meeting their need for trained men and women

Helping people of other countries understand the U.S.

Helping U.S. citizens understand the people and cultures of other countries

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My service: Youth DevelopmentCulture and recreation for youthEnglish teacher training for service providers

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Culture & recreation: English teaching

English class with children ages 7-12 in local children’s center

Page 5: Peace Corps

English club with 7th-9th graders at local public school

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Culture & recreation: Music

Teaching music theory in local community center

Page 7: Peace Corps

Leading choir performance in local hotel

Page 8: Peace Corps

Performing for tips in hotel with folk music group

Page 9: Peace Corps

English teacher training

Leading session for 2-day teacher training workshop co-organized with colleague

Page 10: Peace Corps

Presenting session for Peace Corps volunteers in training

Page 11: Peace Corps

Co-presenting at National Conference for English Teachers in San Salvador, July 2010